Economic Actors financial definition of Economic Actors

BAGHDAD / NINA /- The expert of economic affairs, Sallam Semsem emphasized that transforming the economic budget issues to political represents a major breach of the items of the public budget, calling on economic actors of economic organizations to pressure the government agencies that violated the budget items in negotiations with the Kurdistan region on oil and financial revenues Economic

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Coupon financial definition of coupon

Coupon The contractual interest obligation a bond or debenture issuer covenants to pay to its debtholders. Coupon The interest paid on a bond. That is, the coupon is the amount that the issuer must pay to the holder of each bond in exchange for investing in that bond. Coupons usually are paid every six months. They are called coupons because formerly

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Fixed Coupon financial definition of Fixed Coupon

An interest rate on a bond that does not change over the life of the bond. If one purchases a bond with a fixed coupon of 10%, then 10% is calculated over the principal balance each time the interest compounds.A fixed coupon differs from a variable coupon, which may change from time to time, at least within certain parameters.

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Odd coupon financial definition of odd coupon

He'd been along five years ago - "I went for everybody else" - and after three months thought he'd get by with only the odd coupon for the rest of his life. I'd be on PS50 spin every 30 secs. Bet bet, bet.

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Coupon clipping financial definition of coupon clipping

Coupon Clipping The practice of finding discounts on consumer goods such as groceries. One presents pieces of paper representing these discounts (called coupons) to receive the discount. The coupons are cut out of ("clipped" from) a periodical such as a newspaper or magazine. These coupons should not be confused with the coupons on bonds. coupon

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Coupon payments financial definition of Coupon payments

Coupon payments are expressed as a percentage of the face value of a bond. For example, if one holds a bond worth $100,000 at 5% interest, the bondholder will receive $5,000 in coupon payments per year (or, more strictly, $2,500 every six months) until the bond matures or he/she sells the bond.

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First coupon financial definition of first coupon

The first coupon offers $5 off a purchase of $25 or more at the Smart & Final supermarket chain. Front-page ads up The first coupon will be in next week - so hang on to your cards.

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Stripped Coupon financial definition of Stripped Coupon

Stripping The act or practice of removing the coupons from a bond, especially a U.S. Treasury security, and trading the bond separately such that it pays no interest. Stripped bonds are sold at a significant discount from par and mature at par. They fluctuate in price, sometimes dramatically, because changes in interest rates make them more or less

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Zero-coupon convertible bond financial definition of Zero

Zero-Coupon Convertible Bond 1. A bond that may be converted into common stock in the company issuing it. A zero-coupon convertible bond is sold at a discount from par and matures at par. They tend to be volatile in the secondary market because the convertible option may or may not become worthwhile, depending on how the company is performing

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Level-coupon bond financial definition of Level-coupon bond

Level-coupon bond Bond with a stream of coupon payments that remain the same throughout the life of the bond. Level-Coupon Bond A bond with coupon payments that are constant throughout the life of the bond. That is, a level-coupon bond is not indexed to inflation or anything else; it entitles the bearer to receive a percentage of the bond's principal at

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Short coupon financial definition of short coupon

Short coupon A bond payment covering less than six-months' interest, because the original issue date is less than six months from the first scheduled interest payment. A bond with a short time to maturity, usually two years or less. Short Coupon 1. A bond with a short maturity, often defined as two years or less. 2. The first coupon payment on a bond

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