Indianapolis & Marion County are represented by several elected officials. Learn more about these representatives and their offices below. Joe Hogsett Mayor. Council. Courts. Joseph P. O'Connor Assessor. Julie Voorhies Auditor.

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Alcoholic beverages, loud music, ground fires, littering, hunting and trapping, firewood gathering, off-road biking, drones, and watercraft of any kind in the waterfowl sanctuary are not allowed at any time. Deer Management Program. Contact Eagle Creek Park. For questions, contact the park office or staff using the information below:

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Court orders are issued by the Marion County Superior Court and circuit courts. The Prosecutor's Office also helps custodial parents who live in Marion County collect on child support orders issued by courts in other states. You can reach the Clerk's Office Child Support Division by phone at 317.327.4709 or fax at 317.327.4813. You can schedule

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Property Taxes in Marion County. Property tax is a tax on real estate, mobile homes, and business personal property. Use this section of the website to pay your property taxes and to learn about property tax rates, deductions and exemptions, how property taxes …

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Past Charter School Applications. View past approved, withdrawn, or rejected prospectuses and applications. Learn more. Resources for Schools and Board Members. Find documents, templates, and more. Learn more. How to enroll in a Mayor-sponsored …

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