Ten Tips for Online Couponing

And coupons that provide a discount with a low minimum purchase threshold, such as $5 off a $15 purchase, or even no minimum at all, such as $10 off any order, consistently result in high conversion and clickthough rates. Merchants commonly try to create coupons with a minimum spending requirement that is higher than their average order.

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So we’re offering you a coupon good for 10% off any order good now through Thursday, October 25, only! To accept our offer simply enter coupon code OOPS at checkout to redeem your additional 10% savings. — Your friends at Bike Nashbar. J.C. Penney is e-mail star of that ’70s show.

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Ten Tips for Curtailing Online Coupon Fraud

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Going mobile

Manis of the Mobile Marketing Association recalls a promotion at a Cambridge, MA, mall offering cell-phone-generated coupons for 20% off at mall merchants. Consumers brought their cell phones to participating retailers and showed them the coupon code on their phone screens.

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What’s Your Email Discounting Strategy

You may find out that 10% off performs better than 15% off, or that 15% off performs better than 20%. Maybe you will find out a small discount with a higher minimum spend threshold performs the best. Whatever the case, you’ll get a clearer view of how your customers respond which will help protect margins.

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Get with the Loyalty Program

For a $29 annual membership, women’s sportswear merchant Title Nine offers its Team T9 members 5% off every product as well as shipping upgrades and prior notice of upcoming sales and product introductions. Athletic retailer gives customers a $20 reward certificate each time they spend $200 over the course of a year.

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7 Tips for Messaging a Delay in Shipping

Sending goodies along such as the ol’ 15% off coupon code are nice, but if they’re sent along without a proper apology and straightforward plan of how the issue will be resolved they might come across as a weak and phony attempt to keep the shopper spending on your site. Chris Vodola is client development manager at StellaService.

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Say Bye to Betty Crocker Catalog

The 75-year-old brand loyalty program encouraged customers to clip coupons and certificates from the packaging of major General Mills products, and then redeem them for discounts on merchandise. According to company spokesperson Pam Becker, interest in the Betty Crocker catalog and the corresponding points program had grown stale in recent years.

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Omnichannel Shoppers: Converting Them in 2021

Consider Paul, who visits your website to buy a new pair of shoes but decides to hold off the purchase for some time. Later, while browsing through his feed on Instagram, he clicks on your advertisement to receive a coupon code that he uses to complete the purchase on your mobile app.

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Focus on Facebook to Drive Social Success

If we’re smart about our Facebook content, we won’t turn anybody off. The survey shows you, as an e-tailer, need a Facebook page. Make sure you have someone to monitor it and post good, timely information. Promote it to your most loyal customers through your regular communications venues (e-mails, ads, stores, coupons, etc.).

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Getting a Grip on Agent Time Utilization, Part II

At the end of the incentive program, the agents can use the tokens at an auction where you “sell” anything from company products, incentive gifts, time off coupons, etc. Make sure that what you are selling is meaningful and motivational to the agents.

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Betty Crocker bids catalog goodbye

After 44 years, the Betty Crocker subsidiary of Minneapolis-based General Mills will print its final catalog edition this fall. The book’s online counterpart, launched in 1997, will go dark shortly after that, although the core Betty Crocker Website, which offers recipes, cooking tips, and links to …

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Peapod Digital Labs, Quotient Partner on Price/Promotion

Peapod Digital Labs, a division of Dutch grocery giant Ahold Delhaize, has partnered with Quotient to develop a tool that ties programmatic media buys for promotional campaigns to real-time analysis of loyalty and pricing data to drive sales lift for retailers and CPGs.

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Harry and David's Post Cereals promo

“Post is giving its customers coupons for $5 off our Fruit Toppers, Oregold peaches, or any other purchase from the Harry and David catalog,” Tait says. “It’s really the Post customers who are getting an opportunity to save.” Harry and David is not offering its customers any discounts on Post products.

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Get 'em to Bite

That introductory note is only the beginning. Many online catalogers send new names e-mails with exclusive offers of discounts. Sticker Giant, for instance, typically e-mails 10%-off coupons to newcomers. At TravelSmith, promotions that waived shipping charges were even more effective than discounts, Reardon says.

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3 Tips to Get Ready for In-Store Pickup

Use signage at the pick-up area to promote discounts and deals, and have sales staff recommends related products or mention special offers. Consider offering shoppers who use in-store pickup options instant incentives, such as $10 off an in-store purchase of $100 or more. Measure, optimize, and repeat

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5 Last-Minute Holiday Marketing Tips for Online Marketers

If consumers have already provided you with their email addresses, email them within 24 hours to remind them that they left something in their cart and perhaps provide a 10 percent off coupon code if they complete their order.

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Using Split Testing and Retargeting to Boost Mobile

A: “Holiday Special 15% off on Smash Hit X action figures!” Message A had a 40% open rate and a 20% coupon click rate. For every 100,000 messages sent, 8,000 coupons were clicked. B: “Hey Moms! 15% off on all Smash Hit X gift items!” Message B …

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best book forward

The dot whack also typically offers a coupon code to use for a discount on the first order. Returning customers of Thousand Oaks, CA-based G.W. Little receive a special offer, such as 10% off merchandise in a product category they’ve purchased before or in a related category. The cataloger, which sells apparel and other products for small

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Five Ways to Differentiate Your Brand This Holiday Season

How do you differentiate your company in your customers’ inboxes? Be the one that sends the relevant offers. Use past purchase behavior, such as recent purchases or those from last holiday, to drive your offers rather than blasting all of them with the same 20%-off. Leverage cross-channel activities with single-use coupons Is a sale the right

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The Y Catalog. The desire to bring awareness to the notion of seva, or the spirit of service, inspired the launch of the Y Catalog of yoga products in September.Cofounder Keri Lassalle says the company’s mission is to stimulate awareness of the importance of “doing our part for our environment and for those in need, both inside and outside the yoga community, while meeting your shopping

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The first five commandments of database content management

The only way to build the holiday model, of course, was to go back to the previous holiday promotion. This reduced to 24 months the historical data available to drive the model. More problematic was the need to validate the model off another holiday promotion, the most recent of which had, by definition, taken place two years earlier.

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Kohl's Amps Up Digital for a Faster Omnichannel Experience

Kohl’s announced omnichannel and digital initiatives to support its commitment to delivering an easy shopping experience.Whether shopping in-store at Kohl’s stores nationwide, online at or at home or on the go on mobile devices, Kohl’s customers will discover new shopping tools including a store mode for Kohl’s mobile app, enhanced mobile payment options like Apple Pay, a

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Referral Madness

The six-year-old cell-phone and service-contract merchant invites customers to give the e-mail addresses of up to five friends to receive coupons for $25 off their next purchase; it also gives the referring customer a $25 credit for each person who redeems a coupon and buys a …

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Retail Bloopers and the Role of Attribution in Delivering

On this particular day, I’d received a coupon for 20% off. It was a great deal, and the fact that I’d received the coupon in my email was what compelled me to visit the store on my way home. Unfortunately, when I got to the check-out line and presented the coupon on my phone to the sales clerk, she was confused.

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Zero-Party Data: The Future of Personalized Brand

While we’d all love to get 100% off coupons, perhaps your brand will discover that certain clients prefer last-minute deals, while others like weekly offers, and still others want to hear from your brand only once a month. Take your cue from subscription services.

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Why Retailers are Abandoning Scan & Go Self-Checkout

The failure of scan and go at Wal-Mart is due to their own incompetence. They never fully rolled the system to their stores. For me there were no Wal-Marts within a …

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Insert Media: Not Just an Alternative

“During the holiday season, we’ll use offers of half-off holiday cards.” Vista Print is also using insert media to test two direct offers for new movers. One is for half-off change-of-address products, the other is for a free notepad. “It is a good way to figure out the appetite of the customer,” Sante says.

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E-Commerce: The era of `dynamic' Web merchandising

Digital coupons work like this: Say you created a strategic relationship with another site to drive traffic to your site. Within that marketing campaign, anyone who clicks over from that site to your site receives 10% off his or her purchase. Once the user clicks over during that session, the digital coupon is picked up and carried throughout

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Upward Mobility

For instance, he says, if you have a 10%-off coupon in the newspaper, you can put it on a mobile phone, as well. “So you can have a stand-alone effort, but you can also make it part of the multichannel mix of what you’ve already got going on.” MERCHANTS GET READY. Mobile marketing “is kind of where e-mail was 10 years ago,” Romano says.

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Getting back into direct mail

So you might want to look at direct mail as one element in your multichannel strategy. Today’s sophisticated capabilities let you analyze and model customer files and prospect databases and zero in on those segments for which direct mail pays off. You can also better determine the most cost-effective number of efforts and timing.

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Thoughts that count

I also received a 15%-off coupon from Borders. Granted, the bookstore chain has e-mailed me a discount coupon just about every week since I signed up for its loyalty program earlier this year.

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Destination Catalogs Pay Off for Chico's

Using discount coupons in the book to track response in its stores and catalogs and on its Website, Chico’s found that the destination editions indeed brought a spike in retail traffic. “We typically see an increase upward of 30% in store traffic with any book,” Frain says, but retail traffic surged even higher after the destination

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Amazon Delivers Another Prime Day Migraine

Visa Coupon Code Ended Early. Visa ran a promotion in which customers spending $150 or more would earn $30 off if they used the coupon code VISA30. By all accounts, there was no indications this would be a limited-time offer. So the complaints rolled in on Twitter once the Prime Day deal was apparently ended before noon EDT. Bad Deals… Again

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Walter Drake Hoping for Bingo

Gifts and housewares cataloger Walter Drake along with its sister home goods title The Home Marketplace has inked a deal with online gaming portal Winning players will be able to exchange their “bingo bucks” for coupons good for up to 15% off merchandise available on both the Walter Drake and Home Marketplace Websites. Walter Drake will pay an undisclosed

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Straight-on e-mail

“Coldwater Creek has been successful, giving consumers $5 off their order,” Bickel says. “You can also run a sweepstakes. You may not want to give away a car, but Omaha Steaks has been successful with a $100 gift card as its prize.” But Bliss feels that giving away coupons is bribing the customer.

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Federated to Fingerhut: Good Riddance!

A smaller catalog, West continues, “could be launched like a spin-off catalog. With such a massive database, one could argue that any mailing will be a lot like prospecting.” West also believes that FAC should consider specialty mailings, solo mailers, or Website offers touting the best-selling products from when Fingerhut was still active.

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6 Tips to Designing the Mobile Shopping App of Tomorrow

For one, mobile shopping apps that use location intelligence will give retailers a better understanding of where their customers are, in real-time, so they can push special coupons, flash sales or loyalty rewards to those in their immediate area. For this approach to be successful, location information needs to be accurate up-to-the second.

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What Retailers Can Learn from Personal Health Apps

In contrast, retailers who track spending habits, target coupons and provide mobile apps and WiFi beacons to track your location in their stores seem close but creepy. So why do consumers appear to have different standards for health apps and retailers? How can retailers move their data practices from “close but creepy” to “close and

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Why Overmailers Get No Response

The aim of a campaign can drive different settings of the merge/purge logic. If you are attracting customers to your chain of home décor stores with an offer of $10 off of a $25 purchase you will likely want to limit your coupons to one per household no matter how many people live there.

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5 Must-haves for a Retailer Mobile Payment Solution (And

Clearly, this market is ripe to take off, and retailers finally have a voice in how it rolls out. It remains to be seen whether retailers will take the reins, or let the credit card companies and digital wallet providers gallop away with their customer relationships. Ashok Narasimhan,is the Co-Founder and CEO of OmnyPay

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How COVID Will Impact 2020 Holiday Shopping and Impulse Buying

Additionally, 60% indicated coupons or discounts can inspire them to try a new product, and 54% said it would lead them to make an impulse purchase. Online Strength Working in Tandem with In Store Social distancing has driven many shopping experiences online, including product research and conducting buy online pickup in store (BOPIS) transactions.

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Benchmark 2003 on Marketing

When Catalog Age’s previous Benchmark Survey on Marketing was conducted, in fall 2000, the economy was just beginning to show a few cracks. This past November, when the most recent survey was conducted, Americans were waiting for the economic recovery to begin.

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Sony Music Entertainment/Legacy

The campaign officially kicked off on November 20th, 2018 and will run for approximately one month. Consumers that purchase goods from Guitar Center and Musician’s Friend will start to see the coupons within their packages soon and will be able to use the coupon code for the Deluxe Edition box set throughout the remainder of this year.

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Maine twosome ticked off at L.L. Bean’s use of state tartan. L.L. Bean may be a Maine mainstay, but a Plymouth, ME, couple is charging that the cataloger used the Maine state tartan without permission. Jane and David Holmes, who hold the copyright to the tartan, in November filed a lawsuit against Bean, alleging that from August 2005 through

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A Sparkling Social Engagement

In the summer of 2012, Off Broadway Shoe Warehouse partnered with Sony Pictures for a promotion centered around the release of the blockbuster movie, “Sparkle.”It was the ideal partnership: Sony Pictures wanted to promote its new movie and Off Broadway Shoes sought to increase their social media and email fan base.

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Evolving Your Brand’s Email Marketing Strategy

effective ways to re-engage and head off lost sales. That’s not to say that promotional announcements aren’t huge, but cart abandonment emails are crucial in pulling back reluctant shoppers. “You’re targeting a critical moment in the buyer’s journey with an abandon cart email, a …

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Verizon Media and Rakuten Join Forces to Reward Consumers

New York, NY and San Mateo, CA, Dec. 10 – Verizon Media and Rakuten kicked off the holiday season with the introduction of cash back rewards for Yahoo users across Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo Mail. Beginning Wednesday, Nov. 27, visitors to Yahoo Shopping were able to start earning cash back rewards powered by Rakuten on purchases from more than 50 premier online retailers, with …

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