Filling The Gap With Coupons, Counsel Fees Manatt

To settle a false advertising class action, The Gap will provide class members with 30 percent off coupons and make a $1 million payment to class counsel.

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Pandamonium Over a Promotion: What to do When Your

Don’t worry we can send you a 5% discount coupon off your next purchase” or something like that. In the end, promotions are all about popularity. But be careful what you wish for, you just may

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Must Drug Manufacturer Coupons Count Toward Annual …

The Departments understand that there is an inconsistency in the 2020 NBPP final Rules regarding counting coupons toward MOOP and IRS HDHP guidance. The …

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Consumers Legal Remedies Act JD Supra

To settle a false advertising class action, The Gap will provide class members with 30 percent off coupons and make a $1 million payment to class …

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Misconduct at off-site party may qualify as workplace

At the party, which was planned and thrown by Phelps’ two direct supervisors, employees were encouraged to drink, provided “buy-one-get-one-free” …

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At Long Last, OIG Issues Final Rule for Beneficiary

Coupons, Rebates, and Other Retailer Reward Programs. However, if the reward were a coupon to be used on anything in the store, rather than limited to a coupon off of a copayment, the coupon

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False Sale Prices Result in Real $6M Settlement Manatt

Class members will also receive a coupon for $30 off a purchase totaling $100 or more through the GNC site. The coupons are additional consideration …

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2020 End of Year Plan Sponsor “To Do” List (Part 1) Health

First, the Departments acknowledged in an FAQ that counting coupons toward MOOP contradicts IRS Notice 2004-50, Q&A 9 and decided not to require group health plans to …

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Is Your Loyalty Program Putting Your Restaurant at Risk

The confirmation text should contain your business name, a description of the types of message the recipient will receive (offers, coupons, etc.), that text messaging rates may apply, and how to

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The Sky Is Not Falling on Loyalty Programs – CCPA Regs

A clothing business offers a loyalty program whereby customers receive a $5-off coupon to their email address after spending $100 with the business. where a program benefit is a monthly

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In ADA Website Accessibility Cases, Remediation May Be a

Kroger operates a website that enables consumers to purchase goods for delivery and also provides information on promotions and coupons, …

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How to Enforce Terms of Service for Online Social Media

A better discussion of the applicable issues comes from a case dealing with an off-line McDonald’s scratch-off game. In James v. McDonald’s Corp.,14 the fast food chain ran a ‘‘WhoWants To

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Motivation Innovations, LLC v. Petsmart, Inc. (D. Del

You can imagine prior art coupons offering discounts on multiple items (i.e., $1 off 2 or more boxes of cereal). Because the "business method" aspects of the claim were not new,

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North Carolina Distillery and ABC Modernization Bill

Increase on Allowed Discounts for Beer and Wine – The law requires the Commission to revise its discount rules by September 1, 2019 to provide …

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Answer of Defendants, Counterclaim and Cross-Claims of

On further reading, however, it is obvious that the site is directed specifically at Humble Abode, as the website claimed at one time: “After doing a thorough evaluation of every coupon code

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Casino Patron Out of Luck On Her New Jersey TCCWNA Claim

Discovery showed that of the 320,000 people to whom Harrah’s sent coupons, the plaintiff was the only one who tried to redeem a coupon at off-hours. Some 80,000 people redeemed their …

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Halloween Party Turns Scary for State in New Court

The managers encouraged employees to attend the party and provided drink coupons to employees. or co-worker’s sexual harassment occurring off

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State and Federal Pharmaceutical Enforcement Litigation

Unlawful promotion (off label, deceptive marketing) Theresa Carnegie, offered a master class on what may be the next wave of pharmaceutical pricing litigation: drug coupons. Ironically,

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25 Proposed Changes to N.C. ABC Laws Brewing in 2019

Increase in Allowable Discounts for Coupons, Rebates and Loyalty Cards The bill would increase the allowed discount from 25% to 35% for malt beverages and …

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International Dismissal Toolkit: Individual Employment

This is a primer on how a US- headquartered multinational employer can conduct either a one-off overseas individual employment dismissal or a …

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2019 Pharmaceutical Antitrust Round-Up: A Year in Pay for

As in Loestrin 24 Fe, the court shrugged off defendants’ concern that plaintiffs’ model disregards important pricing variations, purchasers who …

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“Passing Off” a trademark: A discussion of common law

Canadian trademark law offers protection to registered and unregistered trademarks, trade names, and other business indicia under the common law action of passing off

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May Court Decision Round-Up Brooks Kushman P.C.

Nedschroef Detroit Corp. v. Bemas Ents. LLC, Case No. 14-10095, 2015 WL 2453511 (E.D. Mich. May 22, 2015). U.S. District Judge Linda V. Parker granted summary

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Newsletter of the Advertising, Marketing & Media Practice

Newsletter of the Advertising, Marketing & Media Practice Group of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

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Vade-Mecum from A to Z

At the end of the Statutory Auditor’s mandate, there is a cooling-off period of four years during which neither the Statutory Auditor, nor, where applicable, any members of its network can

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Are Attorney's Fees an Endangered Species

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new LawBiz® store at lawbizstore.com. TODAY ONLY! 25% New Year Discount: Good only through January 31, 2012 As our gift to you, use the coupon code

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What Counts

Coupons Non-cumulative only and able to be cancelled, on a non-cumulative basis, by issuer at any time Alternative Coupon Settlement Coupon may be …

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I n t h i s I s s u e T h e E s s e n t i a l E s t a b l

Membership ­ Let’s Start The New Year Off Right! C o m m i t t e e L e a d e r s h i p C o m m i t t e e C h a i r coupons, or sending them to an address where they might not receive prompt

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High yield bond activity continues to climb White & Case

High yield bond issuance in the US eased from US$150.9 billion across 198 deals in Q2 2020 to US$116.5 billion across 158 deals in Q3, but these …

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“Kick the Can” Is Running Out of Road Unless the Fed Paves

“Kick the Can” Is Running Out of Road Unless the Fed Paves Some MoreIn April, as the U.S. economy contended with the early stages of an unprecedented pandemic-induced recession whose …

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Intrusion or Tool: Consumer Data’s Increasing Role in

This accomplishment in data analytics was tempered by the fact that Target wisely assumed that expectant mothers might be confused and turned off

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AD-ttorneys@law – February 2021 #2 BakerHostetler

Commercial turkeys are raised off-site and delivered by truck to the Ranch for processing.” EDP’s Discount Club was a membership program that offered “online coupons for restaurants

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A Social Contract – Terms to Consider for Influencer

Whether you’re paying big bucks for a Kardashian or providing discount coupons to a local star, hiring “influencers” to promote your company, products or services has become commonplace.

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Implications for Launch of tZERO, First U.S. Registered

The world’s first SEC-registered cryptocurrency exchange may be just around the corner. As detailed in their October 24 Form 8-K, Overstock.com subsidiary tZERO has entered into a joint

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New Tax Law Impact on Employee Benefits and Compensation

At the end of 2017, President Trump signed into law The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (the “Act”) that includes significant changes in the employee benefits area, most of which became effective on

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FINRA Introduces Two Fixed Income Initiatives WilmerHale

For Nominal Coupons and TIPS, the report will also show remaining maturity and on-the-run/off-the-run groupings. 15 . Next Steps.

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JD Supra: Mobile Location Analytics: Changing the Game for

Turning the technology off is relatively straight-forward: because the MAC address is only broadcast when Wi-Fi or Bluetooth is enabled, simply turning these capabilities off allows a consumer to

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California Attorney General Releases Updated Drafts of

Businesses with loyalty programs with coupons and special discounts provided in exchange for phone numbers must permit users to opt-out of “sales” unless the business can demonstrate the value

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A Dialogue With Corporate Counsel: Skadden’s Seventh

Panelists described off-label promotion as the lowest overall area of risk in the current environment, but noted that two recent settlements involving patient assistance have been in …

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New State Laws Target Key Issues in the Ongoing Drug

Link Client Alert White & Case 20 State Legislative Target(s) Category Act Title Summary of Law Link to Law Virginia Insurers Coupons, Drug Price …

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While kids suffered harms, consumer agency cozied up to

Instead, they were offered what staffers decried as another option — vouchers or coupons for other products offered by the offending firm. This rewarded bad behavior, further enriching a …

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Communications Law Bulletin, January 2009 Morrison

The demonstrations that were called off in Texas and Washington, D.C. do not suggest waning interest in using jamming equipment in prison facilities.

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Advertising Law

IN THIS ISSUE: *Olive Garden Asserts It Did Not Pull Letterman Ads *Feds Seize $34 Million From Online Poker Pots *Lawsuit Targets KFC Oprah Promo

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Eye on Privacy Newsletter

The FTC staff focused specifically on apps that: (i) facilitate real- time price comparisons; (ii) facilitate consumers’ efforts to find and redeem coupons or discounts; and (iii) allow

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Drug Manufacturer Pricing Disclosures: Mid-Year 2018

The law sought to limit pricing by prohibiting a manufacturer or wholesale distributor from making unconscionable price increases for essential off-patent or generic drugs.

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Growing Web of State Drug-Pricing Legislation Increases

HB 631: An Act concerning Public Health-Essential Off-Patent of Generic Drugs- Price Gouging- Prohibition. Coupons, Drug Price. S 1596: An …

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Senate Finance Committee Passes Drug Pricing Bill Mintz

The remaining amount would be paid by manufacturers participating in Part D, who would provide 20% discounts off negotiated prices of drugs covered …

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SEC Enforcement: The Fourth Quarter of 2020 Dorsey

Revenue for coupons was recognized when it was used by the customer. These schemes generated over USD $300 million in total fabricated revenue. All …

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