Psychology of choice: How multitiered offers could improve

For example, a manufacturer may offer multitiered coupons structured as $1 off three cans of soup, $2 off five cans of soup, or $3 off six cans of soup. For some consumers, getting $1 off

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Snickers ties its newest promotion to how 'hangry' the

The website launched on Nov. 16 and has offered coupons for as much as $1.08 off a Snickers bar when consumers seem hungriest, and as little as 8 cents when their appetites are sated

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Survey: Packaging, labeling determine whether a shopper

A survey conducted by Luminer found 90% of shoppers are more likely to buy a product with a peel-off savings coupon, with 56% of consumers reporting that a peel-off

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Groceryshop 2019: The key to transforming pricing and

Digital coupons and in-store promotions can work together to create a single, cohesive shopper journey, regardless of whether that journey is motivated by …

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How CPG companies reward employees working during the

Those who quarantine will receive 100% of their pay. PepsiCo also said it will hire 6,000 new frontline employees across the U.S. . Hormel announced it would give more than $4 million as part of

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Deep Dive Food Dive

As consumer demand for premium, on-the-go java skyrockets, Big Food companies such as Nestlé and Coca-Cola are expanding their presence in the …

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How 5 food and beverage brands created lasting magic for a

It paid off. “People are still collecting those prizes today, which is a testament to how Cracker Jack was able to infiltrate culture and become so much more than a snack, by engaging with

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Kroger acquiring majority stake, spinning off DunnhumbyUSA

Kroger is acquiring a majority stake in its data analytics partner DunnhumbyUSA and will enter a long-term service licensing agreement to use DunnhumbyUSA's technologies under a new business name

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7 grocery retail technologies to innovate the shopping

Here are seven grocery-related technologies geared to retailers: 1. Grocery shopping apps. These run the gamut in terms of features from store to store. H …

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How CPG brands can leverage mobile to retain consumers

How CPG brands can leverage mobile to retain consumers. As people shop more online, Greg Archibald at InMobi Marketing Cloud said food companies have an opportunity to use the technology to reach

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Chief digital officer position targets grocers

Jose Tamez, managing partner at executive search firm Austin-Michael, tells Supermarket News that the chief digital officer is responsible for areas that are continuously changing, such as mobile

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IRI Consumer Connect Survey Finds 2017 off to Slow Start

Clipping coupons (circulars/newspapers): 61 percent 66 percent “This year got off to a rocky start for the CPG industry, but things are starting to look brighter,” concluded Viamari

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Packaging / Labeling Food Dive

Research firm Luminer found peel-off saving coupons, attractive colors and helpful information can be enough to entice a shopper to buy an item.

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Grocery Food Dive

Online hyperlocal grocer Milk & Eggs raises $6M in seed funding. The service, which serves the Los Angeles area, works directly with farmers …

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How the pork industry can prepare for challenges to its

They ran ads and offered coupons, but their jarred peanut butter sales had already been driven down by stakeholder fear by as much as 24%. Rather than handing it off

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How effective are soda taxes in reducing consumption of

This month, California lawmakers introduced five bills intended to lower consumption of caloric sweetened drinks in the state through new taxes, fewer coupons

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Hodgson Mill to Reinvigorate Kentucky Kernel Brand, Launch

In addition, the company will launch a brand new website specifically for the Kentucky Kernel line of products ( where consumers can find recipes, tips, coupons

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