Discounts/rebates Washington Department of Revenue

Dealer A gives persons over 65 years of age a 10% discount. The repair labor and parts total $100. Removing the 10% discount would lower the cost to $90. Retail sales tax and the Retailing B&O tax would be due on $90. If the repair labor and parts are covered by a warranty or maintenance agreement, the senior discount will not apply to any part

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WAC 108 Washington Department of Revenue

3173.2013. Distributor Discounts/Allowances to Grocery Stores WAC 458-20-108 explains that a bona fide discount may be deducted from gross proceeds of sales for determining tax liability. The Department has issued ETA 3173 to clarify for taxpayers whether a discount is a bona fide discount. The Department’s long standing position has been

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WAC 178 Washington Department of Revenue

USE TAX -- TANGIBLE PERSONAL PROPERTY -- DONATED ITEMS -- COUPONS -- DISCOUNTS. "Coupons" that can be redeemed for a free item are not a "discount." The value of the item actually given for the coupon is a donation and its value is subject to use tax. 5 WTD 33 : USE TAX -- USE IN THIS STATE -- AIRPLANE -- ALSO USED IN ALASKA.

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Tax Rate Lookup Tool Washington Department of Revenue

Lookup other tax rates. Property Tax. Find the TCA (tax code area) for a specified location. Sales Tax Rates. Find Sales tax rates for any location within the state of Washington. Download GIS Data. Build your own location code system by downloading the self-extracting files to integrate into your own accounting system.

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Washington Tax Decisions Washington Department of Revenue

A taxpayer protests the assessment of B&O taxes and retail sales taxes based off of bank records and argues taxes were assessed against the wrong entity. The taxpayer’s petition is denied. Det. No. 16-0209, 36 WTD 052 (2017) 01/31/2017: 36WTD052.pdf

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