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How do I use my Babylist discount

Tap "Shop Registry" at the top of your registry page. Tap "Add to Cart" beside items you need that are sold by Babylist. You can also shop items in the Babylist store as well. We'll automatically apply the 15% discount to eligible items in your cart for you.

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I'm Giving a Gift – Babylist Help Center

Step 2: Buying a Gift. How do I pay for the gift I reserved? How do I purchase multiple gifts? Do I need an account to buy a gift? Why is the price on Babylist different than the price at the retailer?

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How do I choose a gift

Babylist is a universal wish list. This means our registrants can add any item from any store to their Babylist registry. Once on the registry, here's how it works: Click on “Give this Gift" and enter your name and email address. When you do this, we call it a reservation because we reserve the gift just for you. This is the most important step!

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Submit a request – Babylist Help Center

Please enter the details of your request. A member of our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

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