Mobile coupons are popular among U.S. fast-food customers. The primary success factors for the SMS campaigns are discount size, how the discount value is framed (as a gift or percent off) and the timing of the campaign. Many retailers support the redemption of email and paper coupons via mobile devices.

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all boldørs being entitled to cut off, ab once, the entire ten coupons, and to receive scrip for the whole amount bearing interesb from July 1, 1877. Third.—Tbe drawings for, and payments of sinking funds of t,be Improvement and General Mortgage Bonds to be suspended for period not exceeding four years, if 80 loog a time should be

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Consider these medications

ram as well as 23 other off-label medications such as valproic acid and topiramate. Two investigators independently reviewed the studies, checking for complete-ness and accuracy. Studies were also ana-lyzed for bias using predefined criteria; those with high or unclear risk of bias were exclud-ed from the main analysis but included in the

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off considerably. The resumption of specie payment in 1879 gave an impulse to railroad construction never before experi- enced anywhere in the world. Mileage increased from 93,262 in 1880 to 166,654 in 1890, an increase of 80 per cent. The Union Pacific was completed in 1869, which was also the date

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934,797 tons ; a falling off of 435,0fb Loose Now, allowiog tong of coal to one ton of pig iron, it will be seen that, in 1877 the falling off of demand for anthracite, due to the depression of the pig iron trade, wag but 652,000 Ions, or liltle over 8 per cent of the entire production of coal for that

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the Phenix Bank in New York, the coupons for the latter on 1st January and 1st July. They are con- vertible into stock up to 30th April, 1857, and are secured by a first and only mortgage on the whole road from Evansville to Vincennes, its machinery, franchises and appurtenances. The mortgage also covers the real estate purchased by the company

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her debt was paid off, making a net increase of The receipts on the Chesapeake and Delaware canal, for the current year to the 13th inst, , were preme Court of Louisiana in the case of 129,000. $207 ,812, against $152,690 to the same time last vs, Nashville and Chat,anooga Railroad compa- The receipts of the Hudson River railroad for

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AMERICAÑ JOüRÑAL. a05 has been onr custom, adding, of course, somewhat to the expenses for those months. 1b is also equally true, that in every department

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The mortgage tQ geggre the 500 bonds now off- BLE SEVEN PER CENT. BONDS, redeemable the central and business part of Cincinnati, thence Jan. 1, 1866. runs through Falmouth 38 miles—Cynthiana 64 $50,000 WASHINGTON COUNTY, (Ohio,) miles—Paris 77 …

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V AMERICAN airmoio raonanan 2-3&1’: _’ _ ""“'“3 —— sought. after, but the scent offerings of all issues, and the very full prices ruling have been againat free dealing

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sions stronger. Middling upland Cotton left off tamely at, 21cr per lb. The receipts at all the ports, since Sept. 1, have been 3,545,72C bales, ggainst 2,668,757 same time in the preced- ing year; exports 2,597,616 bales against 1,920,- 500 bales the year; stock at the ports at latest dates, 185,429 bales against 118,600 bales same date in 1871,

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wheels ; cylinders 1216 in. by 20, with a separate cut-off valve. Can bc examined at the. works of the manuíåetarer. Apply to 11. V. POOR, Editor 9 Spruce st., N.Y. 19tf

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