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Coupon financial definition of coupon

Coupons usually are paid every six months. Zulily Coupons 2013: Get 90% OFF Promo Code + Free Shipping. Compared to other coupon apps, such as Coupon Sherpa and …

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Coupons financial definition of Coupons

coupon. 1. The annual interest paid on a debt security. A coupon is usually stated in terms of the rate paid on a bond's face value. For example, a 9% coupon, $1,000 principal amount bond …

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Coupon payments financial definition of Coupon payments

Coupon Payments. Annual interest paid on a bond, usually in semi-annual tranches. Coupon payments are expressed as a percentage of the face value ( par) of a bond. For example, if …

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Coupon rate financial definition of Coupon rate

Coupon rate. The coupon rate is the interest rate that the issuer of a bond or other debt security promises to pay during the term of a loan. For example, a bond that is paying 6% annual …

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Common code financial definition of Common code

These transactions, on which each active spectator plays off, soon become the common code for everyone in the room. The spectator becomes the actor. The EU is pushing for a common …

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First coupon financial definition of first coupon

The first coupon date sometimes occurs at an irregular time; that is, if the bond pays coupons every six months, the first coupon may be longer or shorter than six months. See also: Long …

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Fixed Coupon financial definition of Fixed Coupon

Fixed Coupon. An interest rate on a bond that does not change over the life of the bond. If one purchases a bond with a fixed coupon of 10%, then 10% is calculated over the principal …

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Stepped coupon bond financial definition of stepped …

stepped coupon bond. A bond with interest coupons that change to predetermined levels on specific dates. Thus, a stepped coupon bond might pay 9% interest for the first 5 years after …

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Current coupon financial definition of current coupon

current coupon. Of or relating to a bond with an interest coupon very close to the coupons being carried on new issues of the same maturity. Therefore the bond must be selling at a price …

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Codes financial definition of codes

code (1) Any systematic collection of laws, regulations, or rules.(2) Shorthand for any of the various building codes,such as, for example,“This historic property has been updated and …

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Coupon clipping financial definition of coupon clipping

coupon clipping. The removal of interest coupons attached to a bearer bond in order that they might be taken to a bank or sent to a paying agent for redemption. Coupon clipping is …

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Coupon interest rate financial definition of coupon interest rate

The coupon interest rate on recent International Sovereign Bond (ISB) issues in 2019 declined from 7.85 percent in March to 7.55 percent in June, while the same bond now trades at a yield …

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School Code financial definition of School Code

Supply Corps Officer Strength As of April 2011 Selected LDO/CWO Regular Reserve Active FTS Total FLAG 13 6 0 0 19 CAPT 170 61 2 8 241 CDR 371 176 7 23 577 LCDR 505 174 24 43 …

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Zero-coupon bond financial definition of Zero-coupon bond

A zero-coupon bond is issued at a fraction of its par value (perhaps at $3 to $5 for each $100 of face value for a long-term bond) and increases gradually in value as it approaches maturity. …

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Coupon-equivalent rate financial definition of coupon-equivalent …

An alternative method of calculating the yield on a bond.It is used for zero-coupon bonds, as these are issued at discounts to their face value; that is, the CER states what the coupon rate …

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Step Up Coupon Securities

A bond with interest coupons that change to predetermined levels on specific dates. Thus, a stepped coupon bond might pay 9% interest for the first 5 years after issue and then step up …

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Charge off financial definition of charge off

charge off. To discontinue accounting for some or all of a promissory note and its accrued interest as an asset of the lender.If a loan is partially or totally uncollectible,then it is partially or totally …

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Off Time financial definition of Off Time

While eating the low-protein diet, all 18 patients recorded fewer off periods and averaged about 100 fewer minutes of off time per day than while on the balanced diet. Low-protein diet boosts …

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Net off financial definition of net off

However, the game was settled when a swerving, 35-yard free-kick by Humphreys crashed down off the underside of the bar before bouncing into the net off keeper Andy Marriott. Football: …

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