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off coupons from the wrong end of the ticket. The third conductor told A. of the mistake, and delivered to him the coupons which should have been first taken, stating that he could use them in place of those taken. On the return trip the conductor refused to take the detached coupons and

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Cafa's Impact on Class Action Lawyers

Apr. 2004, at 8, 60 ("You have class members getting dollar-off coupons while their lawyers reap millions. You can see how such a system can be corrupted by unscrupu-lous trial lawyers." (quoting tort reform advocate Victor Schwartz)). 4 See, e.g., Levins, supra note 3 …

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Determine whether you will be able to take time off from work for prenatal doctor’s visits or to prepare for adoption. Determine the amount of leave you are entitled to through Penn benefits, and how much is paid. Fill out and submit the Nursing Mother’s Plan Document (see page 13 for more

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Voting Without Law

Buying? No, But Take 10% Off, N.Y. TIMES, Nov. 8, 1995, at C22 (noting that among the goods and services offered by merchants in the city of San Ramon to encourage voting are "savings on hams and oil changes, free checking at a local bank, restaurant discounts, even a visit to a chiropractor"); see also Jac C. Heckelman, The Effect of the

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Will Technological Innovation and an Economy in Crisis

Or, as conference organizer and University of Southern California Law School Professor Gillian Hadfield (who herself has a Ph.D. in economics) said in her remarks that launched one-and-one-half days of spirited conversation: Law as practiced in the United States today is expensive, complex, slow, risk-averse, fragmented and static. It needs to serve a modern economy that is fast, adaptive

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Recent American Decisions

1. Coupons or interest warrants attached to bonds of a city, issued to a railroad company, for stock, by the city subscribed for, in pursuance of a local law, are not original obligations or promises to pay the bearer, and have no legal validity independently of the bond. 2.

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Department of Practice Pleading and Evidence

not set-off, as a defence to the demand upon coupons payable out of said fund, a balance due by the State, for an over-draft of its general account: Bank of the United States v. MacAlester, 9 Penna. 475 (1848). The court said: "As long as the deposit is permitted to remain in their hands, they are

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Some Clarifications in the Law of Commercial Paper Under

the issue.6 On the other hand, free transferability cutting off owner-ship claims of holders is necessary for the operation of a securities market. The result 'has been a conflict in decisions and technical interpretations as in Enoch v. Brandon,7 where the New York Court

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Circuit Court of the United States for the IDistrwt of Iowa.

bonds and coupons, when the same may become due, according to the contract entered into for said loan and to pay the same.' sufficient to pay off the judgment with interest and costs."' 1 These sections of the statute law are as follows: Section 3274 (1895). "Public buildings owned by the state, or …

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Abstracts of Recent Cases

there and carries it off: Goddard v. Winchell, Supreme Court of Iowa, October 4, 1892, WINCHELL, J. (52 Northwestern Rep., 1124).-J. A. 31CC BAILMnENTS, GRATUITOUS-BANKS-SPECIAL DEPOSITS-LIABILITY" FOR Loss.-The essence of a contract for bailment is diligence. A special deposit was received by a bank through its cashier for gratuitous

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