Guardian Tales Coupon Codes (July 2021 Codes)

How To Use Guardian Tales Coupon Codes. Step 1: In Heavenhold, click your Options button in the upper right corner of the screen. Step 2: Go to Account Settings. Step 3: Press the Enter Coupon Code button. Keep in mind that coupon …

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Smash Legends Coupon Codes (July 2021 Codes)

Step 6: Tap the Coupon Button. Here, you should see a number of dialogue buttons: Language, Paid Currency, Change Nickname, Coupon, Support, Credits, Facebook, YouTube, Discord, and Official Site. Tap on Coupon. It should be …

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Subway Surfers Codes (July 2021 Codes)

Subway Surfers Coupon Code List. Below is a list of codes for Subway Surfers. Do note that while most of these are expired, you may bookmark this page to keep track of new releases. These codes are case-sensitive.

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Crazy Cooking Chef Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Earning

5. Grinding Is An Option. As this Crazy Cooking Chef guide focuses on tips for earning more coins and gems, as well as some tips for intermediate players, we’re moving on with another financially-related pointer for anyone looking to have more resources for upgrades. The game allows you to replay levels you’ve already completed, and the

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Princess Tale Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

Relative to this, be sure to claim some coupon code rewards as well for more stars. To do so, click on your avatar at the upper left side of the screen. Tap on the System tab at the bottom left of the page, and finally the coupon button. Input “MARKETNO1PT” …

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Game of Sultans Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats

Reaching these Achievements could reward you in the form of Gold Coupons (extra gold), Commander Seals (extra soldiers), or diamonds, which are the game’s premium form of currency. These are just some of the many types of rewards you can get for Achievements — while these can be completed in the natural progression of playing Game of

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Hunter Age Mobile Tips, Cheats & Strategy Guide for

First off, you can get free gift coupons by going to Opening > Monthly Card. As this is a new game, we aren’t sure yet as to where you can spend your coupons, but we should know within the next update or two. Then you’ve got your Wait for Better chest, which is just that – if you open it early, you can’t expect to get a lot of good

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Lord of Heroes Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

To start off, heroes can be acquired range from 3-5 stars although each one can be promoted to 6 stars. As each star impacts the stats of the heroes you may be inclined to consider 4-star grades over the lower 3-star ones that you obtain from progressing through the main story. There are other factors to consider, though.

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Piggy GO Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies for Collecting

After all, you will not have enough of them to brush off all the attacks. So, sooner or later, your defenses will be breached and the city will be demolished. On top of that, the enemies will hijack a lot of gold from the treasury. Well, Piggy GO allow players to express their emotions and seek retaliation. To clarify, once you step on the

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Elvenar Strategy Guide: 9 Must-Read Tips, Cheats & Tricks

There will be occasions where you will be better off attacking new provinces, and others where you can talk it over and negotiate. Each province will have their own negotiation requirements, which could mean trading some common currency, or maybe providing some tools or other materials. If that’s the case, you can go ahead and negotiate, as

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Golf Clash Cheats, Tips & Tricks: 5 Hints to Beat More

More tips & tricks: Golf Clash Ultimate Guide: 13 Tips & Tricks to Become the Best Player. 4. The Spin Is Like Your Curveball. Well, not really, as curveballs aren’t as fast as fastballs, and are mainly meant to throw opposing batters off with their spin. But you get the idea – in Golf Clash, top spin and backspin are fancy techniques

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Big Farm: Mobile Harvest Guide: 9 Tips, Cheats & Tricks to

Before you log off from the game, make sure you harvest the remaining short-term crops and replace them with ones that will take several hours to be ready. 4. Find An Active Co-Op. A cooperative is a group of players similar to guilds in other games. This connects you with other players and allows you to donate loyalty points.

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Property Brothers Home Design Beginner’s Guide: Tips

Even so, it is still better to fail at this point than when the unlimited stamina buff wears off. 4. Learn To Set Up Some Moves. As veteran match tile gamers are accustomed to, you should learn at some point to make some sort of “sacrificial” moves to set up subsequent moves to fulfill your intended effects. As the puzzle game works around

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The King of Fighters Allstar Tier List: Our Top 10 Picks

Yuri’s first skill, Kuuga, 539% of attack damage but deals an additional 17% more from 30 combos and beyond. Saifua, on the other hand, starts off with 552% of attack as damage but increases by 19% during 20 combos and up. Hien Houokyaku supports both skills in a way, as it adds 5 combos on top of the 813% of attack damage it inflicts.

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Mini Golf King Tips, Cheats & Hints: How to Win Duels

Of course, getting it done right is the hard part. That’s where our Mini Golf King tips and tricks come in. Read on in order to learn everything you need to know to win duels! 1. Collect The Gems. As you play Mini Golf King, you will notice colored gems scattered throughout the course.

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Cookie Run: Kingdom Squad Composition Guide: Tips

In Cookie Run: Kingdom, combat plays as big a part as managing your kingdom. Fighting is how you both progress the story and earn Crystals. This new guide assumes you’ve not only read our Cookie Run: Kingdom beginner’s guide, but also that you’ve played this game before and finished at least a couple of chapters, and gotten enough Rare and Epic cookies to replace your Starter Squad …

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Omega Legends Guide: 10 Tips, Cheats & Strategies to

To start off, the progression system that you can access via its icon at the bottom of the screen gives rewards for every new level you reach. There are daily activity objectives you can easily accomplish as well for silver, promotional coupons, experience points, and activity points. Activity points earned unlock extra rewards daily and weekly.

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Stella Arcana Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies

Eons ago, Baldur, the God of Light sacrificed himself to fend off Chaos, the God of Darkness, and bring safety to the Light Realm, transforming himself into the 12 Constellations to make sure it stays safe. Now, in an age long past with belief in the 12 Constellations weakening, the Man in Black takes advantage of their waning power to bring

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CrossFire: Warzone Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks

CrossFire started as a first-person game for the PC, so players may expect the same genre for the game’s mobile version. However, the officers of CrossFire: Warzone include characters from the PC shooter, so there remains a connection between the games.

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Cookie Run Kingdom Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Tricks

Cookie Run: Kingdom plays far differently from either of its predecessors, Cookie Run: Ovenbreak and Cookie Wars. Rather than a side-scrolling platform runner or an army building mini-strategy war game, Cookie Run Kingdoms mixes a kingdom-building resource-management game with a deceptively simple RPG.

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Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord Beginner’s Guide

From the adventure’s premise alone, you can tell that Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord packs a unique experience for even experienced and veteran RPG players. The hero starts off defeating the overlord, but at the cost of losing his flesh and stripping his very being down to mere bones.

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MLB 9 Innings 19 Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats

The 2019 Major League Baseball Season is here — actually, it’s been here for more than a couple of weeks now, and we have got yet another MLB-themed game for you, following Glu Games’ MLB Tap Sports Baseball 2019.Com2uS, which is known for games such as Chain Strike, Skylanders: Ring of Heroes and Summoners War, recently released MLB 9 Innings 19 for iOS and Android devices.

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Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War Beginner’s Guide: Tips

Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War is a brand new turn-based strategy RPG from Neowiz and if you played and enjoyed Neowiz’ Brave Nine, formerly known as Brown Dust, then you will certainly love this one.Kingdom of Heroes: Tactics War features amazing anime-styled graphics combined with stylish characters and stunning visual effects.

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Homerun Clash Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats & Strategies

So read on and check out our Homerun Clash beginner’s guide for tips, cheats and strategies, if you need help winning those 1 vs 1 battles! 1. The Basics Of Homerun Clash. As we mentioned above, Homerun Clash is a pseudo-casual alternative to MLB Home Run Derby 19 without the real-life players, but with the so-called “real players

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Hero Cantare Team Guide: Tips and Strategies on Building

Hero Cantare continues to be among the most popular strategy RPGs in the mobile gaming market and will likely stay so for a long time. While its popularity may be attributable to the popular webtoon characters in its roster, the intricate means of enhancing heroes, composing teams, and the various game modes all contribute to providing players with continuous excitement and interest.

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Pocket MapleStory Tips, Tricks & Guide to Get Better

The first part of our Pocket MapleStory strategy guide showed you a lot, but there’s far more to learn about this game than what we already told you. But before we move on to our second part, we should remind you that this is the iOS version of Wizet’s 2D side-scrolling RPG.

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Zombie Hunter King Beginner’s Guide: Tips, Cheats

Zombie Hunter King is a new addition to the ever-expanding zombie shooter niche. Mobirix’s new zombie-themed mobile game is simple, fun to play, and filled with lots of undead that just wait to run into your gun. Simplistic graphics help players to be better at spotting and shooting zombies. Instead of being fascinated by visuals …

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Guardian Tales Tier List: Our Picks for the Best Heroes in

Meet The Guardians: A Full List Of Heroes. There are currently 58 heroes that you can get in Guardian Tales — 21 Natural 1-Star Heroes, 27 Natural 2-Star Heroes, and 10 Natural 3-Star Heroes. Let’s start off by giving a brief overview of all the acquirable heroes alongside their specific weapon (if any) and their natural star rating.

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