BDO Codes: Black Desert Online Coupons for Free Goodies

WebThe coupon code consists of 12 or 16 digits made up of letters and numbers. You can be restricted from playing the game, if you use another player’s account. Entering the wrong coupon code 10 times …

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Black Desert Pearl Shop & P2W Guide GrumpyG

WebBlack Desert Coupons & Sales. BDO periodically has new promotions and sales every Patch day that last for one week or more. Typically we see 10% to 20% off …

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BDO Tuvala Gear Exchange for Boss Gear GrumpyG

WebTuvala Gear can be exchanged for a full set of boss gear, excluding accessories. Obtain boss gear this Season in two different ways. Both require Tuvala …

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BDO Season Server Guide: Season Character Benefits

WebSeason Server Buffs: Combat EXP +300%, Skill Exp +50%. Life Rewards: Life EXP +30% (excludes Trading) and +100% basic resources. Fughar’s Timepiece: …

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BDO Tag Characters: Marni’s Suspicious Device

WebIn other words, two characters will be able to share a set of gear together. How to use Marni’s Suspicious Device. Complete the questline “ [Marni’s Suspicious …

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BDO Magnus Guide: Abyss One GrumpyG

WebKill each one. The one that looks like he drops the most gold coins (3 coins) is standing in front of the correct “Worn Device”. Press LMB to “Crank Left”. 3rd Hint. …

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BDO Tier 5 Pet Training for Alpha Pet GrumpyG

WebTier 5 Pet Requirements: a level 60+ character. Life quests under Quest Type (O) is turned on. Item Requirements for each T5 pet. a Tier 4 pet that is level 10. Magical …

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[Season] Golden Barley: Top Reward Picks GrumpyG

WebSeason Pass Rewards (small icon at the top right of the screen) Golden Barley: 40. Golden Barley with Black Spirit Pass: 40. TOTAL for both: 80. [Season] Lv. …

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BDO Pets & Pet Food GrumpyG

WebWait for pet sales (normally 20% off, rarely 50% off. Event bundles can discount even more.) Stop at Tier 3, which gives 3 second loot speed. (Tier 4 only gives …

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[Season] Brimbolt Dragon Coin: Top Reward Picks GrumpyG

WebBrimbolt Dragon Coin with Black Spirit Pass: 40. TOTAL for both: 80. [Season] Lv. 10 to 61: Leveling Aid Box. Season Pass reward for reaching level 10. …

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BDO Horse Skills (Black Desert Online) GrumpyG

WebYou can be knocked off your horse mid-flight/hover with a Matchlock or BSR. Mythical Dine Skills. Mythical Dine has 3 unique skills that are learned upon birth. …

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BDO Magnus Skills: Abyssal Legacy GrumpyG

WebTrying out Magnus Skills. Trial Characters can learn their Magnus skill by purchasing and using the [Secret Book] Abyssal Legacy item. Purchase NPC: Haz …

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BDO Horse Breeding & Exchange: How to Gain Tiers GrumpyG

WebClick “Breeding Market” button at the bottom of window. Click “My Horse List” tab. Find your male horse and click “Apply”. Wait 2.2 hours until the female shows …

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BDO Sycrakea Chests & Rewards (Detailed List) GrumpyG

WebSycrakea Rewards. Obtain up to 2 chests each week. There are 2 chests available on Elvia Server, a different chest for normal, and a bonus chest for season servers. ID: 44270 …

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BDO Caphras Stone Guide (Black Desert Online) GrumpyG

WebCaphras Stones are used in BDO as a safe form of gear Enhancement. Caphras Stones bypass the failstacking system and give 100% Enhancement Chance. …

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Manor Atanis Fireflies Light Quests GrumpyG

WebManor Atanis Fireflies provide sparkly glowing lights to your Mansion interior or exterior. They are obtained by completing quests that require items. Manor Fireflies …

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BDO Node Empire Strategy (Black Desert Online) GrumpyG

WebCalpheon Timber Crate: 50,790 Base Price / 191,026 Sell Price. For an even greater distance bonus, players craft crates in Grana, but it’s not as popular for some …

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