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They were only $109 with free shipping, plus eBay gave me a $5 off coupon code, plus I apparently had a $35 gift card balance on my account that I didn't even realize I had. So, for $69, they'd have to be REALLY bad for them to not be worth the price I paid for them.

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Oil change intervals Kia Niro Forum

So last time I spoke to the person who works at the KIA dealership he said that it would save me money if I get the oil changes done every 10,000k and that it wouldn’t do any damage. I do know that the oil used in the Niros is full synthetic which can go up to 10,000k but in the owners manual it

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Sirius XM just called Kia Niro Forum

Coming up on my three months Sirius XM subscription that came with my car. They called today and offered me 6 months for $30. I declined and they offered me 3 months for $2. If that was the real price, I might consider service for $8 a year. Maybe. But …

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NIRO says, I'm Electrified with "Electric Blue" Lug Nuts

Amber's NIRO Touring Plus says to everyone, that "NIRO's" have ELECTRONS for Motivation, and a 1.6 Kicker for Unlimited Range. I call that a WIN, WIN How About a LINK: JDM CLOSED-END ALUMINUM SKY BLUE 20 LUG NUTS SET+KEY M12X1.5 20MM OD/50MM TALL JDM CLOSED-END ALUMINUM SKY BLUE 20 LUG NUTS

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Is full synthetic oil really needed in 2018 Kia Niro LX

I want to buy eOilChange coupons. But they only apply to regular oil. My dealer says its $50 extra (on top of coupon cost) to get full synthetic oil which 2018 Kia Niro LX Hybrid needs. Is that true? Does this car really need full synthetic? Or can it live with regular?

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