What is a Purchase Price

Divestopedia Explains Purchase Price. The purchase price usually makes headlines in a transaction, but it is important to peel back the layers since not all headlines are created equal.

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Podcast: How to Be a Strategic Seller, an Interview with

Josh Elizetxe: 00:44:26 their friends are like oh my god you bought a Madarati Reinbolt. Now you're obligated to buy it. And so get them to feel it. So what I did is I said I showed him the numbers. I said if we cut off our competitors with this tool here's how it would hurt their bottom line. And here's how it boosts yours.

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Podcast: How to Uncover and Fix Your Value Gap, an

We were kicking off $1,000,000 in EBITDA and we hit a four x valuation, we're looking at a sale price of a $4,000,000. $4,000,000, fantastic. Seems like a big number. And then we start to drill down a little bit further. Well, we have to pay taxes. it's a punch card. You just, you know, you're, you're clipping the clipping the coupons and

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