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Discover our collection of AI-powered email templates for all your professional emails. The directory includes message templates for sales, marketing to recruiting such as cold email …

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How to politely decline a business offer

10 tips on how to decline business proposals politely. Thank the person for their time – You may not have asked for the sales email (and may not want it), but someone has taken the time to …

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100 examples of how to say thank you with a thank you email

Sign-off; Signature Thank you emails can be short and sweet or long and detailed. Stick to this thank you email format, and you'll be fine. We don't need to go into the details here because …

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How to ask for a leave or vacation with email

Save time with smart templates for your daily communications. Flowrite is a writing tool that turns short instructions into ready-to-send emails and messages across your browser. Our smart …

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50 Examples for Welcome Emails and Messages to New …

Email sign-off; Next, let's look at how that works in practice. New employee welcome email subject line. The new employee welcome email subject line should be …

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Asking for promotion email — 4 samples & templates

Open (insert desire role) position. 2. Body of an email asking for a promotion. Once you've got a winning subject line out of the way, it's time to move on to the main body of the email. …

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How to Decline an Invitation with 15 Examples

How to decline an invite politely. 1. Reply promptly. The faster you reply, the better. That's because the longer you wait, the higher the risk of your message being poorly received, …

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How to write a business email with 10 business email examples

When deciding how to sign off a business email, think about how well you know the reader and how formal you want to be. If you've emailed someone before and have a relationship, feel …

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How to Write an Official Email with 10 Samples

There are four parts to an effective official email, including: Greeting. Opening line and body. Ending. Signature. Each piece of correspondence follows the same formal email structure, …

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Promotion announcement email — 5 samples and templates

Promotion announcement email subject. This is the first part of the email anyone will see, so it should fully capture what the email is about. A “Congratulations, [Name]” is a …

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How to write a reminder email — 5 examples and templates

This example can also be turned into an appointment reminder email. To. stephen.d.davidson@mail.com. Reminder: Contract review meeting on 16 May. Dear …

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Customer feedback email — 5 examples and template

1. Customer feedback request email template. [Name], We Would Love Your Feedback! Hi there (Recipient's name), At [Company], we are always looking for ways to make our customers’ …

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How to close an email – 40 email ending examples

2. Email sign-off‍ A sign-off is a word or phrase such as "Regards" that signals that your email has come to its end. The best email sign-off depends on the context. Also, don't forget to place a …

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How to email a professor with 22 different examples

1. How to write an excuse email to professor example. Dear Professor (name), My name is (your name), and I'm in your (insert details) class. First, I would like to apologize personally and …

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Follow-up email after interview — 8 examples and template

Thanks, (Your name) (Your phone number) 5. Short and sweet follow-up email after interview sample. Post-interview follow-up emails don’t need to be long and drawn out. Instead, they …

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How to write a resignation email with 10 examples

5. Sign-off. The great news is that once you've mastered how to write a resignation email using the correct format, you can use it anytime you need to. You can check …

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Email to boss — 49 example emails & template

6. Sample email apology to boss. Sorry is often the hardest word to say, but this sample email apology to your boss is an excellent template to follow. And if you’re struggling with how to …

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10 examples of how to introduce yourself in an email

Here's a new employee self-introduction email sample that you can adapt and use on your first day at work. Subject: Hi, I'm your new Marketing Director, Ryan Sinclair. Dear …

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How to reply to a “thank you” email professionally — 6 examples …

It’s great to meet you (person's name). Thanks (person’s name) for introducing us. It would be great if we could (arrange a call, chat on the phone, exchange details, catch up etc.) I look …

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