How To Find New Customers Modern Tire Dealer

On the digital side, Coley says the dealership offers a customer rewards program using BayIQ software. The program is featured prominently on the Consumer Tire website and so are the coupons and specials available to members. Customers can sign up online and use the initial $5 off coupon on their first visit.

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Is the Internet for you

Craven says his site still gets a fair number of hits largely because of his coupons, and his online presence is growing, albeit slowly. "Right now, we have four coupons on our Web site, one for a $19.95 oil change, a $49 air-conditioning special, a $64 cooling system back flush and 5% off any tire in stock."

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Tire Discounters Attempts to Break a World Record 2019

Event attendees will receive a free donut, free tire inspections (“donut” included), and coupons for $100 off a set of four Cooper tires and a full synthetic oil change as low as $39.99. Those who aren’t able to attend the event can still visit a Tire Discounter Knoxville store for a …

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Oklahoma dealer makes the quick lube business work for him

Tate Boys Tire is much more aggressive. "We do direct mail, TV, radio and newspaper. We send out coupons for $3 off an oil change around holiday days and big travel periods. We try to hit different intervals." Craig doesn't view Wal-Mart as a threat. "Wal-Mart's customers are different than mine.

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Don't 'Turn Off' Advertising When Times Get Tough 2020

While coupons still provide a return, you may want to take a look at how you present them. Vehicles today, even within the same line of models, can be drastically different, so a $49.99 price point oil change should be changed to something more along the lines of “$10 off” an oil change or a “$20 rebate on the purchase of x service.”

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JMK offers J-Connect marketing software service 2014-08

This service displays customer-specific vehicle service history on a tire dealer's B2C website, along with targeted sales messages directly related to their vehicle's service recommendations with supportive coupons. The significance of this is that the interface is independent of the software system used on the sales counter and on the website.

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Problem solver 2010-09-22 Modern Tire Dealer

• Offer coupons in Val-Pak and other types of direct mail packages for free alignment checks or money off on alignments. • Promote alignments in conjunction with a tire sale — buy a set of tires and get some kind of special on alignment or a free alignment check. “The shop owner should look at what he has as resources,” says McCoy.

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Lumileds Has New Installer Program for Shops 2018-10-31

The program merchandising kit includes a countermat, poster, window cling decal, and rebates easel with tear-off mail-in rebate coupons. Participating shops will be listed on the Philips automotive lighting store locater and be identified as a Philips Lighting Specialist Shop.

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'Their kind of town, Chicago is': 'Windy City' dealers

Lucas rents at least two cars a week for customers through a nearby Enterprise lot and picks up the tab. He gives coupons from neighborhood restaurants and car washes to big-ticket buyers and offers four oil changes for $25 through his "Oil Change Club." "As an independent, we …

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Building 'street cred' one tuner at a time: Dealers reach

"We also do a major off-site tuner sale in conjunction with a local stereo company, where all we do is sell. We rent a very large facility and that's our shop for the weekend." However, Buhler and his crew actively promote specials "that people can take advantage of the week after the show. In the past we've done pre-printed glossy coupons."

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Regular, Casual or Player

Because this category of customer tends to be vocal with complaints, many businesses try and fix everything for them. But bending over backwards will not pay off. Just treat the business you receive from this type of customer for what it is: a transaction. Don’t be flippant, though. Any transaction is worthwhile.

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Pep Boys Begins Centennial Celebration 2020-11-11

Pep Boys — Manny, Moe & Jack will celebrate 100 years in business in 2021, and Icahn Automotive Group is celebrating the brand's founding by four Navy veterans with the release of a historical calendar that will help support veterans' organizations. The calendar, available for sale from Pep Boys, includes consumer coupons and discounts for services.

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Sylvester Truck and Tire Service Inc. Is a One-Stop Shop

With 800 fleet accounts and eight large commercial bays that can hold up to four trucks each, Sylvester Truck and Tire Service Inc. is all about maximizing every inch of its 20,000 square-foot space. From morning until night there's never an empty bay.

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Kentucky Speedway gets in a ‘Quaker State of Mind’ 2015

The race footprint will reach new heights as Team Aero Shell, an aerobatic flight team, will perform an awe-inspiring air show, kicking off the race with a ceremonial flyover. “The Quaker State 400 is the premier racing event at Kentucky Speedway, attracting fans from across the country to see their favorite drivers battle in the coveted

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Toyo retailers kick off Memorial Day promotion 2009-05

Toyo Tire U.S.A. Corp. reports its 300-plus independent tire retailers will participate in the Toyo Tires Memorial Day Sale•A•Bration. All participating dealers receive a Toyo Tires Memorial Day Sale•A•Bration-branded Promo-in-a-Box -- a ready-to-use, turnkey promotional kit that includes all of the marketing tools needed to host a high-profile sales event.

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When the going gets tough, the tough get going: Cleveland

The dealership’s typical tire/wheel package sells for $2,500. “During the hot season, we’ll sell 16 to 20 sets per month.” Cleveland’s wheel season starts in February, he says. “March gets better and April goes through the roof.” May and June are good, but rim sales start to drop off in early July.

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Up and comers 2007-07-01 Modern Tire Dealer

The VIP coupons attached to the flyer are good for a $14.99 Kendall oil change and 10% off any automotive repair. "We mail out a (hand-addressed) 'Thank you' letter the same day (the customers) are here," says Bobby Addino, store manager of the New Tampa outlet. "We send out the flyer the next day, and we do a courtesy call-back every day or two."

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Customer Experience Management 2015-10-30 Modern Tire

Today’s digital technology can act as a “bridge” linking the dealer with additional off-site customer experiences. The goal is to make every customer experience a positive step in building relationships and loyalty, no matter how a customer wishes to interact with the store at the time. The physical store is a real benefit to a tire dealer.

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Guts. Gumption. God. 2008-09-01 Modern Tire Dealer

As an example, Stein Mart Inc. holds sales a couple of times a year offering 75% off its retail price — and then sends its best customers coupons for 20% off the already incredibly low sale price. The Towerys go to the sales and buy up clothes of all sizes (sometimes as much as $20,000 worth) at rock-bottom prices.

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Pick Your Target – and Don’t be all Things to all People

Pick Your Target and Don’t be all Things to all People. In the December edition of MTD, Michael McGregor discussed how dealers can capture a bigger piece of the automotive service pie by offering managed auto care. This month, he looks at how dealers can segment their managed care customers into easily targetable groups.

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Springing into seasonal maintenance 2012-03-14 Modern

Boyd’s offers spring maintenance discount coupons on its website, The company also does print advertising in Valpak and the Town Money Saver, as well as radio spots. TV exposure is also very helpful. “We have really good relationships with Channel 6 and with Channel 10 here in Columbus,” Boyd explains.

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Tenneco’s Expert Plus Dealer Loyalty Program to Celebrate

The Expert Plus program provides a complete set of educational, promotional and awareness tools that are aimed at helping automotive service providers boost business in these critical categories. “It’s a special year that we want to celebrate with our loyal partners,” says Sheryl Bomia, North America aftermarket programs manager, Tenneco.

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Don't be a lost ball in high weeds! 2010-11-02 Modern

Many companies are now providing additional features such as maps, audio messages, online coupons and more. Video is also available and can communicate your message in ways that print never could. You would never consider locking the front door of your store or turning off your phone during business hours; therefore, you must have your Web site

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Servicing the Next Generation of Cars and Customers 2018

Servicing the Next Generation of Cars and Customers. A couple of years ago, one of the consumer magazines compared the cars of 1991 to the cars of 2016 and listed the top 15 automotive milestones over that 25-year period. Hybrid technology, stability control and GPS satellite navigation were the top three in order and amazingly enough, tire

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Oil changes keep customers in the pipeline 2011-06-28

We charge $19.95 to $24.95 for an oil, lube and filter, 40-point safety inspection, and a free tire rotation.”. The free tire rotation creates opportunities to boost revenue. “Customers frown when you take tires off when they came in just for an oil change. We …

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The qualities of a good auto parts supplier 2013-06-13

The top reasons given for choosing a particular supplier include reasonable prices (85.4%), stock availability (78.5%), and quality (62.5%). For 89.6% of respondents, however, “good service” drove their ultimate purchasing decision. Says Calvin: “An independent tire store is about service.

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Sports marketing from the retailer’s perspective 2012-04

Sports marketing from the retailer’s perspective. The Automobile Dealers’ Association has provided an irresistible incentive to have its members really work to enlarge the organization,” read the item in the September 1920 issue of Tires, the predecessor of Modern Tire Dealer. “Harry Gardner, executive secretary, conceived the brilliant

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Tire Warehouse keeps growing with new owner 2010-04-14

Tire Warehouse, a chain of retail outlets in New England owned by Monro Muffler Brake Inc., recently opened its 47th store. “We are very pleased to now have 13 Tire Warehouse locations in Massachusetts, as an added convenience to our customers,” says Joseph Tomarchio, Jr., executive vice president of store operations for Tire Warehouse.

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Broad-line tires continue to evolve: And the way dealers

The promotion generated "huge" response and he now sends out 10,000 coupon books a year. It costs nearly $33,000, including printing and mailing expenses, but the return has been worth it, according to McLea. "We usually see about 250 coupons a month."

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Nitrogen marketing 101 2008-02-01 Modern Tire Dealer

Nitrogen is used in many electronic applications because it is an inert gas. “And by the time a sensor goes off, there has already been a significant amount of lost gas mileage, reduced tire life, reduced safety,” Mathur adds. “TPMS is a diagnostic tool; nitrogen is a …

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Brothers With a Vision: 2017 Tire Dealer of the Year Award

Klipfel remembers his first day on the job: They drilled holes into the walls of the car wash building to make room for more tires. He continues to work on the site of that original store and is the company’s most expert tire technician on any size tire, from passenger to truck to farm to off-the-road tires.

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Road trip! 2009-11-04 Modern Tire Dealer

Wednesday: Senior Citizens Day (10% off). Thursday: 10% off all tires. Friday: Ladies Day (10% off). Saturday: Free brake inspections. Alray offers a free alignment check Monday through Saturday to any customer who applies for a Car Care One/Michelin credit card (an appointment is required).

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AWDA Honors The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance 2016-11

Exhibitor booths were redesigned to accommodate training sessions for attendees. Sessions were taught by exhibitors, and focused on training the automotive technician the value of aftermarket parts. The Alliance incentivized the training by offering coupons to customers attending the sessions for a chance to win a vintage muscle car.

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Oh, Canada 2013-07-25 Modern Tire Dealer

Canadian Tire Corp., the largest mass merchandiser in Canada with 490 stores (Walmart Canada Corp. has 379 stores, while Sears Canada Inc. doesn’t sell tires), ran two half-page ads featuring coupons for automotive service work. “Buy two tires or more and get 50% off a wheel alignment,” proclaimed the ads.

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Five ways to beat the winter blahs 2009-12-21 Modern

“Plus you’re always looking for something to replace other parts of the business you’re losing,” such as strut and shock work, which Birsic reports has “died off in general.” Most of Lakewood Firestone’s customers are replacing struts and shocks at 80,000 to 90,000 …

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Why It's Important to Hire What You Can't Teach 2018-10

It’s hard to identify the transition, but once locked in to the price war and cutting expenses to the bone model, the business loses its competitive edge. Good employees leave and bad employees hang around forever. Everyone just starts going through the motions. We start to rely on coupons to drive business instead of word-of-mouth.

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Hello from the SEMA Show 2012-12-18 Modern Tire Dealer

The M&S-rated Terra Trac R/S is designed for rugged, on- and off-road applications. Its low-void shoulder and wide footprint “enhance vehicle stability, even during extreme maneuvers,” according to the company. The tire will be available in 10 sizes ranging from P235/75R15 XL to LT265/70R17 in 1Q 2013. ASA powers up software

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Second time's a charm! 2007-05-01 Modern Tire Dealer

He said, 'I have to drop off some products at White Front Discount Stores,' so come with me and then we'll eat.'" White Front was the "grandfather" of the current price club concept, according to Mirman, and the biggest discounter in Los Angeles at the time.

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Brand awareness 2012-06-07 Modern Tire Dealer

Bob Ulrich was named Modern Tire Dealer editor in August 2000 and retired in January 2020.He joined the magazine in 1985 as assistant editor, and had been responsible for gathering statistical information for MTD's "Facts Issue" since 1993.He won numerous awards for editorial and feature writing, including five gold medals from the International Automotive Media Association.

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Broken records: 2011 SEMA Show wrap-up 2011-12-20

The numbers don’t lie. The 2011 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) Show was a huge success. A record 132,000 people attended the event, according to the Tire Industry Association (TIA), which sponsored the show’s Global Tire Expo section. There also were 61,000 buyers, also a record and close to 19% higher than last year.

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