Nursing Theories and a Philosophy of Nursing

WebA nursing theory, also called a nursing model, is a framework developed to guide nurses in how they care for their patients. Often, these frameworks define the practice of nursing, …

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Kolcaba's Theory of Comfort

WebThe Theory of Comfort was developed when Katharine Kolcaba conducted a concept analysis of comfort that examined literature from several disciplines, including nursing, …

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Theories & Models Archive

Web21 Nursing Problems by Faye Abdellah. Watson’s Philosophy and Science of Caring. Roy’s Adaptation Model of Nursing. Roper-Logan-Tierney’s Model for Nursing Based on a …

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Helping and Human Relations Theory

WebHelping and human relationship theory is a theory of professional interaction developed by Robert R. Carkhuff. He began by forming definitions and observing the interactions …

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Rogers' Theory of Unitary Human Beings

WebThere are eight concepts in Rogers’ nursing theory: energy field, openness, pattern, pan-dimensionality, homeodynamic principles, resonance, helicy, and integrality. The energy …

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Roper-Logan-Tierney's Model for Nursing Based on a …

WebThe Roper-Logan-Tierney Model for Nursing is a theory of nursing care based on activities of daily living, which are often abbreviated ADLs or ALs. The model is widespread in the …

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Nursing Ethics and the Nursing Process

WebThe term ethics is derived from the Greek word “ethos” meaning “character” and is defined as “moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior”. Nursing ethics first …

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Barker's Tidal Model of Mental Health Recovery

WebBarker’s Tidal Model of Mental Health Recovery is a middle-range theory of nursing that can be used as the basis for interdisciplinary health care. The main focus of the model is on …

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Casey's Model of Nursing

WebAnne Casey is an English nurse who developed a nursing theory known as Casey’s Model of Nursing. The model was developed in 1988 while she was working in pediatric …

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Henderson's Nursing Need Theory

WebThe four major concepts addressed in the theory are the individual, the environment, health, and nursing. According to Henderson, individuals have basic needs that are components …

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Humanistic Model

WebMany models or approaches to nursing look at the patient as a whole person rather than simply an illness or injury. This approach, called a holistic or humanistic approach, helps …

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Levine's Four Conservation Principals

WebIt is the achievement of balance of energy supply and demand that is within the biological realities of the individual patient. The Four Conservation Principles in Levine’s model of …

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Standards and Criteria Used by the NLNAC

WebRegardless of the level of degree for nursing programs, the standards and criteria used by the NLNAC cover the same areas: Mission and Administrative Capacity, Faculty and …

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Evidence-Based Nursing

WebEvidence-based nursing is a form of nursing that draws on evidence-based medicine, also called evidence-based practice. Evidence-based medicine provides health care for …

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Nursing Theory Privacy Policy

WebWe implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information when you place an order or enter, submit, or access your personal …

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Erickson's Modeling and Role Modeling Theory

WebThe Modeling and Role Modeling Theory was developed by Helen Erickson, Evelyn M. Tomlin, and Mary Anne P. Swain.It was first published in 1983 in their book Modeling …

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