Saving Money Is Like Losing Weight

Preach it DM!! “…stop cutting coupons to save $1.00 off your $4.00 purchase and cut the $4.00 purchase out of the budget completely.” If I had realized the power of this little comment earlier in life I would be much better off.

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The Cost To Move Across The Country: $131.89

I’ve recently started using coupons and using them during sales. I’m not intense about it, just a casual couponer, only spend 5-20 minutes a week but already starting to see the savings. One week, I got a bag of 4 lb sugar for .98 during a store sale and a coupon, in a DINK household that will last us for 6-8 months, maybe a year.

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She Said Yes!

She’s a loyal and aggressive user of coupons and sales. She paints artwork for the apartment so we can decorate our walls for nearly free. And like me, she doesn’t need to spend money to have fun. She loves cooking, so staying home and eating a good meal she cooked provides more value to her than eating out at a restaurant (although, she

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Think Like An Owner

I used to receive customer appreciation coupons from CBUK back in the early 2000’s. It was great to go and buy 50% off merchandise and then tack on the 25% coupon. I did it quite a few times. Keep cranking, Robert the DividendDreamer

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Recent Buy

Well, another 10% off that and I’m very interested now! Definitely in my top 5 at the moment and will likely end up in the portfolio so long as it doesn’t spike up too soon. I tend to avoid buying stocks I already own, though I have a much smaller portfolio with …

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Saving More Is More Effective Than Earning More

Coupons (ugh) Shop every insurance policy you have to atleast 3 places and save a ton of money Get a roomate / rent a room if possible Put everything on a points credit card and pay it off (i probably bring in 500$ a year doing this) Go through every single line item on your budget and justify it

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See You In Omaha

I’m setting aside a block of time starting at 11. a.m., and we’ll just kind of hang out and chat until everyone is ready to go off and do their own thing. I figure anywhere from half an hour to a full hour, or whatever works. If we get enough interest in something like this, then we may have to move off site and find a larger venue.

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Extreme Frugality Revisited

Dude, just pay off your student loans and pay your sister $200 per month and take $50 and set up a dividend trust for her kids. You will feel like a boss. My wife stays home and we only spend $2000 per month with 3 kids under 4yrs old. I am like you and can barely spend $10 per month personal money and love buying more KO “anytime I got money”

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Dividend Income Update

My goal is to receive $3,500 in dividends during the year of 2013. September is now over, and there’s only three months to go until 2014 comes to a close. Where does time go? With nine months marked off the calender I have been able to accumulate a total of $2,887.32 in dividends over the course of this year. I’m now quite confident I’m going to exceed my dividend income goal at this point.

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Two Stocks On My Watch List For June 2014

Furthermore, continued anticipation of the spin-off should serve as a catalyst for the share price from here. I valued shares using a Dividend Discount Model, with a 10% discount rate and a 7% long-term growth rate. This gives me a fair value on shares of $74.19, which is in line with where BAX is priced at right now.

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How To Think About Properly Servicing/Repairing A Vehicle

I do some repairs myself, but quite often the cost at the dealer is almost the same as doing it myself. It took a while, but I finally found a great person i trust at the dealer. I’ve been with him 4 years…..and always happy. He tips me off about coupons for required maintenance and reminds me about bulbs and stuff that I do my myself.

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Income/Expenses For October 2014

“The paying off of debt with a fixed repayment schedule in regular installments over a period of time. Consumers are most likely to encounter amortization with a mortgage or car loan.” So basically what I’m doing is lending money to myself at 0% and I’m paying back the full amount in installments, which is amortization.

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Weekend Reading

The 100% Off Black Friday Sale MMM shares with us a completely different perspective from the traditional “retail therapy”. While I don’t subscribe to the notion of avoiding retail spending completely (I recently upgraded my wardrobe), and especially not when it comes to exchanging gifts, I do put in great effort to live as frugally as possible and limit extracurricular spending.

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Income/Expenses For December 2011

Example is if your interest was 4% of 25,000 that would be about a 1000 bucks in interest / year. You pay that off and it is like you are making a solid 4% on the 25K for as long as you would have had that money oweing. Then that 4% you are not paying on student loan is not subjected to taxes where I believe your dividen interest is taxible.

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Freedom Fund Update

Selling off pieces of great companies limits the effects of compounding and your ability to build a growing snowball. However, I did record a couple sales this month. I first eliminated my position in BHP Billiton PLC (BBL) completely by selling all 115 shares at $33.28.

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