Best couponing sites and apps

GeoQpons. With this free app for the iPhone, BlackBerry, Android, and iPad, you can find coupons that you can use straight off your device. Another app, Cardstar, lets you store loyalty cards on

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The 20 best money Web sites

You'll generally find the best variety at Recent deals: $2 off Aleve pain reliever, $1 off Kraft cheese. Coolest feature: It can zap discounts right to your grocery store loyalty card.

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Score a gas discount with coupons, deals and savings cards

For every $100 spent on groceries, prescriptions or gift cards, shoppers typically earn 10 cents off per gallon at the pump. That works for Lisa Reynolds, a couponing pro for …

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Extreme couponing: Saving money by stockpiling

But in 2008, when her husband, Dwayne, was laid off from his job in the mortgage industry, she began using coupons to help support their three children, now …

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How to save $8,919.45 a year

For example, SC Johnson offers printable coupons on its Web site for $2 off Windex and other popular household products. "People can save 50% on their grocery bill by using the store's sales

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Best money Web sites: Get the lowest price on anything

Another alert user followed up with a coupon code - think of it as the clip-out coupon of the digital world - to give another 20% off when entered …

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At gas stations, cash-card purchases qualify for cash discounts, usually 4 cents off a gallon. Vons supermarkets are experimenting with an electronic equivalent to cents-off coupons. -- …

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Best deals on food

Recent Gilt Taste daily specials included 20% off a pound of fresh morels and a selection of prosciutto and coppa cured hams for $69.99, down from $90. TYPICAL GROCERY-STORE MARKUP ON MEATS AND

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Data privacy: What your zip code reveals about you

Data privacy: Every time you mindlessly give a sales clerk your zip code at checkout, you give data companies and retailers the ability to track everything from your body type to your bad habits.

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How to make your retirement savings last

I have about $700,000 and plan on retiring soon at age 62. How can I make this money last at least 30 years? -- Steve, Vevay, Ind. Making sure your money

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When couponing goes too far, nobody wins

At Wal-Mart, for example, if the coupons add up to $2 off of a product that only costs $1.25, then she gets 75 cents credited to her bill. 0:00 / 3:11 Half-off deals pay big for Groupon

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One is at Sears, whose Mature Outlook program for people over 50 costs $9.95 annually and provides $100 worth of discount coupons, which are good for $2 to $10 off

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Extreme couponing: Student saves $300 a month

There's no baby in the house, but Lauren couldn't resist buying 30 containers of infant formula on sale for $3.78 each. Because she had collected piles of $5-off

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If customers respond better to free samples than to cents-off coupons, then the manufacturer knows it should start pushing those freebies. Catalina uses scanner-activated technology to …

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In tough times, retailers deal out the discounts

Swapping online coupons or discount codes is one quick way to score a reduced price. Often simply applying the right coupon or promotion code during the …

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MONEY Magazine: Shave $150 a week off your grocery bill

Started in 2000, the Grocery Game is a Web site that provides you with a weekly list of products on sale at your local supermarket, cross-referenced with the coupons in …

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31,000 Toys 'R' Us employees: No job and no severance

31,000 Toys 'R' Us employees: No job and no severance. The news that Toys "R" Us is closing might conjure up wistful childhood memories for shoppers. But for …

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Money's Guide To Smart Travel HOW TO GET THE BEST DEALS ON

They're crammed with coupons good for up to 50% off at moderately priced hotels and motels such as the Hampton or Ramada Inns. EIG coupons are also available online or by phone (

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Use discount hotel coupons. For a few years, we had hoarded coupons good for half off two nights at major hotel chains such as Hilton, Sheraton and Westin; we'd gotten one for …

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Back-to-school bargain hunting

A $100 graphing calculator from Texas Instruments for $24.99 after two mail-in rebates from Office Depot coupled with Office Depot's $25-off coupon code listed on Wilson's Web site.

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Macy's changes its coupon policy

Macy's (), which has long been known for its stackable dollar and percent-off coupons, said coupons would still apply to full-price and sale items.. A …

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Lifesta: How to unload those unwanted daily deals

She just bought five vouchers for 50% off gelato in New York City, but now that it's January, her taste for frozen dessert has gone cold. So Chung posted her unused coupons on …

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How to arrest employee theft

The person turned in the coupons, usually for $1 or $2 off of a pizza, with the night's receipts and simply pocketed the extra money. To catch a …

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WHERE THE BARGAINS ARE IN HOTELS Smart travelers know they

United Airlines issues 50%-off coupons for hotels to its frequent fliers who have accumulated 20,000 miles. Participating hotels include the …

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Listening to the coupon clickers

Specifically, Boal pays attention to what he calls mid-quality coupons, which are coupons of well-known brands with, say, 20% to 30% off. Then he tracks the percentage of …

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Web savvy ways to slash your grocery bill

For example, New Jersey shoppers can use a $1 coupon in the RedPlum circular when All brand laundry detergent goes on sale at Pathmark, and save 50% off the retail price.

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Coupon issuers get clipped

Coupon issuers get clipped September 10, 1997: 11:50 a.m. ET Consumer product makers settle suit over cutting coupons for $4.2 million

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Recession economy brings back coupon clipping

One way to fight the recession: coupons. Coupon usage is on the rise, particularly among younger consumers, according to a recent study by ICOM, a marketing research company based in …

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Savvy Spending

Apr 13: Nearly three-quarters of Americans plan to off-set rising food prices by incorporating coupons, but some go to the extreme. More H&M's new collection falls flat

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Score Black Friday doorbuster deals online

Macy's (M, Fortune 500) still has some in-store only deals on Black Friday, but some notable discounts, including 20% off dresses and 40% off coffeemakers and tea kettles, are also on the

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Save $50,000: Bundle small savings

Snag discounts online (check out and, which often runs sales offering $25 coupons at local restaurants for $2 to $3). And turn your freezer into a …

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Saving money on add-ons

When you open your account and they ask you if you have a coupon code, you type in the coupon code and your first $50 is free." Before agreeing to any charges for extra features, check to see if

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Zero-bonds are worth a look

Zero-coupons take the uncertainty out of this. When you buy a zero, you pay a deep discount on the bond's face value. For instance, you may pay $600 for a …

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JCPenney coupon change leaves customers confused

But the new coupon policy seems to have confused its customers. On Twitter, JCPenney has had to explain to frustrated shoppers how the coupons work. During our …

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Find out what Big Data knows about you (it may be very wrong)

Acxiom said up to 30% of a person's profile information may be wrong at any given time since it is based on information from a variety of sources, including public records and surveys that may be

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Gymboree, Children's Place Chip Away At Big-Box Stores

Arita and other Children's Place customers touted the coupons they get in the mail for 15% off, which one can combine with coupons from the …

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Says Jeff Caso, director of Nestle's coffee business: ''If maintaining market share involves jumping off a bridge, I am not jumping off a bridge. But I am not sure the other two guys see it that

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Tricks of the trade: Credit card perks

For example, if you're going to spend $34,000 on a card you might be better off using a card that offers up to a 2 percent rebate capped at $500 ($500 is …

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The 100 Best Companies To Work For In America

67 VALASSIS COMMUNICATIONS Livonia, Mich. Largest printer of cents-off coupons showers employees with profit-sharing bonuses, holiday gifts, parties to …

Category:  coupon codes Go Coupon raises $200 million's main rival is the shrinking daily newspaper -- it targets the same audience of coupon-clippers. But -- taking another page from Groupon's book-- the site also plans to pay off

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A century of scandal

A century of scandal. December 28, 1999: 3:46 p.m. ET. Scams, scandals and swindles: a look at the seamier side of 20th century wealth. By Staff Writer Martha Slud. NEW YORK (CNNfn) - …

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WorldCom adds to string of scandals

Enron allegedly used thousands of off-the-books partnerships to hide nearly $1 billion in debt and to inflate profits. But Ponzi soon stopped buying the coupons and paid off the early

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Companies Google should buy in 2010

If digital coupons take off, Google could strike advertising gold with a company like Cellfire. If not, it probably won't need to invest too much to buy it. NEXT: Yandex. Twitter Digg

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Best clothing and jewelry deals

Before heading to an outlet mall, sign up for coupons on its web site; you'll nab discounts of 10% to 25% that you won't find at the store itself. Give off-price retailers another chance.

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Go Daddy rivals pounce after elephant killing video

Meanwhile, Network Solutions in Herndon, Va., is offering customers a chance to transfer their domain names for the deeply discounted rate of $6.99, using …

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Cut your spending by $500 a month

Note: Fuel savings estimates from Assumes 12,000 miles driven per year (8,000 on highway), gas priced at $2.64 per gallon and car averaging 25 mpg.

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Macy's CEO Terry Lundgren says no widespread store

A reduction in the level of promotions - those 20 percent off coupons that have become a fixture in department store retailing - further angered deal-hungry customers. Sales stagnated and …

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Hemp, Inc. Reports Ohio Bill Legalizing Industrial Hemp

Without an in-house, third-party testing laboratory, products in need of testing would need to be transported off site, which could mean waiting days or even weeks for results.

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Analysts downgrade Abercrombie after sharp sales drop

While they mailed 15 percent-off coupons to begin the Thanksgiving weekend, this was not enough to get the consumer enthused." Friedman downgraded A&F to "neutral" from "buy".

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