PureWave CM7 Review (Brutally Honest Review)

It has, well, 6 heads with each head having several nubs. These nubs act like shiatsu rollers to work the tension off of the muscles. The Six-Head stick is best for large muscle groups. Air Cushion stick – This stick is made out of plastic and rubber and attaches by screwing onto the massager’s head. The rounded rubber surface has a softer

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Theragun G3PRO Review [2019]

Six pro attachments that easily snap on and off. The attachments are made out of antimicrobial, non-porous PU foam. Sweat, oils, massage lotions and gel are easily washed or wiped off. 1 Dampener attachment – This tip is a lot softer and has more give. It’s designed that way for use in the more bony areas and sore spots of the body.

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