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Free Goodwill Donation Receipt Template

The new tax law doubles the standard amount in which filers can deduct off their taxes from donations. GoodWill allows many channels in which giving donations is possible. GoodWill accepts clothing (which is the most popular item from donors), household items, electronics and retail inventory.

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Free Car (Vehicle) Downpayment Receipt Template

A car (vehicle) downpayment receipt is a written record of the initial payment from a buyer to seller towards the purchase of a vehicle. A downpayment is a percentage of the total amount of the vehicle and is only made after a purchase contract has been agreed upon. While the contract will have information regarding the downpayment, the buyer would be wise to ask for a downpayment receipt.

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Free Chase Bank Direct Deposit Form

The Chase bank direct deposit form is a standard and legal form that becomes effective once it is signed. The purpose of this form is to grant the necessary authorization for your Employer and Chase Bank to set up a Direct Deposit of funds into a Chase Bank Account of your choosing when it …

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Free Car (Vehicle) Receipt Template

The car receipt acts as a proof of payment for any type of sale, rental, or service provided involving a vehicle.A receipt should only be issued after the seller has been fully paid or the terms of any financing or lease have been fulfilled. A receipt is commonly required by State DMV Offices when accepting new registration for the vehicle. Bill of Sale – Used as a purchase agreement between

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New York Power of Attorney Forms – eForms

New York power of attorney forms gives an individual the right to choose someone else to handle their affairs for financial, medical, or other purposes.Depending on the form selected, the person giving power (“principal”) can make the form last for a specific time period or for the remainder of …

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Name Change Forms How to Legally Change Your Name – eForms

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Free I Owe You (IOU) Template

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Free Salvation Army Donation Receipt

The Salvation Army donation receipt is used to report items at cash value when determining the tax-deductible value. The Salvation Army, being a 501(c)(3) organization, accepts almost anything of value, even unused airline miles. For help determining the value of goods being donated, see the Salvation Army’s Donation Value Guide.. Tax ID Number (EIN) – Dependent on local organization.

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