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They are on sale right now, just got the email coupons this morning. I bought the 4,000W unit 2 years ago, it has just over 400 hours on it now, and has been flawless, and very easy to start, (never more than 1-2 pulls, from 40* to 100* air temp).

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Excellent service and well not so.

Pisses me off, because my older version of the same phone had a removable battery, that you didn't need to pull the sealed glass front off to change. I do have an Altronics hand-held unit, (the older PA2 model, that uses easily replaced 9V batteries).

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What a joke. I just got my NHRA membership "kit" in the mail yesterday. All it had was my membership card, 2 hat pins, instructions to access the rule book online, and a decal. Oh, and 23 coupons that i will never use to go to national events.

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Is Mickey Thompson out of buisness

Had a friend trying to order tires in December or at least get in contact with my usual rep on the truck. He said they were down for the holidays he got an answer last week. Might just be playing catch up from being off. Its pretty common for companies to shut down for the holidays after a crazy year, esp ones that travel all year

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