Fuel Discounts

Fuel discounts valid with Kwik Rewards only. Unless noted, offers valid through 4/30/21. Cents off rewards expire 30 days from the day earned and may not exceed 30 gallons.

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Save big on different items every day! Our Daily Specials and Special Promotions are here to give you the best offers on fresh food, at a low price.

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Kwik Trip Kwik Star

Going the Extra Mile. Every day, we fire up our ovens to bake fresh bread, produce milk in our dairies and prepare your favorite meals to deliver right to your neighborhood.

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Daily Deals

Kwik Trip YouTube Channel; Kwik Trip on Facebook; Kwik Trip on Twitter; Kwik Trip on Snapchat; Kwik Trip on Instagram

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Don’t idle for an extended time (turn your engine off instead) Drive in the highest gear that your situation permits and use the overdrive gear if you have it; Keep your car in good repair: Keep tire pressure at the manufacturer-recommended level (note: tire pressure should be …

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Car Wash Gift Cards

What is the difference between the 3 washes? Elite: Undercarriage Flush, Bug or Salt Buster*, Presoak, Wheel Cleaner, High Pressure Wash or Soft Foam Wash, Triple Shine Vehicle Enhancer/Cleaner, RainShield Vehicle Protectant, Spot Free Rinse & 99 Second Super Dry. (*Available on touch free only) Ultimate: Undercarriage Flush, Presoak, High Pressure Wash or Soft Foam Wash, Triple Shine …

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Car Wash

Show your car some love. Protect your investment with environmentally friendly car wash facilities. Rain may contain sulfuric acid which can damage paint on your vehicle.

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Kwik Club SMS Terms and Conditions

Message frequency varies based off program participation and user interaction. If you are a Kwik Rewards loyalty member, to opt-in to mobile offers and deals text JOIN to …

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Find your nearest Kwik Trip location

Find a Kwik Trip or Kwik Star location near you! Search by city or ZIP code, and you can narrow your search by what you're looking for.

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Contact Us

Additional ways to contact us: Visit your nearest Kwik Trip or Kwik Star location; Send a note to: Kwik Trip, Inc. 1626 Oak Street, P.O. Box 2107 La Crosse, WI 54602-2107

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Wisconsin Alcohol Savings

Products available at select Wisconsin locations. Fuel discounts on alcohol offers valid only in Wisconsin. Cents off rewards expire 30 days from the day earned and may not exceed 30 gallons.

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Car Wash Fundraiser

Car Wash Fundraiser How does it work? Our Car Wash card fundraising program allows your nonprofit organization to purchase Kwik Trip, Inc. 5-count ULTIMATE Car Wash cards for $20 a card.

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Nutrition & Ingredients

We’re proud to say you’ll find many delicious and healthy choices at your neighborhood Kwik Trip or Kwik Star, from fresh fruit to flavorful salads to our many sandwiches.

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Gift Cards

After 12 months of non-use, a $2.00 monthly service fee will be deducted from the remaining balance of each card (unless prohibited by law). For balance information, …

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About Our Fuel

Alternative Fuels We offer: E-85: E-85 fuel contains 51%-85% ethanol and the rest gasoline, has been in the marketplace for over two decades. Higher blends of ethanol, such as E85, have higher octane.

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Now Available: Take Home Meals

Dinner done kwik. You’re busy. We get it. That’s no excuse for skimping on your favorite homemade meals. Our latest innovation, Kitchen Cravings Take Home Meals, are now available in each of our 680+ C-Store locations throughout Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa.

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