FITREP & Eval Writing Guide

FREE DOWNLOAD: The Guide To Naval Awards + 55 Examples. April 22, 2020 evalwriter COM, MSM, NAM, Naval Awards. Below is our latest free download – The Guide to

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Five things you must consider before submitting a EVAL statement

While the two-year timeline may give you the impression that you have plenty of time; in reality, you want to get your EVALl or a FITREP statement signed and sent off within …

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2023 Navy FITREP and Evaluation Calendar

2023-Navy-FITREP-EVAL-Calendar-Published- Download. And if you are having issues downloading the Navy Eval Calendar on your government computer I’ve also provided it …

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Proposed New Navy Evaluation System Traits

Below are the traits that are currently being considered for the New Navy Evaluation system, also knows a PET (Performance Evaluation Transformation). For those interested in trying a …

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NAVFIT 98 Technical Assistance Help Desk

NAVFIT 98 Technical Assistance Help Desk. February 25, 2017 evalwriter NAVFIT 98. Continue to submit FITREP/EVAL forms in accordance with BUPERSINST 1610.10E. …

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NAVFIT Problem and Solution Guide

NAVFIT98 Problem and Solution Guide. 1. Problem: The Summary Letter doesn’t print correctly if more than 12 members are in a group. Members 13-23 will print in the second …

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The Lost Art of Military Recommendation Letters

Imply Selection. When writing recommendations II frequently use the term “When you select him…” or “ Upon selection to Dive School….”. This implicit expectation of selection …

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11 Example Navy Achievement Awards (NAM)

Below are 11 Example Navy Achievement Medals (NAMs) While NAMs may seem difficult to write they all start and end with the same basic sentences. The writer’s responsibility is to fill in …

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FITREP / EVAL: Do they measure Performance or Aptitude

FITREPS and EVALS are designed only to determine an individual’s aptitude for future promotion and selection for your next job. Maybe in your case your performance …

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2022 Navy FITREP & EVAL Calendar <<Published>>

2023 Navy FITREP / EVAL Planning Calendar Download the entire Naval Officers Toolkit at Resources O ff i ci al MyNavyHR websi t e F I T RE P / E val P age

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Phrases, Catch Words & Power Words

Looking for just the right verb to describe a sailors performance? Below are are 325 verbs to help you with. Read more

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The New Navy FITREP/Eval Testing Website

As part of the Navy’s Performance Evaluation Transformation (PET) project they released a demo version of the New Navy Eval. This demo version simply allows individuals to …

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Navy Commander's Philosophy

The Entire Guide can be downloaded from Appeals: To the Chain of Command March 26, 2018 In "FITREP or Eval Statement". Recommended Changes …

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Enlisted Evaluation Bullets

MN2 Smiths ammunition administration a the highest degree of readiness. Motivated Trainer. Petty Officer Smith was directly responsible for qualifying 70% of the crew in 9mm, M-14 and …

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Guidance on Writing a Better Brag Sheet

A better bullet might be, Coordinated 50 simultaneous AT periods, enabling supported command to deploy to Iraq. Write brag sheet inputs in this format. Condense final FITREP bullets down …

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