The Dark Side of Coupons -- 5 Reasons They Could Be

Coupon Warning #3: You'll Treat Yourself to Luxuries. In a 2008 Harvard Business School study, "Mental Accounting and Small Windfalls: Evidence from an Online Grocer," researchers discovered that shoppers at an online grocery website who used a $10-off coupon spent $1.59 more than shoppers who opted not to use the coupon.

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Coupon Bond Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

In the 1980s, some financial institutions began purchasing coupon bonds and selling the coupons as separate securities, called strips. Let's assume you purchase a $1,000 XYZ Company coupon bond. The coupon rate on the bond is 5%, which means the issuer will pay you 5% interest per year, or $50, on the face value of the bond ($1,000 x 0.05).

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4 Gift Card Discount Sites The Big Stores Don't Want You

Get 12% off Regal Cinemas gift cards at Plastic Jungle. Get 9% off Fandango gift cards at Cardpool. Payless ShoeSource: Get 18% off at Cardpool. You can also get 16% off at Plastic Jungle and 15% off at GiftCardRescue. Sears: Cardpool took the lead on this gift card with 6% off.

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The Best Financial Site for Beginners InvestingAnswers

Get Answers From Real Experts. Crunch numbers, read in-depth reviews, and get simple answers from the only site where all content is reviewed by certified financial experts. At InvestingAnswers, we pride ourselves on quality, research and transparency. All of our content is verified for accuracy by

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The Best Cash Back Credit Cards for 2021

13.99% to 23.99% (Variable) Intro APR. 0% APR for 12 months. Apply Now. Highlights. Earn a $300 statement credit after spending $1,000 in purchases on your new card within the first 3 months. 6% cash back at US supermarkets (up to $6,000 per year, then 1%). 6% cash back on select US streaming subscriptions.

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Free Simple Savings Calculator InvestingAnswers

When money is saved in an interest-earning account, that interest builds over time. This is also known as compound interest. With our easy savings calculator, you’ll be able to determine how much you’ll accumulate if you save the same amount of money each month. It’s okay if you don’t have

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Bond Meaning & Examples InvestingAnswers

Suppose that the market price of a bond is $950 and the face value is $1,000. The annual coupon rate is 7% with yearly coupons. The number of years to maturity is 10 years. Using a financial calculator or spreadsheet, we can calculate the YTM to be 7.7363%. If you buy this bond today and hold it until maturity, you should earn 7.74% per year.

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Yield to Call Calculator Calculating YTC InvestingAnswers

For example, you buy a bond with a $1,000 face value and an 8% coupon for $900. The bond pays interest twice a year and is callable in 5 years at 103% of face value. Click the CALCULATE button to find "yield to call." This number tells you the bond's return if you were to buy it today and hold

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Yield to Maturity Calculator YTM InvestingAnswers

How to Calculate Yield to Maturity. For example, you buy a bond with a $1,000 face value and an 8% coupon for $900. The bond pays interest twice a year and matures in 5 years. You would enter: "1,000" as the face value. "8" as the annual coupon rate. "5" as the years to maturity. "2" as the coupon payments per year, and.

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MBS -- Mortgage-Backed Securities -- Definition & Example

Example of Mortgage-Backed Securities. To understand how MBS work, it's important to understand how they're created. Let's assume you want to buy a house, so you get a mortgage from XYZ Bank. XYZ Bank transfers money into your account, and you agree to repay the money according to a set schedule. XYZ Bank may then choose to hold the mortgage in its portfolio (i.e., simply collect the …

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Hard Stop Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

Traders and investors place hard stops on specific portfolio holdings in an effort to minimize losses. For example, suppose Bob wishes to sell off his 100 shares of stock ABC if they reach $50 per share. Bob places a hard stop on these hundred shares by instructing his brokerage house to automatically sell all 100 shares if their price in the

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12b-1 Fee Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

For example, let's assume you invest $1,000 in the XYZ Company Mutual fund, which returns 10% every year and has annual 12b-1 fees of 1%. After 10 years, you would have $23,457. However, if the fund's 12b-1 fees were only 0.10%, you would have $25,679 after 10 years--over $2,000 more. Although it is important to compare 12b-1 fees among funds

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Exchangeable Bonds Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

For example, let's consider a Company XYZ bond that is exchangeable into shares of Company ABC at an exchange ratio of 50:1. This means that you could exchange every $1,000 of par value you own of XYZ bonds into 50 shares of ABC stock. This effectively means you have the option to purchase Company ABC stock for $20 per share ($1,000/50).

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Top Line Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

Depending on the context, "top line" may be used to refer to gross sales or net sales. For example, if XYZ offered $30,000 worth of discounts throughout the year to senior citizens, student groups and people who redeemed a coupon, and also refunded $5,000 to unhappy customers during that time, XYZ's top line might be: $1,000,000 - $30,000

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Government Bond Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

This means that for some investors, particularly those who live in states with high taxes, Treasuries may return slightly more than taxable securities with higher coupons. For example, if a resident of California and a resident of Nevada each purchase a $10,000 T-Note with a 3% coupon , each will have received interest payments of ($10,000 x

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EBITDAL Definition How to Calculate EBITDAL

EBITDAL = EBIT + Depreciation + Amortization + Special Losses. Let's take a look at a hypothetical income statement for Company XYZ: Using the formula above, Company XYZ's EBITDAL is: EBITDAL = $750,000 + 100,000 + 50,000 + 10,000 = $910,000.

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Duration Definition & Examples InvestingAnswers

Again, think of this number as a discount off the original bond price (If yields fell, this number would be a premium on the bond). So, $1,000 x (1 - 0.0105) = $989.85 Assuming a 0.20% raise in interest rates (or yield), the estimated price of the original bond using effective duration.

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Callable Bond Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

A callable bond (also called a "redeemable bond ") is a bond with an embedded call option. If the issuer agrees to pay more than the face value amount of the bond when called, the excess of the payment over the face amount is the " call premium ". In most cases, the call price is greater than the par (or issue) price.

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Term Structure Interest Rates Definition & Types

Term structures of interest rates take three primary shapes: normal, inverted, and flat. Only bonds of similar risk are plotted on the same yield curve. The most common type of yield curve plots Treasury securities because they are considered risk-free and are therefore a benchmark for determining the yield on other types of debt.

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Marketing Mix Examples & Definition InvestingAnswers

The definition of marketing mix can best be described as the combination of elements used to promote products or services. These variable elements are based upon the analysis of the “four P’s” of marketing: product, price, place, and promotion. Specific marketing tactics are then formed from the intersection of these four factors.

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You're Spending Too Much on Insurance InvestingAnswers

2. Pay off your mortgage to free up an extra $1,000 to $2,000 every month. Check out 3 Ways to Pay Off Your Mortgage 15 Years Early. 3. Shrink and eliminate your car payments. If you're paying 6% APR or more, it's time to know The Top 3 Reasons You Should Refinance Your Auto Loan.

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The Best Rewards Credit Cards for 2021 InvestingAnswers

The 3 Kinds of Rewards Credit Cards. Reward credit programs come in many forms, the most common being: Cash back. Points. Miles. 1. Cash Back Reward Cards. Cash back rewards are probably the easiest to understand as they have a straightforward system. For each purchase you make, you earn a percentage of cash back.

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Facility Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

A facility is essentially a bank loan agreement that a company can use on and off for short-term borrowing purposes. For example, let’s assume Company XYZ is a jewelry manufacturer. The company is typically flush with cash in July when retailers …

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16 Simple Ways To Slash Your Holiday Travel Budget

11. Search for GoGo in-flight Internet coupons before you board. Travelers en route are often not eligible for GoGo Internet discounts. 10. If you're flying, avoid these hidden airline fees. Remember to add them into the ticket price, or you may not be getting the deal you think you are. 9. Sneak your own booze.

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Financial Terms Starting with "C" InvestingAnswers

A coupon bond, frequently referred to as a "bearer bond," is a bond with a certificate that has small detachable coupons. The coupons entitle the holder to interest payments from the borrower. Read more

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Financial Terms Starting with "S" InvestingAnswers

These accounts historically came with a savings passbook with coupons which helped make the act of saving more convenient and automatic. Read more. Sell-Off. A sell-off is the rapid selling of a security leading to a sharp decline in its price. When a substantial number of shareholders sell a specific stock, it is called a sell-off.

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Non-Cash Charge Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

A company will take a non-cash charge against non-cash items on the balance sheet, such as depreciation, amortization, and depletion. These charges are typically made when something unusual happens, often outside the control of the company. For example, a revision to an accounting or tax rule might cause a balance sheet asset to be written down.

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Call Money Rate Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

The call money rate, sometimes known as the "broker loan rate," is the interest rate on the loans banks make to brokerage firms that are borrowing to fund transactions in their clients' margins accounts. The call money rate is a rate that is generally not available to individuals. How Does the Call

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How LinkedIn Took a Former Athlete from a Couch Surfer to

Of course, even Howes got discouraged on his path from professional athlete to couch surfer to entrepreneur. It takes time to jumpstart your own business and make a profit, but his persistence and desire to "win" definitely paid off. Howes is already working on a new web video series, and hopes to land a TV show out of it.

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Abandonment Clause Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

The Simple Move That Can Slash 30% Off Your Insurance. 7 Places You're Spending Too Much on Insurance. Umbrella Insurance: Why You Could Need It. This Homeowners Insurance Mistake Can Cost You More Than $100,000. The Dark Side of Coupons -- 5 Reasons They Could Be Costing You Big.

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How Swing Traders Harness the Power of Trendlines

My experience has taught me that about 85% of trendlines are of this variety; the other 15% are more complex and trickier to draw. In today's lesson I'll show you how to draw both. First, start with a cycle low. In the chart below, note how the $2.20 level stands out as a clear bottom in October.

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Bonds Dictionary Terms InvestingAnswers

A make-whole call provision is a call provision attached to a bond, whereby the borrower must make a payment to the lender in an amount equal to the net present value of the coupon payments that the lender will forgo if the borrower pays the bonds off early.

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Aggregate Demand Definition and Examples InvestingAnswers

Aggregate demand is the total consumption of (demand for) goods and services in an economy at a given price level. It is the demand for the gross domestic product of a country. When the economy is in equilibrium, aggregate demand is equal to aggregate supply (gross domestic product). Rachel Siegel, CFA - 141. Rachel Siegel, CFA.

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Unchanged Definition & Example InvestingAnswers

Unchanged implies that a stock price isn't showing much movement among investors, but as the example shows, this can be a dangerous assumption. A stock can trade at a variety of prices throughout the trading day, and its price can be quite volatile in that time. Additionally, the closing quote does not necessarily mean the end of all trading in

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Investing Dictionary Terms InvestingAnswers

A coupon bond, frequently referred to as a "bearer bond," is a bond with a certificate that has small detachable coupons.The coupons entitle the holder to interest payments from the borrower. Actual coupon bonds are rare today because most bonds are not issued in certificate form; rather, they are registered electronically (although some

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Banking Dictionary Terms InvestingAnswers

Bank Efficiency Ratio. A bank efficiency ratio is a measure of a bank's overhead as a percentage of its revenue. The formula varies, but the most common one is: Bank Efficiency Ratio = Expenses* / Revenue *not including interest expense For example, if Bank XYZ's costs (excluding interest expense) totaled $5,000,000 and its revenues totaled $10,000,000, then using the formula above, we can

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Your Money Dictionary Terms InvestingAnswers

Savings clubs most commonly refer to a special type of account that provides a way to regularly save for a specific goal or event.These accounts historically came with a savings passbook with coupons which helped make the act of saving more convenient and automatic.

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