RAID: Shadow Legends Promo Codes (2022 February List)

WebAll Raid Shadow Legends Promo Codes. TGASALE – Fayne + 1x Epic Skill Tome + 10x Greater Spirit Potion + 15x Greater Arcane Potion + 200K Silver. s1mple – …

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URL: empyreanrule.com

Complete Gathering Guide (February 2022) Rise of …

WebComplete guide to farming resources in Rise of Kingdoms efficiently: Best farming tips, commanders, troops and talent trees.

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10 Common Mistakes in Early Game Rise of Kingdoms

WebAfterward, you can buy items at the shop that are 70% – 90% off. Not buying the Legendary Commander pack – Writers of History: By buying this pack, you will get 66,375 gems …

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Alchemy Stars: Reroll Guide (Step-by-Step)

WebIs 50% off in close, though the drop rate of 6* seems to be worse than Mainstay without factoring the guaranteed 6*. Mainstay Banner. The Mainstay Pool is …

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Alchemy Stars Early Game Team Comps Alchemy Stars

WebAlchemy Stars Early Game Team Comps. For team comps in general it is recommended to run a mono color team. The captain of the team can be off color because they will trigger …

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Rise of Kingdoms Beginner’s Guide

WebAs a beginner, you just need to start off in Rise of Kingdoms, I have mentioned many beneficial guides to help you get started. But first, we need to talk about the elements of …

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Expedition Guide Rise of Kingdoms

WebFinally, Expedition Mode is off and you can back to your normal game. So you can use your commanders and troops now healing in the hospital or in a dispatch in order to go …

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Rise of Kingdoms Civilizations

WebWhich implies on the off chance that you have commandants like Charles Martel who happens to have protective active skill, he won’t have the option to get the 5% bonus …

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How to Obtain & Use Shards Effectively in RAID

WebDiamond Hands simply means you can hold off opening Shards until the best time for your Account. Same thing with real life, you sell an asset when you reach the moment that …

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Grythion Guide (Celestial Griffin) RAID: Shadow Legends

WebGrythion (Celestial Griffin) Skills. Attacks 1 enemy. Has a 100% chance of placing a [Feardebuff for 1 turn. Transfers all debuffs from Grythion to each enemy, then attacks …

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The Mightiest Governor Event Guide Rise of Kingdoms

WebThe Mightiest Governor Event Guide. During The Mightiest Governor event in Rise of Kingdoms, there will be 5 unique stages that you have to experience so as to get the …

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Top KvK Mistakes to Avoid Rise of Kingdoms

WebBefore turning off the game, ensure that you will teleport out of the war zone. As usual, players just garrisoned in their cities in the war zone and just come to meet if their …

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Opardin Clanfather Fusion Guide Fusion

WebMystery Shards is always the first option but will usually fill in the gaps in points. You will need 25 Fragments from Summon Events to Fuse Opardin. That is a steep increase …

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Clan Boss Hydra Guide (Updated) RAID: Shadow Legends

WebClan Boss Hydra Guide. The Hydra is a Clan Boss fight available only to Clan Members. The Hydra can be found on the Clan Bosses Map after selecting the “Clan Bosses” …

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Nari The Lucky Fusion Guide Fusion

WebMystery Shards is always the first option and can fill the gap in points. You will need 25 Fragments from Summon Events to Fuse Nari. Expect to accumulate about 5000 pts to …

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Celestial Griffin & Eternal Dragon Guide for F2P

WebCelestial Griffin will Transfer all Debuffs to your whole Team and having Cleanse in your backpocket in that fight could keep your Damage hitting hard and healthy. Even Eternal …

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How to Manage Resources Rise of Kingdoms

WebThus, make sure you do your daily tasks like: Access your VIP Daily Chest. Opening your Daily Special Offer Chest. Do all Daily Missions. Finish all Event Quests. Win all Arena …

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Perforator Guide: Skills, Best Gears & Masteries Champions

WebGrants an Extra Turn if this attack kills an enemy. Level 2: Damage +5%. Level 3: Damage +5%. Level 4: Damage +10%. Level 5: Cooldown -1. Scare Off [Passive] (Cooldown: 2 …

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Lohar Talent Tree & Guide Rise of Kingdoms

WebThe effect off 3 rd skill will activate only when you get the experience through savage fighting. In contrast, this skill won’t get any experience through books. When you get the …

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