Small Business Directory Listings: Still Effective

Whether you offer 24-hour locksmith service, half-off Wednesdays or free dental X-rays, tailor your listing to the needs of your readers. Yellow pages is a very common Internet search phrase. Clearly, people still want an organized directory with which to choose a service provider.

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Professional Product Promoter Job Description Template

A product promoter’s job is to demonstrate the value of an item to potential customers and answer any questions they have about it. They also typically sell the product right there on the spot, so they need to be knowledgeable of how to use the proper sales equipment. Excellent speaking skills are a plus with

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Job Description Templates MightyRecruiter

Straighten, arrange, stock and dust off merchandise, maintain shelving areas as directed by management and participate in the designing of displays in windows and on tables; Locate merchandise for customers, placing special orders to find desired items if necessary; Handle refunds, returns and exchanges with a focus on timeliness and customer

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Lay the Groundwork With This Marketing Timeline

It might be email newsletters, coupons via snail mail or tweets with special offers. If you know who you want to sell to, you can learn what methods they will respond to. You likely will have to devote some staff time and money to the marketing campaign, but it can pay off in the long run. Plus, be sure to keep tabs on the progress so you

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Holiday Hiring Tips for SMBs: How to Staff Up in a Tight

“Every holiday season, we hire between six and two dozen seasonal employees to help us handle the validation of the coupons we receive for the fourth quarter. Since we first starting doing this in 2009, the type of employee has changed a lot–the economic situation is markedly better now, so attracting talented employees, even on a temporary

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