What are Net Sales

So let’s say you buy a sweater for $100, but you use a 25% off coupon. The sweater only costs you $75, but the company’s gross sales amount for that transaction would be $100. Meanwhile, net sales gives a more accurate picture of how much money a company actually made, because it does factor in costs like discounts from coupons and other

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What is a Debenture

A debenture is a type of bond that a government or corporation can use to raise capital.As with other bonds, those who invest in debentures loan the entity money and get it back with interest. A debenture is a type of unsecured debt.

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What is a Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO)

A collateralized loan obligation (CLO) is a type of loan fund that is created by borrowing money from investors to purchase business loans. The CLO manager buys loans that are made by financial institutions, often to companies that are below investment grade (rated BB+ or lower).

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