5 Free Coupon Sites

If you hit up the usual coupon code suspects online looking for a certain destination but come up empty-handed, try out the Coupon Cabin as well. It’s a …

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Use secret Amazon codes to save big bucks

CLIF Energy Bars in Peanut Butter Banana Dark Chocolate flavor offers an extra 15% off coupon.. 2. Home and Kitchen coupons . East or west, home is …

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Amazon coupons help you save big on what you need

Note: Not all coupons are 5 percent off. Some are a dollar value or a different percentage. Some coupons on Amazon are only available for Prime members. However, you too can use them if you sign

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Honey is the easiest way to save money while shopping online

Make coupon-hunting a breeze. Honey is a browser extension and app for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS and Android that automatically scans the …

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Kim Recommends

You can print coupons, the kids’ homework and important documents for work, all from the comfort of your home. In 2020, GoodRx users received an average savings of over 70% off retail prices

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Groupon can help you save some serious money

*Sample deal* Radar & Laser Detector – regular price: $299.99, sale price: $134.99 (55% off) RetailMeNot. RetailMeNot was founded in 2006 as …

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Saving money has never been this easy

The app is also good for the planet since stores are able to scan the coupons directly from your phone and therefore do not need to waste any paper.The first-ever app of its kind, Coupon Sherpa

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Save money using these Chrome plugins

Coupons can be messy when you have a drawer full of them for local businesses, expiring on you unexpectedly, or being overused and discontinued. Add the infinite number of online shops and their

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7 simple ways to save money online

Here are seven simple ways to save money on the internet. 1. Use online coupons. Most people hear the word “coupon” and roll their eyes. It’s tedious, snipping out little squares from the

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Money Saving Websites

The Update plan costs $89 a month and you can rent four items per month from over 350 brands with one swap allowed. The Unlimited plan costs $159 a …

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5 ways to get up to 20% cash back on your

There are plenty of other ways to get cash back from your Amazon buys. Here are five easy ways to get up to 20% back on your Amazon purchases. 1. …

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3 ways to find the real deals on Amazon

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15 incredibly useful sites you wish you knew about before

Get the best coupons on the web. 15. Print pages off the web without ads. Despite our best technology, if you try to print from a website, there are several hurdles to jump. Ads are the most

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Don't fall for this Facebook Mother's Day coupon scam

A popular technique criminals use is piggybacking on major events, like holidays. The latest Facebook scam does just that. In honor of Mother’s Day, a coupon worth $50 off

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7 things to never search for on Google

Let’s say you Google search for a coupon code and find one that promises a significant deal, such as 50% off your purchase. You click the link and are …

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Great Labor Day deals at Amazon

Today only, get 15% off a Komando Community membership when you purchase an annual membership, no coupon code necessary. Create a social profile, get exclusive access to The Kim Komando Show on

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Tech-savvy ways to save on your household budget

Amazon offers coupons that are available to everyone as well as an entire section only available to Prime Members. Some examples of popular savings right now include 15 percent off

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Quiz: How to find the best laptop for you

First off, find out what you want. Many of our listeners and readers feel overwhelmed by all the options when they’re looking for a new piece of tech. It’s also a lot of pressure to spend

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Two Amazon tools that help you make sure you're getting

If you’re in a store and spot a shirt on sale for 75 percent off, that’s exciting. But when you remember you’re getting an extra 10 percent off for being a loyal customer, score! Now, that

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Ever look at digital restaurant menus

They can then send customers unsolicited personalized offers, coupons and advertisements. Your personal information can be tracked through an app or website once you scan a QR code.

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3 sure-fire ways to save big money online shopping this

While shopping at a supported site, click on the gold button to view all available sales and coupon codes. During the checkout process, simply click the “Find Savings” button in the browser

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Get cash back without even trying when buying gifts this

BeFrugal: BeFrugal is just as big on offering coupons as it is on cash back, which makes it a convenient jumping off place for general bargain hunting. The big savings comes when you can stack

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How to find the best deals on your prescriptions online

Scroll down and you’ll see free coupons, savings clubs, and mail-order options. Here’s what it looks like: Click on “Mail Order,” and you’ll see a list of prices. Hit “Buy Online

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3 little-known ways to save money on prescriptions GoodRx

Tap on the “Find the lowest price” button and you’re off and running. GoodRx delivered prices for 30 tablets of generic Lipitor that ranged from $8.45 (with coupon) all the way up to $48.19.

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Best after-Christmas and year-end sales to shop

Highlights include 50% off women’s sweaters, buy-two-get-one-free on Star Wars toys and $80 off the 10.2-inch iPad (the same price discount we saw on Black Friday).

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Top 5 ways you're wasting money on tech each year

Take advantage of coupons and offers People have been using coupons and promotions to save money on tech for decades. Thanks to the internet, finding good coupons is easier than ever.

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10 Black Friday shopping secrets

In addition, RetailMeNot offers thousands of coupons, deals and cash-back offers — including those for holiday shopping. Like Honey, this popular savings website has a …

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Hackers using Google Ad buys to spread malicious phishing

According to a new security alert from researchers at Cofense, threat actors are taking advantage of Google Ad Services to disguise their efforts and redirect victims to dangerous phishing

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Amazon Prime Day: Best early deals live right now

You can get two Echo Dots for under $40 with a coupon code — that’s 20% off of normal price (and a steal for two smart assistants). Toshiba 43-inch Fire TV.

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Cyber Monday secrets the stores don’t want you to know

You then shop at your usual stores after using the Ebates site or app as a jumping-off place. Ebates gets a commission from online retailers and shares a …

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These Google Play apps will infect your phone and make it

The botnet, codenamed TERRACOTTA, has the primary function of running ad fraud on phones it infects. Once it makes its way on to an Android device through a compromised app, it …

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13 ways to make money in the new year!

You can even use it on top of other coupons, promo codes and discounts you might have for extra savings. The money you get back from Ibotta can transfer to …

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8 dumb ways you're wasting money on tech

Promo codes unlock all sorts of special deals, such as instant savings on one item, a percentage off of your entire purchase or even free shipping. Many of these deals are exclusive to online

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Save 50% on Amazon Echo! Plus, early Prime Day specials

Get coupons for up to 35 percent off of Prime Pantry food and household products; Get 20 percent off certain brands in the Amazon Warehouse *P.S.

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20 best perks you get with an Amazon Prime

That’s why we’re going to tell you about the top 20 benefits you get with an Amazon Prime membership. 1. Free two-day shipping. This is the …

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Don’t fall for this fake Costco coupon

Over the past couple of weeks, tons of people have been posting a coupon that can supposedly be used to take $75 off your next purchase at Costco. Despite Amazon dominating the …

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Get rid of gift cards you'll never use or trade them in

2. Raise. When you want to pay with gift cards, turn to Raise.You can save up to 30% on discounted gift card brands at Raise’s marketplace and can combine them with coupons and store sales to

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Some iPhone apps are tracking your location and selling

If you want to keep the app but see if you can turn off the location tracking, follow these steps: Tap on your Settings icon. Scroll down until you find the app you would like to change. When you

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How to avoid getting tricked by fast food phishing scams

A new and unusual phishing scheme outlined in the report, however, deals with fake fast-food coupons and offers for free delivery. According to TAG, these attacks come in the form of emails with

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Save money with this shopping tool that alerts you when

If you love to shop, chances are you also love to save money. But when it comes down to it, trying to track down a coupon or reliable discount can be a bigger pain than just buying things at full

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These expert tips will help you save big during Amazon's

Amazon Prime Day officially kicks off at midnight EST on Oct. 13, and runs through the end of Oct.14. The deals won’t last, so make sure to set those alerts before it’s too late.

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Amazon Prime Day is coming! Get early access to deals with

Get coupons for up to 35 percent off of Prime Pantry food and household products; New Amazon Prime Video subscribers will get a $10 credit just for watching a Prime movie or show on TV;

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5 ways to take advantage of Apple Wallet's features

4. Use passes. It’s easy to keep track of all your passes, as Apple Wallet displays them with points, balances and other information so you know exactly what …

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6 tricks to save big on airfare, hotel rooms and car

Save off the total cost of your trip when you Kristin McGrath is a shopping expert and editor at Offers.com, a leading coupons and deals website on a …

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14 useful things under $15 worth reviewers love

Choose from four sounds to drift off to slumberland: white noise, summer night, ocean waves and rain. Set the machine to turn off automatically at 15, 30 or 45 minutes.

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What to buy and not to buy in November

Blankets, bed sheets, duvets and pillows are usually marked down between 20 and 40 percent during November sales events. However, most retailers have January white sales on bedding and bath items

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7 steps to make more room on your Android phone

Sort by size to see which ones are the biggest space eaters. Touch and hold a file to get the trash-can icon and clean it off your phone. 6. Insert a microSD card. One of the quickest ways to add

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The top 5 hidden ways to save money when shopping on Amazon

The Honey browser extension can help you look up coupons for products sold on Amazon. We love how it auto-applies discounts right when …

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