Instant rewards apply to coupons, POS markdowns,etc. that create RetailPriceModifiers (line item discounts) and/or PriceModificationLineItem (transaction level discounts). The maximum monetary value that is allowed for the Reward This serves as a stop-loss point for retailer discounts tied to …

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Understanding Rewards

Understanding Rewards. What is a Reward?3. A Reward is an identified, named benefit provided by a retailer or 3rd party to customers in exchange for customer actions (like purchasing products, visiting web sites or stores, referring other customers, renting items, etc.). In ARTS a reward may originate as a promotional offering (typically a discount) independent of customer account.

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Version 7.2 to Version 7.3 Entity Changes

The next figure presents a list of entity-level changes. The list is generated from a comparison of the V7.3 and V7.2 ERWIN models. Figure 88 - ARTS Entities for ODM V7.3 Compared To ODM V7.2. A coupon document issued to a customer during a sale that may be applied to FUTURE sales transactions.

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OMG Object Management Group

This includes variables and step-coupons. ADJUSTABLE, OID adjustable, oid The rate changes throughout the life of the bond. The security is an Original Issue Discount. A negotiable certificate issued by a U.S. bank representing a specified number of shares (or one share) in a foreign stock that is traded on a U.S. exchange.

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Highlights from this Meeting

currency, currency types, Coupons for payments and discounts, difference between mobile payments and mobile wallets) – Leonid Rubakhin – Retail Ontology working session (definitions for: Tender types, Parties, Roles ) – John Glaubitz – Retail training and certification program planning discussions – …

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Logical 02330

A write off is a sales revenue contra account and ultimately is treated as an expense. The WriteoffLineItem is being introduced to handle drive off transactions, walk offs where a customer sale is rung up but the customer fails to pay for it, etc. These kinds …

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A transient association between an OPERATOR, and a WORKSTATION, that must exist to enable the creation of a RETAIL TRANSACTION or FINANCIAL TRANSACTION that involves the receipt, disbursement, pick up or loan of tender. A SESSION is created when an OPERATOR signs on to a WORKSTATION and is terminated when an OPERATOR signs off of a WORKSTATION.

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ARTS Retail Operational Data Model Version 7.3

ARTS Data Warehouse Extract, Transform & Load Physical Subject Areas. ARTS Version 7.2 to 7.3 Operational Data Model Changes. Major New Features and Extensions. Modifications and Improvements. Data Model Modification History. Customer. Logical 07000 - Core Customer Entities. Logical 07010 - Customer Information - Extended View. Logical 07010.01

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QU_SGN_OFF_TOT: QuantityTransactionCount: decimal(7,0) TotalTenderOverAmount : The total number of operator sign-ons on this RETAIL STORE for each REPORTING PERIOD. CP_TND_OVR_TOT: Money: decimal(16,5) TotalTenderUnderAmount : The total monetary amount of shortages by RETAIL STORE for each REPORTING PERIOD. CP_TND_UND_TOT: Money: …

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Version 7.2 to Version 7.3 Entity-Attribute Changes

Version 7.2 to Version 7.3 Entity-Attribute Changes. The next table lists new attributes. The list includes the entity name and is ordered by entity name and attribute name. Figure 89 - New Version 7.3 Attributes (by Entity.Attribute) A token identifier for a RetailTransactionDocument instance.

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OMG Domain Technology Committee Friday, 14th Seattle, WA

December 2018 DTC minutes Page 1 of 11 dtc/18-12-xx . OMG Domain Technology Committee. Friday, 14. th December, 2018 . Seattle, WA . OMG document dtc/18-12-23 Larry Johnson determined if …

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WorkstationHistory. The unique identifier for the WORKSTATION, typically the serial number. The unique system assigned identifier for a particular ReportingPeriod. The total number of tender loans made to the WORKSTATION for each REPORTING PERIOD.

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