Why is my bond fund down

The government borrows money by issuing bonds, which once issued, can be traded. Those bonds and those trades create a market, where many bonds with different coupons live. A bond’s coupon is the percentage of interest paid on that bond over the course of a year.

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Expert Commentary: A Taxing Problem for Bonds

Buyers in the market bid up the price of the $8 coupon bond and its price rises until an investor is no better off than having purchased the $1 coupon bond. Without considering the “time value of money,” the calculation is easy: An extra $7 per year for 6 years, so the 8% bond should have a price $42 higher than its 1% cousin. The price of

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Trading Bonds: How are Bonds Traded

The date the bond will be redeemed or paid off. Price. The quoted price is usually based on the bond maturity at a price of par, or 100.00. Yield. The term “yield” usually means “yield to maturity.” The yield to maturity takes into account the coupon payment, and considers whether the bond is maturing at a different price than its

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Summary: What Happens To Bonds When Interest Rates Rise

And that has to do with yet another relationship, this time between outstanding bond coupon payments and the coupons of new bonds issued at higher interest rates. Bonds have a fixed coupon that is payable until maturity. If yields increase, bonds fall, and once investors start to see rising yields, they start to sell off their holdings.

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The Zero Coupon Bond: Pricing and Charactertistics

The interest payments are known as “coupons” after their source of cash flow, and the final payment at maturity is known as the “residual” since it’s what’s left over after the coupons are stripped off. Both coupons and residuals are known as zero coupon bonds, or “zeros.”

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How Can Bond Investors Protect Themselves From The Effects

There is a real danger to bond yields from rising rates, because as new bonds are issued at higher coupons, existing, fixed-coupon bonds fall in value. When this happens, some bondholders will be tempted to sell off – but turning away from the bond market isn’t the only option .

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