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Upcoming changes: Accountant discounts and …

Parent accounts on an existing multi-company offer will be subject to the QuickBooks Online Plus retail price change, and will increase from $35 to $40 (maintaining …

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Accountant free assisted migration for QuickBooks Desktop clients …

To be eligible for this offer you must be an accounting professional and sign up for the annual plan by calling 888-250-7279. This offer is available for a limited time only and can’t …

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Gift Card Accounting, Part 1: The GAAP Standards

That means that when Lesley’s sells $1,000 of gift cards in December, $900 worth will be redeemed and $100 of those will never be used. During January, $540 of those cards sold in …

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5 ways to optimize content on your website

However, a truly competitive SEO campaign will include on-site and off-site upgrades. Research shows that between 75 percent and 91 percent of web surfers don’t click past the first page of …

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6 Key Pieces of Advice to Help You Plan Your Firm Retreat

Be sure to select an off-site location for the retreat. Having a change in scenery helps to get the creative ideas flowing and cuts a bit of the “cord” to the office. If the location is new for …

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QuickBooks Online new features and …

Today, QuickBooks Checking customers earn 1.00% APY on all balances in their QuickBooks Checking account. After Sept. 12, that will change to 1.25% APY, but will only be applied to …

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Announcing changes to QuickBooks products and pricing …

Announcing changes to QuickBooks products and pricing + QuickBooks Desktop FAQs. Firm of the Future Team. August 2, 2022. An email was sent out to our QuickBooks® …

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Getting more done in QuickBooks Online—Automatically

Due to the complex requirements, the client can’t just rip off the Band-Aid and start over, without carefully considering all of the processes in place. Questions that begin with …

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3 tips to use your website to retain your clients

Tip #3: Send clients thoughtful gifts and branded merchandise. Digital marketing is everywhere, which is why you can use physical gifts to make a lasting impression on clients. …

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Small Open Balances or Credits: Common Accounting …

Select Receive Payments and select the appropriate customer. 2. Leave the amount as zero and click on Discounts & Credits. Within the Discounts and Credits window, select the Credit or …

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Achieving modern day success in your outsourced accounting and

Rhett Molitor is a cofounder at Basis 365 Accounting, which provides cloud-based outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services for e-commerce, software and technology, and …

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Introducing: Trada by QuickBooks

Firm of the Future Team. August 11, 2022. QuickBooks® introduces Trada by QuickBooks, a new marketplace for small businesses that sell wholesale goods to grow and …

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Ask Ron Baker: How Do You Price One-Off Meetings

The guy came in and paid the $5,000 at the start of the meeting. Dan offered his full value guarantee – that is, if the client wasn’t happy, he could tear the check up. He didn’t, Dan got …

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Mailchimp + QuickBooks Online helps The W2 Group manage …

For a limited time, QuickBooks Gold, Platinum, and Elite ProAdvisors can get 15% off and premium support when they sign up for Mailchimp. Terms and Conditions apply. …

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Keep Personal Expenses off Schedule C: A Lesson From a Recent …

Keeping business and personal expenses separate is also important, as Aaron Keith Nicholson recently found out with the US Tax Court. Mr. Nicholson was an engineer by occupation, and …

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Why it’s time to stop invoicing clients

Why it’s time to stop invoicing clients. Loren Fogelman. May 11, 2021. You deal with your clients’ financials all day long, busily monitoring their cash flow. As a result, you may overlook sending …

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How to Use the Off Season to Prepare for the Busy Season

Pinkus was kind enough to offer a few tips and tricks on how other tax preparers can do the same. Set up effective internal processes. ConnectCPA finds a CRM with task deadlines to be …

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QuickBooks Online new features and improvements – November …

The QuickBooks Online Advanced app offers smarter navigation and enhancements that can speed up your workflow. With multi-tab and company switcher …

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Moving lists from QuickBooks Desktop to QuickBooks Online

Remember that we already turned off the message to go to the Add/Edit Multiple List Entries feature. That takes you to the Add Your Excel Data to QuickBooks Choose Advanced Import …

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