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10% off any purchase over $15 at Cookes of Dublin 20% off lunch at Portobello Yacht Club $5 off any food, beverage or Merchandise purchase over $20 at Planet Hollywood. 15% off Virgin Megastore 20% off lunch at Fulton's Crab House Free Gift with purchase of $65 at Orlando Harley-Davidson 10% off Lunch, Dinner, or Merchandise at Raglan Road

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WDW coupons for next spring Page 2 WDWMAGIC

WDW coupons for next spring. Thread starter bjlc57; Start date Aug 15, 2017; bjlc57 Well-Known Member. Aug 15, 2017 So why call off a fantastic trip over a randomly sent pin code when a good deal is easy to book online in a week or so? Reply. Upvote 0. bjlc57 Well-Known Member. Original Poster. Jan 4, 2018

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Holiday Cast Member Discounts

Sep 3, 2007. #5. Yeah, I think so. At least, last year it was (I think). Something like 60% off. I know that we got 50% off of two table-service meals (one inside a park, and another at a resort or Downtown Disney). Also, several coupons for free boxes of popcorn and the free Photopass picture mentioned earlier. Reply.

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Disney Auctions often has limited editions and prototypes of snowglobes available. If you buy from search online for coupon codesI always get 10%-15% off my order from codes I find online. I normally combine it with free shipping and it makes everything a lot easier to afford!

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DISNEY and your DNA Page 3

I ganked some images from online (back in 1998) and printed my own coupons off my ink jet at home and had them cut in bulk at Kinkos using their bulk cutter. Every guest that came in got two coupons that stated, with a nice little graphic, "For ONLY 99 cents you can get drinks for LIFE!" and the other said "LESS MONEY, MORE FUN, $30 in Tokens

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Disney's Punishment of Honest Media/Reviews

Not to take this topic way off the rails. But if I have a discount code and purchase something and dont say.. oh by the way i used a discount code.. pretty sure I dont have to legally disclose that. There's a difference between using a coupon code that is available to the public and Disney opting to give just you, specifically, a heavily

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what kind of deals do we get as dvc members on the dining plan

You are eligible for a tables in wonderland card that gets you 20% off at a bunch of different restaurants. The cost for the card is $100 for a year so you have to plan on spending at least $500 to break even (easy to do at WDW). 20% off includes alcohol too.

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Best Places to Get Frames for Attraction Posters

The prices for frames at Micheal's vary per size. The 40% off coupon are normally for a non sale item and you can't use them for custom framing jobs. If you need a custom framing job Michael's has a 50% off custom framing sale almost every other month. Keep an …

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Marathon Weekend 2012 Page 2

As a thank you for participating in this year's Disney's Princess Half Marathon Weekend, we'd like to invite you to register for the 2012 Walt Disney World Marathon in January and save $20 on your entry fee*. That's in addition to the published early registration savings! Just register online by May 15, 2011, and use coupon code XXXXXXXXXX**.

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Target 20% Off Disney Gift Cards

On Black Friday Target will be running a special, where if you buy $75 worth of stuff, they will give you a 20% coupon, good for one entire purchase the next week. As far as I know, you can use the 20% of coupon on Disney gift cards. We plan on buying $75 worth of groceries (we usually buy our

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National Car Emerald Aisle WDWMAGIC

If you have the entertainment passbook, there's coupons in there. 10% discount plus $20 off for a weekly rental. Good Luck! Reply. Upvote 0. M. Mgkcjohnson New Member. Original Poster. Jun 1, 2005 #3 I am an Emerald Aisle member, but have not used it at MCO yet. I was thinking about renting a full size, which would be a little more, and I would

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D23 Epcot Forever Poster Series Page 86 WDWMAGIC

as we all prep for next Monday, Disney has a new coupon code to use with a Disney Visa: CHEERDVCC for 20% off starting 11/2. These codes have worked for me on the prints sometimes in the past, but not always.

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Cast Member Holiday "Appreciation"

Let's not forget that anyone that's Full Time or Part Time automatically gets 35% off after 3 years so 5% more isn't making much of an impact. This is only further exacerbated by the fact that Universal gives literally 0 craps about somebody else paying when my discount is applied as long as I'm standing right there. 5.) The extra admissions.

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First time going with five kids

2. That I don't know - I have a guide book that has $5.00 off coupons. I bet you could also find some deals when you get down there as well. 3. If you have Amazon Prime they have a service that can deliver grocery's to the resorts. I think its a $5.00 charge but the prices of groceries are cheaper than Green Grocer. 4.

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Disney Car Care Center

And when you drop the car off, you can then just take the Disney transportation to wherever you want to go (or walk to Epcot or the Studios)-Rob . Reply. Upvote 0. disney1983 Member. Oct 27, 2007 I'm renting a mid size next week for $115 with tax for seven days thanks to a coupon code. Reply. Upvote 0. shoppingnut Active Member. Oct 29, 2007 #6

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The Chit Chat Chit Chat Thread Page 9681 WDWMAGIC

We now have dedicated board for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser info, tips, reviews and questions. Go to the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser board

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