Eventbaxx: Digital Swag Bags for Events [Review]

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The Event Planners Ultimate Guide to Sales And Prospecting

You could offer money off tickets, vouchers or coupons for sponsors or even articles and blog content that could solve some of their problems. This shows a level of engagement with the leads that forms more of a relationship and makes them more conducive to buying from you in the future.

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Event Marketing: The 2019 Guide

April 16, 2019. 2019 brings the promise of even more virtual event technology, tighter marketing budgets, and droves of content competing for your audience’s attention. Never before have event marketers had more obstacles to overcome in order to drive attendance, secure exhibitors and sponsors, and meet event objectives.

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idloom-events Management and Registration Software [Review]

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37 Virtual Event Ideas for Your Next Online Event

One idea is to give your sponsors the opportunity to curate what goes into attendees' swag bags, be it coupons or vouchers, a free trial for a software, or an online course. The bag would then be shared directly with your attendees for them to access via email, social media, or the event app, either before, during, or following the event.

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Be Like Disney: Stop With Post-Event Surveys

Be Like Disney: Stop With Post-Event Surveys. This is a sponsored post written by Sean Burke, Director of Marketing at Ticketbud. More information about Event Manager Blog’s sponsored posts. The time has come to revolutionize the clunky post-event survey. Everybody knows that it’s smart to survey attendees to hear about their thoughts on

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Event Advertising: 92 Examples To Inspire You

Springboard Off a Band’s Popularity to Reach More Audience. This promotion by Adobe leveraged a very popular band’s influence and following to promote their product. If a customer tried the new Adobe product, they got a free song from the brand! That’s a winner! Be Unique When Choosing Influencers to Reach Unexpected Audiences

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Radario: Use Event Data to Get Closer to Your Attendees

Radario is a specialized all-in-one platform for online event-marketing that combines tools for collecting, processing and creating data-driven marketing decisions specific to your audience. You can use Radario to send marketing emails, run ads on Facebook, set up loyalty programs and identify your biggest supporters to encourage repeat attendance at your events.

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Poken: Manage Your Event 360° [Review]

Via the smart devices visitors can network and interact with people, information and spaces in a fun and sustainable way, removing the need for paper and printing. Exhibitors and organizers can make videos, pictures, presentations, brochures, coupons and virtually any type of digital data available for collection, as well as providing rich metrics.

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18 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas

18 Virtual Event Sponsorship Ideas. By Victoria Copans. October 29, 2020. Mastering the art of virtual events is more important than ever, with COVID-19 throwing a wrench in live events and travel plans around the world. Sponsorships are a crucial part of monetizing virtual events — here's how to do it. Virtual events have been picking up in

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