Can You Use a Coupon as a Prize

26 U.S.C. 5723 (c) and C.F.R. § 275.21 – Prohibits certificate coupons or other lottery devices from be in placed on tobacco product packaging. Part of a California statute, Civil Code 1749.5, prohibits offering a coupon as a prize or gift if: the person must pay any money or make a purchase to obtain or use the coupon.

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The 7 Deadly Sins of Promotional Marketing

Marketing your products and services with sweepstakes, contests, loyalty programs or coupons is a proven way to get new customers and keep existing ones. How could giving something away or providing incentives go wrong? Trust us, it can. To ensure success, try to avoid any of these 7 deadly sins of promotional marketing. Greed: Asking for money.

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Top 10 Promotional Marketing Posts of All Time

Promotional campaigns are one of the most fundamental tools used to introduce or reintroduce any given product or service to a large audience over a period of time. There are many factors that must be choreographed in order to pull off an advantageous promotional campaign.

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5 Ideas for a Successful Cinco de Mayo Promotion

Maybe it’s $5 off any purchase on Cinco de Mayo if they show the email or text. After the big day, use the list to promote Taco Tuesdays the rest of the year. 4. Piñata Instant Win Game. Stuff piñatas with swag and coupons, and give customers the chance to win free stuff in every piñata.

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Loyalty Archives

People love to win high value prizes, especially cash, trips, and one of a kind experiences that can be won in a game of chance or a skill-based contest. 2. Discounts: Coupons, vouchers, and “Buy One, Get One” (“BOGO”) type discounts at purchase are another type of incentive that can make the difference between a customer coming …

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5 Text Message Marketing Ideas

Here are 5 text message marketing ideas and ways to build an SMS customer list: 1. Get SMS subscribers by running a sweepstakes! At point of sale get people to sign up for text messages by texting a keyword to a shortcode. Your sweepstakes should offer a chance to win one of your products, or a highly coveted prize, like cash.

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10 Hot Summer Prize Ideas

Long summer nights and warmer weather mean that is must be amusement park season! What better way to reward your customers than with tickets or discount coupons to their nearest park. Many parks are also open to partnership opportunities as part of a prize package – which will help your prize budget go further. 5. Barbecue Grills

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The Next Ice Bucket Challenge

Sweepstakes and coupons and incentives and contests work great to generate interest, make sales and develop customers, but a “viral” campaign that spreads throughout social channels is more about sharing content. And contrived content isn’t something that is going to go viral.

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