Smarthome 15% off coupon

97. January 8, 2014. Just got the email for 15% off, use code ECBS15. Enjoy! Members. 4.6k. LocationThe great north woods of Wisconsin, USA. Occupation:Retired IT Professional / ISY Integrator and Enthusiast / Home Automation junkie.

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Insteon 2843-222 Open Close Sensor

Received a on line mailer today indicating the Insteon Open-Close 2843-222 is on sale. Regular price is $34.99 with the discount code it comes in at $20.11 USD. You may use and apply this coupon code during the check out process: E17OPEN Hope some of you can take advantage of this sale its an ama

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Release 3.1.4 (Beta) Is Now Available

Hello all, I am happy to announce the availability of our 3.1.4 release! For a list of changes, please take a look at this post. Things to test: - Irrigation Module -- Help | Purchase Modules | Irrigation Module you can use coupon code irrigation-promo-11 for $15.00 off (total will be $4.00)

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Release 3.1.12 (Beta) Is Now Available

Installed 3.1.12. It needed a power cycle after the install as it locked up. After the power cycle all seems to be fine. Installed Elk module.

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Post Smarthome Insteon sales and promotions here

$20 off of a $175 purchase. $50 off of a $350 purchase. $90 off of a $500 purchase. $150 off of a $800 purchase. That discount code was marked exclusively given in the email. As expected what looks like the Insteon Kits are not covered. I was surprised the 2457D2 LampLinc and 2342-232 RemoteLinc where also not included.

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PLM's on sale for $29.99 USD

It looks like Smarthome has PLM's on sale until 10/11/2019 for $29.99. Coupon code: PLM29. One per customer.

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I'm having trouble with a Smarthome orderhelp

I'm pissed off for a few reasons: 1. The coupon code sent to me worked perfectly fine during the checkout process, and I even received email confirmation with the code on it and a correct price. If the code was invalid, *it shouldn't have made it through the checkout process*. 2. No attempt was made to inform me there was a problem with my order.

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Release 3.1.5 (Beta) Is Now Available

- Irrigation Module -- Help | Purchase Modules | Irrigation Module you can use coupon code . irrigation-promo-11 for $15.00 off (total will be $4.00) - New supported devices - Network activity For a discussion of variables, please look at our Program Variables forum. Notes: 1. ISY-26 is no longer included in the firmware builds. 2.

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Homeseer ISY plugin

Beta versions (which also have the same 30 day trial period) are posted to the HomeSeer website. I just finished posting the latest a couple of minutes ago. If you're using any of the recent ISY firmware versions, you'll be better off with the beta. The latest beta version is what's being targeted for the next official version.

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Ditch Nest for EcoBee

FYI, I just got an email from "CLEARResult Rebate Processing" with a coupon code good for $75 off on an Ecobee at Home Depot through 12/31/2020. So, unclear exactly what the problem was. I presume if I enroll in a setback program with the Ecobee, that will automatically un-enroll me from the setback program I'm registered for with the Nest.

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Proposed Evapotranspiration Algorithm in 3.1.4 Beta

Irrigation Module is an optional module the cost of which is $19.00. For the next month, there's a promotion of $15.00 off when you use …

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Soft Keypadlinc-like Console from Raspberry Pi

Currently it supports on/off keys (the keys change appearance mimicking the KPL LED), and keys that run programs (e.g., I have one that sets up the bathroom). ($20) and then there was a 20% off coupon code which made them $16 each! Yes, that's for the latest RPi2. Looks like they are out of stock now though.

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Zwave 500 series dongle. UD Store Pain in the A_s

Tried about seven times to order the new 500 series board. 1. The system passed me off to an area of not knowing me. 2. The store would not accept the order with Paypal. 3. Third time trying the store said that coupon wmwontovhgo3mdeo wasn't mine and refused to give me the $20.00 cfredit. NOT VER

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What's your favorite brand of dimmable non incandescent light …

I have a bunch of warm glow BR30s in recessed lights. I just checked using MobiLinc and they definitely turn on at 10% (the finest resolution I can get through MobiLinc) and seem to increase smoothly in brightness as I step up 20%, 30%, etc.

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Considering going all-in with the Amazon Echo Dot. Will it work …

Note that the Echo Dot is available for preorder at Amazon and if you use a coupon code you can get 6 for the price of 5 or 12 for the price of 10. (DOT6PACK, DOT12PACK). (on/off/brighter/dimmer)" explicitly linking each light/scene/program with a word for Alexa to use. I bet you'll be pleased. I ordered the dot 6 pack myself.

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Question on dual controllers, portal costs, and mobile app

The portal is another toolbox that integrates with the ISY to provide voice control (fot both the Amazon Echo and Google Home devices), IFTTT access, a node server and secure off-site access. The portal itself is not the controller. Off-site access is what MobiLinc provides, too. The ISY portal opens the ISY Dashboard which is used for control

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