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wcsicoll Microsoft Learn

The Microsoft-specific function name wcsicoll is a deprecated alias for the _wcsicoll function. By default, it generates Compiler warning (level 3) C4996. The name is …

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New Stuff Microsoft Docs

Flipper Graph Control can now download saved data across the Internet, as well as easily integrate into ASP or HTML Web pages, enabling users to manage and display their …

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Sending Data Microsoft Docs

If users believe that your gadget is consuming too much storage, they may choose to turn off your gadget to free up resources for their other gadgets. You can avoid over …

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scroll Property Microsoft Docs

In this article. Sets or returns a String that represents whether the browser displays scroll bars for the element. Corresponds to the scroll attribute.. expression.scroll *expression * …

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Reco (SAPI 5.3) Microsoft Docs

This must be off before selecting a different engine. Select this to activate the engine. You must select it before any speech is recognized. Retain Reco Audio. Keeps the …

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CMenuTearOffManager Class Microsoft Learn

Manages tear-off menus. A tear-off menu is a menu on the menu bar. The user can remove a tear-off menu from the menu bar, causing the tear-off menu to float. For more …

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Promo Codes, Coupons, Coupon Codes, Free Shipping, …

Shop and save up to 90% with the discounts of your dream when you activate this Mpix Cyber Monday coupon. Use Coupon. Hamilton Beach. 25% OFF. 3% CASH BACK. Cyber Week …

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Win32_RemoveFileAction class (Windows) Microsoft Docs

In this article. The Win32_RemoveFileAction WMI class represents files previously installed which are to be removed. The class can also remove specific author-specified files …

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Compiler Warning (level 1) C4906 Microsoft Docs

This warning is off by default. See Compiler Warnings That Are Off by Default for more information. Example. The following sample generates C4906:

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Calendar class (WebSvcCalendar) Microsoft Docs

You can add and update time off for Project Server resources as calendar exceptions. Work weeks in enterprise calendars are not normalized in the Published database. …

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Cutting Edge: Subclassing and Overriding ASP.NET Pages—Part II

In this article. Cutting Edge. Subclassing and Overriding ASP.NET Pages—Part II. Dino Esposito. Code download available at: Cutting Edge 2007_05.exe(163 KB) Contents. …

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Compiler Warning (level 3) C4287 Microsoft Learn

This warning is off by default. See Compiler Warnings That Are Off by Default for more information. Example. The following sample generates C4287:

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Concurrent Affairs: The ReaderWriterGate Lock Microsoft Docs

At this statement's closing brace, the C# compiler emits a finally block that contains code to call the ReaderWriterGateReleaser's Dispose method. This notifies the …

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The Unconference: Where Geeks JIT Together Microsoft Docs

At ThoughtWorks, we've used Open Space Technology to kick off projects. The ALT.Net global community has embraced Open Space Technology for many of their events …

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tcFitText element [Word 2003 XML Reference] Microsoft Docs

Visually reduces the size of font characters so that all text within the cell fits within the column width. The more text, the smaller the font appears on the screen. The actual font …

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IDiscWriterApp Interface Microsoft Docs

In this article. A CD/DVD recording application for Windows Media Center must implement the IDiscWriterApp interface. Windows Media Center uses this interface to …

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Basic Instincts: Objects and Values, Part I Microsoft Docs

Dim var1 As Integer = 10. '*** create a reference type instance. Dim var2 As New Class1 () End Sub. In .NET terminology, value type instances are known as "values" while …

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execUnsafeLocalFunction method (Internet Explorer) Microsoft …

This method runs a provided JavaScript function such that the function is executed in a context that turns off the accidental script validation behavior applied to innerHTML, …

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OEMRestoreVFPCtrlRegs (Windows CE 5.0) Microsoft Docs

If a thread that is using the VFP is pre-empted, its VFP registers are saved and the VFP turned off. The next thread to execute a VFP instruction will then cause an exception. …

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UIElement.StylusUp Event (System.Windows) Microsoft Learn

Remarks. This event creates an alias for the Stylus.StylusUp attached event for this class, so that StylusUp is part of the class members list when UIElement is inherited as a base element. …

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IOleObject::Close (Windows CE 5.0) Microsoft Docs

Forcibly cut off all remote clients by calling CoDisconnectObject. If the object application is a local server (an EXE rather than a DLL), closing the object should also shut …

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