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Frequently Asked Questions On Sale EntirelyPets

Does the offer for free shipping on orders over $85 not apply when a promo code for a percentage off the order total is applied during checkout? The offer for free shipping on orders above $85 can be combined with a coupon code for a certain percentage or dollar value off of the order as long as the order total is still $85 or more.

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Promotion Exclusion On Sale EntirelyPets

Chat Live Call 1 (800) 889-8967Email These product categories and brands aren't eligible for coupons or promotional discounts. Promo codes are only good for a limited time. We reserve the right to modify or cancel promotions at any time.Only one coupon or promotional offer can be redeemed per transaction.

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Specials & Sales On Sale EntirelyPets

10 and 20 Dollar Deals. Clearance Sale - Halloween Costumes. KONG Toys Special. Drinkwell 360 CUSTOMER EXCLUSIVE KIT. 14 Reviews. $99.97 $69.95. NatureSPA Pet Water Fountain. Choosing the Right Dental Products. Red Tag Sale.

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Red Tag Sale

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K9 Advantix II EntirelyPets

K9 Advantix II is one of the top choices for eliminating the resident tick or flea population. It is manufactured by Bayer, one of the leading pet care companies in the world. This product promises to kill and repel ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. Its waterproof formulation remains effective even after …

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Shipping Restrictions & Information On Sale EntirelyPets

The cut off time for these orders to be shipped on the same day they are placed is 2:00 PM EST (11:00 AM PST). Any order placed after that time will be shipped the next business day. Canada and UK shipping Exceptions: If ordering Azodyl or other refrigerated items please call 800-889-8967 or chat before placing your order.

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Denosyl Tablets for Dogs & Cats

Denosyl for small dogs and cats (30 tablets) 90 mg. Denosyl is a nutritional supplement that helps minimize a variety of liver problems in dogs and cats. It has also been shown to improve liver health and function by protecting and repairing liver cells. It is recommended …

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3-PACK Azodyl Small Caps (270 count) On Sale EntirelyPets

3-PACK Azodyl Small Caps (270 count) Azodyl® is a breakthrough, non-prescription medication that helps support kidney health. Each coated Azodyl tablet contains a patented formula of beneficial bacteria that reduce toxin build up in the body. Natural formula supports healthy kidney function. For …

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Denamarin For Dogs Side Effects EntirelyPets

Denamarin for Dogs uses two key ingredients to improve your pet's liver function. The supplement combines S-Adenosylmethionine (SAM-e) and silybin to support the liver by increasing the levels of beneficial antioxidants, protecting liver cells from lysis, and regenerating liver cells.. Some studies indicate that SAM-e can also help improve the flow of bile, which can help facilitate the

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Aqueon Replacement Filter Cartridges Large (6 Pack) On

Here I get 6 for $11.97 big difference in savings, and lots of times coupons for free shipping and/or 15% off. By Richard . Excellent April 4, 2013. This filter is last longer than I expected, I will recommend anyone who used Aqueon Filter for their aquarium. By joe954 . new yok, ny. great product

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Synacore Digestive Support On Sale EntirelyPets

Synacore Digestive Support - Canine Synacore contains 4 probiotic strains, 2 prebiotics, 13 enzymes and 3 vitamins to help promote digestive support and better overall health. Digestive upsets, Diarrhea, and related GI issues are common issues dogs and puppies deal with. These issues can have a range of causes: micro flora imbalances, deficiency in enzymes/vitamins, switching foods

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Feliway Diffusers and Sprays

Drug-free solution that helps reduce signs of stress such as peeing outside the litter box, scratching and hiding. FELIWAY CLASSIC Starter Kit includes one diffuser head that lasts up to 6 months and one vial that lasts up to 30 days, covering an area up to 700 sq. ft. …

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Top Ear Care Products On Sale EntirelyPets

Sale Price Starting at $9.11. Epi-Otic by. Virbac (16 fl. oz) Non-irritant ear cleanser formulated to remove crusts and excessive cerumen. Regular Price $19.99. Sale Price Starting at $12.15. Nutri-Vet Ear Cleanse. for Dogs (8 oz) Veterinarian-formulated ear wash scientifically designed to …

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Daququin Soft Chews for Dogs Free Shipping EntirelyPets

Daququin Soft Chews for Dogs | Free Shipping | EntirelyPets - Dasuquin Soft Chews are comprehensive joint health supplements for dogs. Dasuquin's enhanced formula features the same effective ingredients as Cosequin with the enhanced effects of ASU. Ingredients Proven Effective Dasuquin combines Cosequin's proven FCHG49 glucosamine hydrochloride and TRH122 low molecular weight chondroitin

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Ocu-Glo for Medium to Large Dogs Free Shipping

Ocu-GLO is available in two convenient dosage sizes: Small Dog Gelcaps for dogs weighing 10 lbs or less, and Medium/Large Dog Gelcaps for dogs weighing 11 lbs or greater. Key Benefits. Added protection against oxidative stress. 12 antioxidants in a single dose.

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Omegease On Sale EntirelyPets

Omegease - Omega Rich Fish Oil for Dogs & Cats - treat your pet to all of the benefits of omega 3, 6 & 9 fatty acids. Give them the best fish oil, made from the finest wild caught non-predatory fish and produced to the highest possible quality standards.

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Smart Shopping Comparison

Coupons and Discounts galore! When you sign up for our weekly emails, you can receive an additional coupon or discount on top of our everyday low prices. Competitors like Petco or 1800PetMeds might have a 20-30% discount, but it does not amount to much since they already have a high "list price". Also, most of EntirelyPets discounts can be used

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12 MONTH K9 Advantix II BLUE for Extra Large Dogs (over 55

12 MONTH K9 Advantix II TEAL for Medium Dogs (11-20 lbs) K9 Advantix II is one of the top choices for eliminating the resident tick or flea population. It is manufactured by Bayer, one of the leading pet care companies in the world. This product promises to kill and repel ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes.

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Ocu-Glo Vision Supplement for Dogs On Sale EntirelyPets

Ocu-GLO™ Canine Vision Supplement in Powder Blend for Dogs and Cats is a blend of 12 different antioxidants that compliment traditional therapy, and are formulated to protect vital cells in the eye at the DNA and protein levels from oxidative damage. This formula includes Grapeseed Extract, Lutein and Omega-3 Fatty Acids.

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BONIES" Hip & Joint Health Multi-Pack MINI (20 Bones / 7

my dog is getting older and jumping onto and off the couch seemed to be giving her some pain. She weights 10.5lbs. I bought three bags on the Bonies joint formulas chews to try. She gets one per day. Gracie seems like she is more willing to jump on and off the couch after only three bags. We keep her on these to evaluate the long term result.

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Dechra Mal-A-Ket Shampoo for Dogs, Cats and Horses (1

Dechra Mal-A-Ket Shampoo (1 Gallon) is a unique, pleasant-smelling, antifungal, antibacterial, deodorizing, degreasing shampoo. Contains 1% ketoconazole (antifungal) and 2% chlorhexidine (antimicrobial) with 2% acetic acid. Acetic acid potentiates and stabilizes the ketoconazole and has primary antimicrobial, antifungal properties, as well as excellent degreasing, cleansing and coat

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UGODOG® Ultrapet Ultra Paws USA Pewter Key Chains Uncle Ulrick's Under the Weather™ Urine-Off. V Use the coupon code RESTOR6PACK during checkout to redeem your discount. Better formula available for only $26.99 (120 tablets) More Info. Better joint health for dogs and cats .

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OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews On Sale EntirelyPets

3-PACK OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews -Small 10-24lbs (90 Count) OraVet Dental Hygiene Chews combat bad breath and the formation of plaque and tartar to defend your dog against dental disease with each delicious bite. Each dental chew contains delmopinol to prevent bacteria from adhering to …

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Delectables Stew Lickable Treat for Senior Cats

This item has been discontinued. We recommend trying other Cat Treats & Chews. Delectables Stew Lickable Treat for Senior Cats will make you throw out those outdated dry treats! If your aging cat is having trouble getting excited about the dry treats they grew up with, Hartz is putting forward the first wet cat treats that every feline is purring for.

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Cheristin for Cats

Cheristin® for cats is a flea treatment and prevention specifically formulated for cats. Cheristin® for Cats is a topical flea treatment designed specifically for cats. Cheristin’s long-lasting formula protects against fleas through 6 weeks1 and is applied using a rounded tip applicator for comfortable, easy application.

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Seresto Flea Collars for Dogs and Cats On Sale

Seresto Flea & Tick Collar for Large Dogs (6-Pack) Seresto® for dogs kills and repels fleas and ticks for 8 months in an easy-to-use, odorless, non-greasy collar. With Bayer's innovative Sustained Release Technology, this revolutionary collar offers hassle-free, continuous protection from fleas and ticks.

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Tartar Shield Denta Tabs On Sale EntirelyPets

Tartar Shield Denta Tabs - Tartar Shield DentaTabs are an easy way to help your pet maintain better oral health. Simply dissolve DentaTabs in your pet’s drinking water for a calorie free addition to your pet’s dental care routine. The powder contains two clinically proven additives that have been shown to help prevent the formation of dental plaque and calculus.

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Cosequin Reqular Strength

Cosequin Regular Strength by Nutramax is made from only the purest, highest-quality compounds available. These ingredients help to formulate products to enhance the quality of life for your pet. Because Cosequin is the #1 Veterinarian Recommended Brand for joint pain in arthritic pets you can be sure that you’re only giving your pet the best.

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Nylabone DuraChew Plus Textured Ring Dog Chew Dog Toy

Nylabone DuraChew Plus Textured Ring Dog Chew Dog Toy is the perfect dog toy for strong chewers. This unique toy features durable rubber in a unique ring shape that is shaped to provide an interesting texture and chewing surface for dogs.

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Dechra Miconahex Triz Wipes (50 count) On Sale

Dechra Miconahex Triz Wipes use a combination of miconazole, chlorhexidine gluconate, and ceramides to support healthy skin in cats, dogs and horses. Ceramides moisten skin to prevent damage caused by excessive dryness while miconazole acts as an antifungal agent to remove yeast and other fungi.

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Advanced Cetyl M Equine Granules (22.4 lbs) On Sale

Advanced Cetyl M for Equine Granules is a powerful 5-way joint action formula helps to relieve pain and inflammation, promote joint recovery, enhance motion and flexibility, lubricate joint structures and benefit immune response to joint problems.

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ThunderShirt Dog Anxiety Solution

Comfortable and easy on/off. Made of durable, breathable, soft fabric that is washable. Recommended by trainers and veterinarians to relieve stress-related behaviors such as jumping, excessive barking, and inappropriate marking. Proven effective in over 80% of dogs.

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Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews, Large Dogs (24 count

Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews for Large Dogs (8 count) Reg price: $13.99. Sale price: $10.49. Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews for Small Dogs (30 count) Reg price: $33.99. Sale price: $25.99. Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews for Small Dogs (12 count) Reg price: $13.99. Sale price: $10.49.

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Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews

Earth Animal No-Hide Chicken Chews are easily digestible and 100% free of rawhide! These chews are made with humanely farm-raised chicken, meaning that there are absolutely no factory farms--Happy chickens make happy treats! Earth Animal's No-Hide Chicken Chews are a healthy way to satisfy chewing urges all while maintaining your dog's dental health by scraping away plaque and controlling

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Eagle Pack Dry Dog Food On Sale EntirelyPets

Eagle Pack Dry Dog Food - Eagle Pack Original Chicken Meal & Pork Meal Formula provides the right balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, combined with health-promoting antioxidant support and omega fatty acids to support the everyday nutritional needs for dogs of all life stages. A delicious recipe that provides complete and balanced nutrition for adult dogs Delivers the right balance of

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Iceland Pure Salmon Oil (33 oz) Nutritional Supplement

Aminister by mixing with your pet's food. For animal use only. Iceland Pure Salmon Oil is an excellent source of Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Use as a dialy nutritional supplement to obtain the many benefits of essential fatty acids, including skin and coat health. Includes pump. Compare to: $23.99.

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Buy TrizULTRA Plus Keto for Dogs, Cats & Horses (Available

Dechra TrizUltra +Keto Flush (12 fl oz) DECHRA TrizULTRA plus Ketoconazole Flush is a multi-cleansing flush for topical, antifungal, and antibacterial use for dogs, cats and horses. Compare to: $28.99. Price too low to show. Add to cart to see low price. $20.99.

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Greenies Original Dental Chew Dog Treats

Greenies Original Dental Chew Dog Treats - Regular 18 oz (18 Bones) Reg price: $25.99. Sale price: $19.99. Greenies Original Dental Chew Dog Treats - Regular 3-Pack 54 oz (36 Bones) Reg price: $54.99. Sale price: $45.99. Greenies Original Dental Chew Dog Treats - …

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Virbac Epi-Otic Advanced Ear Cleanser (4 fl oz) EntirelyPets

Item: E028253. 10.85. 1. Select size: Epi-Otic ADVANCED Ear Cleanser (4 fl oz) Epi-Otic ADVANCED Ear Cleanser is a non-irritating ear cleanser formulated with anti-adhesive glycotechnology to prevent microbial attachment. Patented anti-odor technology eliminates ear canal odor. This product is recommended for pets with chronic otitis externa

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Simply Wild¨ Cod Skins for Dogs (19.8 oz) 3-PACK + FREE

Simply Wild¨ Cod Skins for Dogs (19.8 oz) 3-PACK + FREE Lil' Bitz Hickory Smoked Beef and other products can be found to fulfill the needs of all your pets, our …

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Proflora® Probiotic for Dogs (30 Servings)

Proflora® Daily Probiotic for Dogs contains direct-fed microbial cultures to supply beneficial micro-organisms that occur naturally in the hind gut of healthy animals. Use daily to promote the breakdown and assimilation of nutrients in your pet's GI tract. Proflora Probiotic helps maintain proper gut flora in your pet, and helps support proper digestion and bowel health.

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[Buy] Frontline Gold for Dogs: Canine Flea & Tick Treatment

Take off contaminated clothing. Rinse skin immediately with plenty of water for 15-20 minutes. Call a poison control center or doctor for treatment advice. Possible Side Effects. Monitor your dog after application. Side effects may include signs of skin irritation such as redness, scratching, or …

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100% natural dog bone treats, the best kind! Choose from 4 varieties: Dental, Joint, Skin & Coat, or Calming. Or try them all with the Tasting Experience!

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Tartar Shield Rawhide Chews On Sale EntirelyPets

Tartar Shield Rawhide Chews - Tartar Shield Soft Rawhide Chews for Small Dogs contain a patented formula clinically proven to clean teeth, reduce bacteria, freshen breath, and prevent plaque and tarter build-up by more than 50%. The soft rawhide surface is easy to chew and gentle on your dog's teeth and gums while the savory bacon flavor will keep your dog coming back for more.

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Dr. Marty Freeze-Dried Dog Food, 16 oz EntirelyPets

Dr. Marty’s Premium Freeze-Dried Dog Food, is a premium, freeze-dried raw dog food formulated to give your dog the balanced nutrition they need ot thrive.Each batch is filled with whole ingredients like real cuts of meat, veggies, and fruit to help support easier digestion, a healthy immune system, and balanced energy levels for adult dogs of any breed.

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Greenies Pill Pockets Chicken 6-Pack (180 count

Greenies Pill Pockets Tablet Dog Treats - Chicken Flavor 6-Pack 21 oz (180 count) 52 Reviews. Ask a Question. Item: 6PKPPSM. 42.99. Compare to: $55.99. Price too …

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Herm Sprenger Chrome Plated Prong Training Collar with

Snap release makes putting on and taking off so easy! By Bloodhound1955 . Minnesota. Terrific collar February 29, 2020. I bought one for my large labrador puppy 4 years ago. I am now using it to train one of her 7 month old puppies. It is still in great shape after no particular care. I have arthritis in my hands and I found the other prong

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[Buy] Snack 21 Salmon Snacks for Dogs

Compare to: $25.99. Price too low to show. Add to cart to see low price. $19.99. You Save: $6.00! (23%) Snack 21 Wild Pacific Salmon Skin Crisps (7.5 oz) Snack 21 Salmon Snacks for Dogs change the way you "treat" your pet. These dried salmon filets are some of the world's finest all-natural treats for your dog!

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