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Select your server and character, and enter the Coupon Code (without hyphens) Click “redeem coupon code” Enjoy your items! This is a limited code giveaway to be given out on a first-come-first-serve basis. It will run as long as there are keys available or until December 31, …

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First Assault Early Access Begins Next Week

Elite Early Access Pack – $29.99: The most expensive of the packs, it provides the same content as the Specialist pack, plus 1 character unlock coupon (bringing you to a total of 2 coupons), an exclusive Motoko Rare Character Skin and two 500,000GP coupons (so 800,000 more than the Operative and Specialist packs). This pack is available on

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Battlerite Royale Archives

Battlerite Royale enters Early Access on Steam at #1 just a few hours after its launch, with 50% off coupons for all who bought Battlerite Early Access. Battlerite Royale Becomes a Standalone Title Chris Hughes | 9th August 2018.

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Battlerite Royale

Battlerite Royale is a Battle Royale type shooter which follows in the footsteps of the popular Battlerite arena brawler. You and 19 other players enter a world 20 times the size of Battlerite’s previous arena and fight to be the last one standing, but do it with all the characters, action, and fun fans of Battlerite have come to know and love.

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The Black Desert Online Guide to Inventory Management

The Black Desert Online Guide to Inventory Management. 1. Understanding Storage. First and foremost it’s important to note that you do in fact get storage warehouses in all the cities and greater towns in Black Desert Online for free. These storage options aren’t linked and are used as individual warehouses by your active workers from the

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Dual Universe Review

Dual Universe Review – ‘If You Build It They Will Come’. Having not known too much about Dual Universe (DU) before diving into the beta, this game is now likely to be one of my most anticipated releases of 2021. Playing a game in its Beta phase is never a substitute for reviewing the finished product, but this is a fleshed-out experience

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Heroes of Incredible Tales

Heroes of Incredible Tales is a brilliant free to play hack and slash fantasy action MMORPG from Nexon that is redefining the mobile MMO. With dynamic gameplay, diverse and fascinating characters, cutting edge graphics, customizable skill trees, PvP, 5 person raids, and more, Heroes of Incredible Tales is a true mobile MMORPG.Quest, explore, advance, fight, and do it all from the convenience

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