Real Estate Promotion Ideas That You Aren’t Doing

Real Estate Promotion Idea #6: Reach Out To Educators. Educators (both in real estate and the public sector) often feel isolated from the real world. There aren’t enough exchanges of information between these two worlds. Reach out to a local elementary school teacher this week and offer to do a talk on careers.

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200 Real Estate Marketing Ideas To Get Your Leads

Coupons. Posters. Window/Sidewalk Signs. Displays. Balloons. Graphics on your car. Develop partnerships with other business owners. Cross promotion. Take a reporter out to lunch. Develop relationships with media. Write and send out press releases. Be an advocate for your customers. Write letters to the editor. Perfect your 30 second commercial.

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Real Estate SEO Backlink Sources To Win At Google

As you can see, it is pretty easy to help that reporter out. You can write for about 10 minutes and then send off an email to that reporter with your advice. This is a great way to get AMAZING links back to your website. 6. Sponsor Schools. The best type of link you can get to …

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Traditional Real Estate Marketing Ideas

13.Coupons 14.Posters 15.Window/Sidewalk Signs 16.Displays 17.Balloons 18.Graphics on your car 19.Develop partnerships with other business owners 20.Cross promotion 21.Take a reporter out to lunch 22.Develop relationships with media

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Free Real Estate Flyer Templates You Can Create In Under 3

These free real estate flyer templates can help you increase the effectiveness of your in-person meetings, open houses, and drive-by visitors. A great flyer can get you more phone calls, showings, and potential offers. Every aspect of the flyer should be premeditated and present all the best features. LeadSites has built-in CRM so staying in

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How To Get Started In Real Estate (with a Bang!)

This proven formula also makes your math very easy and makes it easy to answer the question: How to get started in real estate! If you have 400 people in your database, you should earn 67 closed transactions. (400 / 12 X 2 = 67). These numbers are very achievable. But that doesn’t make it …

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Seminar Lead Generation

The goal of this seminar lead generation strategy should be, of course, to get listings. But, that doesn’t mean you should beat the folks up with a sales pitch. Be natural, be a resource that is offering genuine value. The subtle approach, if done right, will show off your expertise in the market and help attendees get to know, like and trust

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Real Estate Marketing Plans Made Simple (with a template)

Social Media outlets usually get response rates in the .2-.5%. People also drop off of those networks frequently. Conversely, email addresses rarely change. It’s a pain to change your email address. Email open rates and conversion rates also tend to be 1-4%. Email is also a completely scale-able method of marketing.

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