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Althea Korea: Get 20% off your first order with code A10A-QH4GL98X1MP6 (more deals below) Care/of: Get $40 off your first personalized 30-day vitamin delivery with code JWR4DC. Curology: Get your first prescription skincare formula for free! This referral gives you the 60-day supply bottle, versus the standard free trial which is the 30-day

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11 money saving tips when shopping online

If you still have access to your university email address, I highly recommend signing up for StudentBeans and Unidays for some coupon codes that give you an extra 10% to 20% off your order! Unfortunately these discounts usually don’t stack with store …

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Effortlessly flawless skin

I do have a coupon code JENNY20 for 20% off that you can use if you’d like (fyi I don’t get any commission from it), but if you follow them on Facebook sometimes they’ll have a 40% off sale! Lavanya September 22, 2017 Reply. I actually reviewed their Triple Effect peel & mask and they are so gentle and effective. The mask is really

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7 tips to become a smarter shopper (and save

Unless you’re on top of paying off your cards in full, you’ll rake up more costs in interest than in any potential savings. But if you’re diligent with your payments, the potential rewards can be great: a 10 – 15% discount on your first purchase, 10% cash back rewards in store credit, and whatever additional rewards for card holders. 6.

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Product empties #4 feat. Klairs and Clinique

Also got their hand chemistry anti aging cream for only $2 after coupons at cvs! Be sure to join the cvs beauty club so you get $5 each time you spend $50 and other coupons. Sometimes they have 20-30% off beauty/skin on too :) Jenny April 15, 2016 Whaaa! That’s a great deal!

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Bed & breakfast: L'auberge Provencale review

L’auberge Provencale also provides coupons for free tastings, though we ended up buying a bottle anyways since we really enjoyed the win. One of the 5 wines we tasted – I personally prefer white wine. The wine we ended up purchasing – Melange Blanc. sipping wine outside the tasting room, enjoying a view of the vineyard.

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Simple but powerful

$31.26 for 20ml on YesStyle (free global shipping, view coupons here); ~$29 on eBay (free global shipping); $26.50 on Kirie Station; $24 on Amazon (free global shipping) This is one of their best sellers and despite the name, it doesn’t actually include ceramides but a precursor of ceramide called glycosphinolipids/GSL . GSL itself is a lipid

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2017 skincare favorites: SK-II, Instytutum, and more

Curology Prescription (4% niacinamide + 0.025% tretinoin + 5% vitamin c) For a while I was using a 4% azelaic acid + 0.05% tretinoin + 4% niacinamide prescription but honestly the combo was just too strong for my skin, so I downgraded back to this gentler formula.

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10-minute DIY holiday floral arrangement

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year, and the one season I actually bother adjusting my home decor for. Sunday was spent shopping at Michael's (and Homegoods, TJMaxx, Target, etc) for holiday decor, and I was able to put together a festive floral arrangement for our foyer. Up close of the flowers

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CBD in skincare

I’m a big believer in CBD supplements to deal with minor stress and anxiety, but I’ve had my doubts about CBD in skincare. It was all the rage on Instagram a while back (apparently the new trend is bananas now), and the Saint Jane Beauty Serum was one of the most talked-about products.

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