26 Ideas to Get Your Next Sales Promotion Noticed in 2021

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A comprehensive guide to sales promotions Keap

Consider the following: A small business offers a BOGO at 50% off a second product or service. In reality, it’s identical to offering 25% off the entire purchase of the 2 items. However, for the customer, the feel of getting half off the second item versus getting one-fourth off 2 items is much different.

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Sales Promotion Definition

For example, get the word out about your 25% off discount by incorporating guerilla marketing tactics like a sticker distribution. For more inspiration, read our blog post, “5 Sales Promotion Ideas that Small Businesses Can Execute.” For a step-by-step look at setting up a flash sale email series, check out our e-book, Cash in a Flash.

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5 Ways to Promote Your New Website Design in 2021

Use this coupon code “CouchPotato” to save 27 percent on your entire order by the end of the month. Let that feeling rub off on your whole network so they are compelled to visit your site and celebrate with you. Check out this podcast about how to improve your website's SEO. Grow without the chaos. Keap's suite of CRM, sales, and

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5 Sales Promotion Ideas that Small Businesses Can

coupons or discounts; In addition to providing a sense of urgency, a flash sale helps keep promo codes off coupon sites that can create financial and logistical problems for a small business. Promoting a sale via email also helps reward email subscribers, enticing them to stay on the list for other exclusive offers.

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How to Get More Leads from Your Website

A 10 percent off coupon on their first purchase in exchange for their email address is an effective lead magnet you can use to capture email addresses from people who come to your landing page. After you’ve captured their email address, you can email them about things they’re interested in like the newest arrivals of the season or an

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Keap® (fka Infusionsoft) CRM, Sales, & Marketing Automation

You can send emails, make a call, fire off a text, and more all from the CRM contact record—on your phone and your desktop. Convert clients. Power your revenue with email & SMS marketing. Combine CRM and marketing. Get more out of your list with segmentation. Send targeted email & SMS broadcasts to drive greater sales.

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Last-Minute Holiday Emails Examples to Inspire You in 2021

In this example, Configure.IT offers its recipients a special coupon code for a whopping 50 percent off all subscriptions for an entire year. Note they also include a deadline for the coupon (December 31), so recipients are encouraged to act quickly to receive such a great deal.

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How to Impress and Keep Your Customers in 2021

For example, you could send an automatic email with a coupon code to all customers who haven’t made a repeat purchase in six months. Or, you could create an email series with tips and tricks to help customers become power users. Even something as simple as sending emails can remind customers of your value.

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How to Effectively Respond to Customer Complaints in 2021

5 tips on responding to customer complaints: listen to the customer’s experience in its entirety. apologize. focus on the solution. don't rush the customer. find complaints before they find you. Customer complaints are timeless. No matter the size, nature, or success of your business, you’ll always have at least a small percentage of people

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The Ultimate Guide for Maximizing the Value of Leads

Offering more. After a sales lead converts to a customer, there may be an opportunity to offer more. Most businesses attempt to upsell and cross-sell at the time of purchase by suggesting relevant items, sharing what other customers have purchased, and displaying items that are frequently purchased together. Amazon is a great example of a company that does this really well.

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Keap® (fka Infusionsoft) Pricing

To ensure all Keap users are set up for growth and success right from the start, we have made enrollment in the expert coaching program a pre-requisite. The program is only a one-time payment of $499 and then you will begin your hands on personal support session to achieve your 3 specific business goals in only 60 days.

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Your Ultimate Guide For Small Business Saturday in 2021

“The event—a huge prize raffle and cross-promotional discount—was an instant hit and 5 years later, it has become a household tradition. For days after Thanksgiving, shoppers can unlock 10% off at participating businesses and enter to win a raffle full of incredible prizes (including travel packages, shopping sprees, and an iPad Air).

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5 tips for improving your customer service in 2021

This streamlined approach lets any user see where the company left off with a customer, review previous interactions, and check to see if the team has overlooked a recent complaint. According to HubSpot, 90% of teams using a shared email alias for support said this was an effective channel for customer service.

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Stories: Instagram vs. Snapchat

For instance, if you share a promo code, this audience may be more likely to jump off the app and go to your site before they forget the code because there is no “link in the bio” or additional post to reference. Growth. When it comes to social media, the most common challenge is cutting through the noise and getting noticed.

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How to Increase Conversions with Email Pop-Ups in 2021

Tip No. 1: Align your pop-up design with your website design. The best-converting pop-ups are the ones which feel like they’re part of your website experience. As a visitor, there’s nothing worse than a pop-up which feels like an ad. Here are a few actionable tips to adapt your pop-up to your brand identity: Use the same colors.

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Infusionsoft by Keap Tutorial: 4 Easy Things to Master Keap

An email broadcast can be anything: a regular newsletter, a one-time coupon code or offer, a seasonal sale reminder. If you haven’t sent one yet, your time has come! I promise that the hardest part about it will be thinking of the copy that goes in the email.

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What to Do with a Cold Lead in 2021

The best way to do this might be to give them something—a free ebook or consultation, a discount or coupon code, a sneak peek, anything that you think might provide them true value while also helping them warm up. You can also solicit feedback or send out an emotional appeal about missing them on your list.

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Nurture Your Leads Even During the Holidays in 2021

At worst, consider it a mild operating expense that can pay off unexpectedly in the future. Bringing it all together. With the foundation of maintaining future interest in your business well in mind, putting each of those elements together into a cohesive plan of action can take more work than a …

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Complete Guide to Small Business Automation in 2021

This email could even include a special coupon code to incentivize the customer to finish her transaction. Purchase reminders: Do your customers typically make purchases on a predictable cycle? For example, if you sell tax software, you definitely have a strong sense of when customers will make their next purchase. Enter past customers into an

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The Small Business Guide To YouTube Marketing in 2021

So, you can make an offer, add a coupon code, ask people to subscribe, join a mailing list, and much more. Find these options by heading over to the video page and clicking on the Cards button. Be sure to A/B test to see what works best with your audience—A/B testing is a must because these are essentially little clickable display ads.

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2019 Guide to Email Marketing

People love receiving coupons and special offers from businesses. Sending out special offers, like a flash sale, is a great way to bring in new sales or pique the interest of clients you haven’t heard from in a while. Check out this flash sale email example from Designmodo. Talk …

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Tips How to Write Copy that Converts and Makes Money

The banner ad "Merry days of savings. Save with exclusive holiday digital coupons, plus get free holiday favs." The ad doesn't say who the company's for. What are these coupons for? Are they for boots, are they for cupcakes, I don't know. So, we over simplified it …

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How to Run Your Seasonal Business Year-Round in 2021

Unfortunately, the off-season doldrums are a real thing. When your peak season rolls past, your bills don’t stop. You still have to pay for overhead, staff, or whatever fixed costs you have that make your seasonal business a real, live company.

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How to Get More Followers on Instagram for Your Business

The key is finding the right types of discounts and coupons to offer. In a 2016 CouponBox retailer survey, 46 percent of retailers cited “Sitewide” coupons as being most effective for boosting sales. Align your Instagram for business priorities with discount-oriented posts to choose the most effective option.

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How to integrate a referral program into your online

The easiest way to do this is via time-based or triggered email campaigns. For example, some days after a customer makes a purchase, you can send them a triggered email encouraging them to share your referral link to get discounts on their next purchase. Keap is a great tool you can use to manage your outbound emails.

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7 traits an entrepreneur must possess in 2021

Hard work pays off, and it’s required of all entrepreneurs. So is passion with a strong resemblance to obsession. Whether you’re a solopreneur or employ 25 workers, the pull of business demands is always there. They must be met. The key is to develop a work-life balance. 6. Must be optimistic. Is a glass half full of water or is it half empty?

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How to Use Live Chat for Your Small Business in 2021

Include a call-to-action button that encourages them to sign up for your newsletter, download your e-book or schedule a demo. Use a live chat app in the Keap marketplace to create or lookup an Keap contact, add a tag, send the transcript to the system and trigger automation.

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How to create a franchise marketing plan in 2021

The first step in that process is to standardize the products and operating procedures in use at all existing franchise locations. Doing so will create the kind of consistency required to establish a brand image, which is a vital part of any successful franchise marketing plan. First, begin by defining the exact products and services that will

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Everything You Need to Know for Small Business Content

If you are having a hard time getting customers to take surveys, try sharing them through social media or e-mail. Or, consider offering an incentive, like a coupon code or free item. Additionally, make sure your questionnaire is short enough so the audience can fill it out quickly while still giving you valuable information.

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10 things to do early on to build a scalable ecommerce

Send a coupon code to re-engage old subscribers who have stopped opening your emails or buying from your brand. 8. Automate Facebook ad campaigns. Paid Facebook ad campaigns can be automated in a similar way. For instance, you could: Automatically retarget users who visited your website and encourage them to “Like” your brand’s page.

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How To Use Video for Lead Generation

That 800 percent email list growth is estimated to double people's likelihood of coming to Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch in a given month thanks to the coupons Santa Barbara Chicken Ranch sends to the list. And over a five-year period, they make almost $500 on every email address captured.

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Small Biz Buzz—103—Susan Baier—Finding Your Target

The problem was that first off, the fries were more expensive. A regular order of fries at Burger King was a buck 50. These were a buck 90. Not exactly breaking the bank, but also, you're asking consumers to pay more for a similar product.

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How to craft an effective SMB sales strategy in 2021

Drop-off at different points in the cadence Total new revenue Average customer lifetime value (LTV) Average cost to acquire a customer (CAC) There’s no right or wrong answer here. Choose metrics that are applicable to your business, that you can measure, and that give you the most insight into the health of your sales pipeline.

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Make Your Brick-and-Mortar Business Successful in 2021

Optimize signage. People tend to make up their minds about someone or something within the first 30 seconds of the initial meeting. Since your brick and mortar business signage is usually the first thing that people see, it needs to create a great first impression. When it …

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Small Business Strategy Guide

Invite your list to sign up for your birthday club to receive coupons/offers they can use on their special day. Limited Time Offer Run a quick 3-day promotional offer to your unconverted leads and drive sales!

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6 SEO tips and tricks to improve your search ranking in

2. Use Google autosuggest. Modify your primary keyword with a preposition such as with, for, under or by, then hit the spacebar and wait for Google to come up with long-tail variations. 2. Target your competitor's broken links. A broken link is a link on a webpage that no longer works.

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