Canyon discount code — BikeRadar

Not sure if this will work for everyone but I just received a 5% off code from Canyon which I'm not going to use: N3XTORD3R5 Seems to be a generic code so should …

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The price of carbon wherls — BikeRadar

People are still getting massively ripped off on wheels, but at least there are choices that allow you not to do so. 0. ugo.santalucia Posts: 27,264. 26 June. On the other …

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How much bike is too much for commuting

Harder for me to work out the cost of driving a car but cost of vehicle+fuel+maintenance+annual tax, insurance, MOT etc. is probably going to make a one …

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Planet X Freehubs — BikeRadar

Yep, think so. I've actually managed to get it off now as I found my mutlitool. Shim is still in place on the axle so that's not a problem. Seal is still on the freehub. I'm afraid the last …

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Freehub Identification — BikeRadar

Took off the freehub body on a Superstar Components Volta as it will only take a 10spd, not 11spd cassette Thought it was the usual Novatech affair, turns out that's a nope. Looks more …

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My pedal won't come off!! — BikeRadar

Should be easy to get off next time if you do it right. 0. jamojaw Posts: 89. February 2011. tight threads seem to loosen easier when hit straight down with a mallet or similar as the force …

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Eurosport player

A friend who is a bit of a whizz at sorting out this type of thing was visiting, when I did the turning on and off thing. So I couldn’t show her the issue but as soon as she leaves it …

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Seat post sheared off

Last year while cycling home from work, my saddle suddenly broke off. I managed to keep control of the bike and stop without injuring myself. On inspection it turned out that the saddle bolts …

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Entry level mountainbike — BikeRadar

I am pretty happy with the Trek Marlin 6, had it a couple of years, ideal for general off road riding. 1. fishy_fibs Posts: 2. 13 November. Hi getting back in to biking after a lot of …

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Are Brompton's Fast

Hi folks, I commute 200km to the city once or twice a week to WFH at my Mum's house; drive, train and then a 10km bike ride. I had been thinking about buying a Brompton to …

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Advice on swapping to a single cog up front — BikeRadar

take off old chainrings, hit with hsmmer, set fire to, lob over hedge fit new chainring with new bolts no need at all for lbs. 1. edward.s Posts: 209. 5 November. Before …

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LEAVE the Conservative Party and save your country!

There’s always a danger when you spend some material time with people who don’t live here; they show up quite how censored it all is here.

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Rear wheel off centre — BikeRadar

Rear wheel off centre. rossmilton2010pjNYTpS6 Posts: 3. 18 June in Workshop. I have just purchase a pair of secondhand Mavic Aksium wheels to build up a Battaglin frame. I …

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What's the best device for route planning off road

It's just my opinion, but I prefer the Oregon for off-road navigation because of 1 - screen resolution (240x400 vs 160x240), and 2 - the Oregon uses AA batteries. Don't get me wrong, …

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The End Of Campagnolo

lets not compare 8000 to 9 or 10 speed Record for fear of me laughing so hard i fall off the couch. Campag is just lovely - design, function, build quality, everything - compared to Shimano. 2. …

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Pedal sheared off from crank arm — BikeRadar

I use my spinning bike for recovery rides and interval session when I can't get out on the road. I was just trying to do a quick recovery ride and the pedal has sheared off from the crank arm. …

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Training Apps to use with Kickr

Build workouts in Training Peaks and sync with your Wahoo/Garmin and then use your Kickr to control zones etc. I sacked Zwift off around this time last year and do this …

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