Couponing for Beginners: How to Find & Start Saving …

There are 5 Tips to becoming successful as a beginner couponer. Start Slowly – Focus on one area at a time. Set Up Your Filing System. …

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18 Grocery Stores that Offer Senior Discounts

Discount: 10% off your entire purchase. Minimum Age for the Senior Discount: 60 and older.; Days to Use the Senior Discount: First Wednesday of each month. States available: Arizona Number of locations: 120+ On February 15, 2020, Cathy Chlarson from Fry’s Corp Affairs office confirmed that they are still offering a 10% senior discount on the first Wednesday of …

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Check Your Grocery Store Receipt & Get the Real Deal

Shopping sales, using coupons, and stumbling across super-discounted bargains are all great ways to save loads of cash. That is unless you don’t really get the savings you anticipated. Shop Off-Peak Hours. Your chances of inaccuracies diminish if you shop at a time when the store isn’t quite so busy. Many times cashiers are concerned

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Baby Savings Tips and Ideas

Go to and click on “what’s new”. There’s always a seasonal promotion and a coupon. If your child is 0-12 months click on “smilestones” and you’ll receive coupons for your baby. If your child is little older …

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Pay Off Your Mortgage Early

5) The Day We Finally Paid Off our Mortgage. The day we made the final payment was memorable indeed. We had called the mortgage company the week before and told them the date that we intended to make the final payment. They sent us the final mortgage pay-off amount and we mailed them the check.

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10 Ways to Save on Watching Movies & TV

The coupons will come to you either through snail mail or your email inbox. These will contain a week of coupons, with the last 2 days at 50% off any one item in their store. Another terrific win for movie purchasing. They also have a calendar with coupons and a special deal on Black Friday every year! Annette Economides – Scottsdale, AZ

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Carpentry & Construction Savings Tips

One other thing about Harbor Freight 20% off coupons is that we taken them to Home Depot and they have been honored (some restrictions apply)! We don’t purchase their electric tools as we’ve found brands like DeWalt, Bosch and Makita to be superior in power and quality. But we do purchase non-electric hand tools and air-powered tools from

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Money Smart Family & America's Cheapest Family

Steve & Annette Economides are NY Times Best Selling Authors of 3 books, YouTube Creators and Family Finance Experts. Learn more about their MoneySmartFamily. They’ve been called “America’s Cheapest Family,” “The First Family of Frugal,” “Cheapskates,” “Tightwads,” and several other names. Fed a family of 7 for $350 per

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How to Get Dried Blood Out of Sheets: 11 Solutions to …

1 Be Persistent To Get the Blood Out. 2 11 Ways to Get Blood out of Sheets and Clothes. 3 1. Hydrogen Peroxide & Cold Water (cheap) 4 2. Dawn Dish Soap with Hydrogen Peroxide (cheap) 5 3. Club Soda and Salt (cheap) 6 4.

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19 Online Dollar Stores Better Deals than Dollar General

The 7 Best Online Dollar Stores. If you’re looking to shop from the comfort of your home or phone, try these first 7 sites. 1. Dollar Tree. If you are familiar with physical dollar stores, you’ve probably been to a Dollar Tree. Just like the retail …

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How to Get Ink Out of Upholstery Fabric: 3 Easy, Fast Solutions 2022

Once you know that your fabric is colorfast, you’re ready to start cleaning. Step 2: Blot and Remove The Ink Stain (3 Options) We tried two of the three solutions to get ink out of our upholstery fabric.

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Cat & Dog Care

TABLE OF CONTENTS. 1 Cutting the Cost Of Cats at Dollar Stores. 2 Calling For Pet Food Coupons. 3 Cat Tree for a Little Scratch. 4 Fostering Pets. 5 Dog Care Taken to New Heights with Fence Jumping. 6 Rawhide’s for Cheap. 7 Getting Rid of Canned Food for Something Better.

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Cutting the cost of Cutting Glass at Home for your DIY Project 2022

The price at Home Depot was about $5, on eBay we found them a little cheaper at about $4.50 with shipping. Then he decided to check Michaels and found an oil chamber glass cutter for $7, but by using one of their 40 percent off coupons the price came down to about $5 with tax. The DIY option to cut our own glass seemed to be the way to go here.

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Cleaning Products Money Saving Tips Super Page

1) Cooking Oil. It doesn’t really matter what kind you use. It can be vegetable, olive, canola, cooking oil spray. Most adhesives are oil based and by using another type of oil, it simply dissolves the adhesive. Caution, don’t use oil on uncoated paper or cloth products, it will leave a stain. 2) Motor Oil or WD40.

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Budget Success Stories

Budget Success as a Young Adult. Your book, America’s Cheapest Family Gets You Right on the Money, was the very first money-saving book I read when I was in college and $35k in debt.I then went through hundreds of other money-saving books but yours has always been my favorite. I am 36, paid off my house and now have $65k saved towards a second …

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Once A Month Bulk Cooking to Make Easy Freezer Meals

What Once-A-Month Cooking Accomplishes. The end result of our Once-A-Month Cooking day is 12 to 17 meals that are stored in the freezer and added to the monthly menu. The meals are usually pulled out the night before (or that morning—depending on the time of year) to defrost. Later in the day the meal is cooked or heated for dinner that night.

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Save on Lactose Intolerance: Costco Sams Lactaid which is Best

The bottom line is that the cost per serving of the Costco/Kirkland product is 1O cents versus 30 cents for the Lactaid / Walmart brand – a savings of 63 percent!!! And if you can get to Sam’s Club the savings are even greater at 5 cents per serving versus 30 cents – a savings of 83 percent! And the bonus is that Sam’s Club and Costco

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12 Interesting Declaration of Independence Facts

12) There were 200 Copies Made Call Dunlap’s Broadside. The signers of the Declaration of Independence sent the document to a printer named John Dunlap. The printer created 200 copies of the document. They have been called the Dunlap Broadside. These copies were printed with John Hancock’s name printed at the bottom.

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