11.7 Sales Promotions – Principles of Marketing

Coupons provide an immediate price reduction off an item. The amount of the coupon is later reimbursed to the retailer by the manufacturer. The retailer gets a handling fee for accepting coupons. When the economy is weak, more consumers cut out coupons and look for special bargains such as double coupons and buy-one-get-one-free (BOGO) coupons.

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19.3 Group Problem Solving – Business Communication for

How about a 5 percent off coupon code for the next purchase to get them to return and to help us better identify our customer base? We may also want to build in a customer referral rewards program, but it all takes better data in to get results out. We should also explore the supply side of the business by getting a more reliable supply of the

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10.3 Discussion Questions and Activities – Principles of

It might earn you a free meal or at least some money-off coupons. Would you like to own an all-electric car? Do you think there is a viable market for such a product? Team up into small groups of three or four people. As a team, use secondary data to research the viability of selling electric cars profitably. Utilize some of the sources

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15.3 Pricing Strategies – Principles of Marketing

A promotion that’s popular during weak economic times is called a bounce back. A bounce back is a promotion in which a seller gives customers discount cards or coupons (see Figure 15.6) after purchasing. Consumers can then use the cards and coupons on their next shopping visits.

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5.2 How Markets Are Segmented – Principles of Marketing

When the coupons are redeemed, the store can find out where its customers are located—or not located. Geocoding is a process that takes data such as this and plots it on a map. Geocoding can help businesses see where prospective customers might be clustered and target them with various ad campaigns, including direct mail.

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7.2 Managing New Products: The Product Life Cycle

The low initial price of the product is often combined with advertising, coupons, samples, or other special incentives to increase awareness of the product and get consumers to try it. the sales of a product typically begin to level off.

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3.1 Factors That Influence Consumers’ Buying Behavior

The shopping differences between men and women seem to be changing, though. Younger, well-educated men are less likely to believe grocery shopping is a woman’s job and would be more inclined to bargain shop and use coupons if the coupons were properly targeted at them (Hill & Harmon, 2007).

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14.2 Loyalty Management – Principles of Marketing

The accelerator effect can also be used with promotions that create short-term, loyal behavior. Pepsi created a promotion with Amazon in which purchasers could accumulate points toward free music downloads. The promotion, launched with a Justin Timberlake Super Bowl ad, was a knock-off of Coca-Cola’s

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10.2 Steps in the Marketing Research Process – Principles

Step 2: Design the Research. The next step in the marketing research process is to do a research design. The research design is your “plan of attack.” It outlines what data you are going to gather and from whom, how and when you will collect the data, and how you will analyze it once it’s been obtained.

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24.1 What Is Money

Some of this nation’s worst bouts of inflation were set off by increases in the quantity of gold in circulation during the 19th century. A much greater problem exists with commodity money that can be produced. In the southern part of colonial America, for example, tobacco served as money. There was a continuing problem of farmers increasing

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1.1 Defining Marketing – Principles of Marketing

Retailers can then use this to send coupons and other special offers to the consumer’s phone or pad for immediate use. Sean MacEntee – Foursquare – CC BY 2.0. Companies use many forms of communication, including advertising on the Web or television, on billboards or in magazines, through product placements in movies, and through salespeople.

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9.2 Demand Planning and Inventory Control – Principles of

The promotions you run will also affect demand for your products. Consider what happened to KFC when it first came out with its new grilled chicken product. As part of the promotion, KFC gave away coupons for free grilled chicken via Just twenty-four hours after the coupons were uploaded to the Web site, KFC risked running out of

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14.1 Customer Communities – Principles of Marketing

Organizing and Managing Influencer Panels. Table 14.1 “Characteristics Used to Qualify the Members of Influencer Panels” lists the different characteristics used to qualify members of an influencer panel. Because JCPenney has also gathered lifestyle, demographic, and psychographic information about them, the firm has a fairly complete picture of each member.

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13.4 Accounting for Product Warranties – Financial Accounting

Interestingly, the same computation for the previous year (2007) showed that Safeway was taking over thirty-four days to pay off its accounts payable during that period. Key Takeaway Many companies incur contingent liabilities as a result of product warranties.

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9.5 Promoting a Product – Exploring Business

Most sales promotions are more straightforward than our hotel stay/credit-card offer. Promotional giveaways might feature free samples or money-off coupons. Promotions can involve in-store demonstrations or trade-show displays. They can be cheaper than advertising and can encourage customers to buy something quickly.

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8.5 Channel Dynamics – Principles of Marketing

Wholesalers and retailers frequently lament that the manufacturers they work with aren’t doing more to promote their products—for example, distributing coupons for them, running TV ads, and so forth—so they will move off store shelves more quickly.

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Chapter 14: Personal Finances – Exploring Business

Pay off your balance each month. If you cannot pay off the balance on your credit card each month, this is likely a signal that you’re living beyond your means. Quit using the card until you bring the balance down to zero. Use coupons whenever you go to the grocery store (but don’t buy anything just because you happen to have a coupon).

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8. Surveillance – Mapping, Society, and Technology

We can’t do without our cell phones; we text, listen to music, pay bills, redeem coupons, get directions, and research financial information. Not brand-loyal; we shop for the best price. We buy natural/organic food but will also go for fast food. We want to be the first to show off new electronics, but we read online reviews before buying.

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11.1 Informative Speeches – Communication in the Real World

A student recently delivered an engaging speech about coupons by informing us that coupons have been around for 125 years, are most frequently used by wealthier and more educated households, and that a coupon fraud committed by an Italian American businessman named Charles Ponzi was the basis for the term Ponzi scheme, which is still commonly

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14.9 Consumer Data from Private-Sector Sources

Data suggest the parents, let’s call them Larry and Rhonda, will consistently spend far more than the coupons’ value. Additional statistical evaluations of parents’ activities and discussions online and off may suggest that Larry and Rhonda and their children tend toward being overweight. The data, in turn, results in a small torrent of

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11.3 Where Does Data Come From

Offer redemption rates are the best in the industry, with some coupons scoring an astronomical 90 percent usage (Lowenstein, 2002)! The firm’s data-driven management is clearly delivering results. In April 2009, while operating in the teeth of a global recession, Tesco posted record corporate profits and the highest earnings ever for a

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9.6 Interacting with Your Customers – Exploring Business

For a period of time, the mayor of each store got $1 off a Frappuccino. Those who used Foursquare were particularly excited about Starbucks’s nationwide mayor rewards program because it brought attention to the marketing possibilities of the location-sharing app (Grove, 2010).

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