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I remember ordering coupons off ebay for my first time, I got 20 Betty Crocker cake coupons. I was baking a wedding cake for a friend and the coupons would make the cake basically free. Those coupons came in the mail on the last day of the sale & I was literally sick to my stomach as I drove over to the store thinking they wouldn't have any

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Coupons Galore.. The DIS Disney Discussion Forums

Ulta Coupon Code: 84447 (20% off Single Item from Nov 27 Dec 1, 2007) Victoria's Secret Coupon Code: FA78113 or FA78449 ($15 off $100, $30 off $150, $75 off $250, & $150 off $500 from Nov. 28 - Dec. 20, 2007)

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Kohls The DIS Disney Discussion Forums

Does anyone have the 30% off coupon code? thanks.

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Anyone have a discount code for Grad Images

He told me he'd take 50% off, I asked to use the coupon which made it $35.05 with tax. I'm sure I could have gotten him lower, but I did not feel like haggling. The promotion code is 30002 for $5 off $25, 30009 for free shipping for those who order actual images.

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Kohl’s 30%

Oct 12, 2003. Feb 5, 2021. #2. I received a Kohl's postcard with a 30% off code that's 13 letters/numbers long. The postcard says its only good for 5 transactions.

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Free Birnbaum's Coupons The DIS Disney Discussion Forums

15% off DiveQuest Admission 15% off Dolphins In Depth Admission Up to 20% off accomodations @ Disney's Hilton Head Resort 10% off Mini Golf / Up to 4 guests 10% off food and non-alcoholic beverage @ Wide world of sports 10% off Admission at Pleasure Island / Up to 4 guests PM me or post here if anyone needs more info

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Gymbucks PLUS coupon

Gymbucks are considered a coupon so you cannot stack another coupon. When they have an extra % off across the board, then you can do another 20% coupon. If you buy sale clothes, keep it close to your GB amount-you actually get 50% off those for a good deal

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Land of Make Believe Discount

I have the Entertainment Book coupon but will not be using it this year. If anyone is interested in sending me a SASE, I can give you the coupon. PM me at maryhogan (at) embarqmail (dot) com. Coupon in the Entertainment Book are awesome! The book costs $25 and there are 4 $5 off coupons for Shop Rite alone. D.

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Can you use someone else's Kohl's coupon

BTW, the coupons that come in the mail (stuck to the flyer) that you peel off and say 15, 20 or 30%those are NOT proprietary codes. Anyone can use them IF they use a Kohls charge to pay. And even if you get a 15% in the mail, if you find the 30% …

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Universal Orlando Exclusive Resort-Wide Savings Coupon

I would say 90% or more were 10% off coupons for restaurants in CityWalk, the parks, and the hotels. There were a couple for merchandise (the Endangered Species store comes to mind), but none that I recognized as being park souvenier shops, except for a BOGO oyster in the Lost Continent. On top of that, the few coupons for park restaurants that

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Can you use a kohls coupon with a gift card

Jul 6, 2004. Jul 20, 2016. #9. CalDisneyMomof2 said: This is not true as stated by many others. As long as you charge "something" to your card you can use a Kohl's Charge Card coupon even if paying primarily with a gift card. Click to expand According to my relative that works at Kohls, they are not supposed to allow that.

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Babies R Us Coupon codes anyone

Found one you may be able to use? Save 15% Off ANY ONE Item. Excludes diapers, formula, gift cards, phone orders, special orders, Bugaboo, video garme hardware, buyer protection, and others Coupon Code: 920849 Exp: 05/01/2008

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Do Disney travel agents get you better deals

I haven't used them in the past, I combined already discounted room (at AoA) on Orbitz with a 15% off coupon code. It doesn't look like Orbitz is doing discounted rooms so I'm definitely looking into a TA for our next trip! S. scard192 DIS Veteran. Joined Jun 11, 2009. Aug 12, 2016 #24

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Priceline Express Deals Page 320 The DIS Disney

*Coupon code PICK10HTL valid for $10 off a minimum $100 Express Deals® hotel purchase, excluding taxes and fees. Book by 10/09/2020 23:59:59 EST, travel any time. Coupon valid for one-time use only. *Coupon code PICK10APP valid for $10 off an Express Deals® hotel purchase in the Priceline app, excluding taxes and fees. Book by 10/09/2020 23:59:59 EST, travel any time.

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Kohl's 30% coupon code The DIS Disney Discussion Forums

SLUSHIE is the 30% off code. If you happen to be buying kid's clothes or kid's shoes BTSKIDS10 for $10 off a $30 kid's purchase. I just bought my kids their back to school shoes, a pair of Vans and a pair of Converse, originally $85 plus tax for both and wound up paying $33.54 for both!

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Photopass Discount

Wow! My timing was good. I called MS in early May and they sent me the $50 coupon code. Since it didn't say anything about pre-ordering, I planned to order it when we returned. However, being the obsessive planner that I am, I ended up going to the preorder website (the $99 special) and tried sucessfully the $50 off coupon code. Voila!

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I used coupon code 726 and got 40% off my whole onliine purchase today, i saved 78$. with the coupon their graphic tees are only 8.34, the code is good through 12/22/2010. C. chubenthal Earning My Ears. Joined Jan 18, 2011. Nov 18, 2012 #15

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Garden Grocer coupon codes The DIS Disney Discussion

Anyone have a good coupon code that worked recently for free shipping or a percent off? Mom2m&k DIS Veteran. Joined Jul 23, 2007. Oct 5, 2015 #2 I don't have any codes, but last time I ordered there was a discount the earlier you ordered. It came up automatically and was tiered with how early you ordered. it was right on the website.

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Don't buy coupons off Ebay!!! The DIS Disney Discussion

Counterfeit coupons are a federal offense and the feds have had several cases lately they have prosecuted. On many counterfeit coupons they offer large rewards to turn in the counterfeitors. You can check www.cents-off.com and it will show some current counterfeit coupons and you will be able to pull up information on how serious this is.

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any gymbucks or coupon codes for gymboree

Aug 11, 2001. Sep 13, 2009. #6. If you google the gymboree 20% off coupon you will find MANY Magazines that are listed that have it. SO for the price of a magazine you can have the coupon. depending on the sizes you are wanting to buy, I have a 20% coupon for the baby sizes that i could pass along to someone.

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Disney Gift Card Deals Page 2142 The DIS Disney

In regards to stop and shop offer: Yes, I went yesterday and purchased 2 in separate transactions and received 2 $20 coupons off grocery. I went this morning with 3 transactions. The first 2 contained about $20 in grocery and another $100 GC. The last was just another $100. The 2 with the groceries proceeded and 2 more coupons received.

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How does Kohl's make money

With all the percentage off coupons and Kohl's cash, how does Kohls make money? Is with the charge card interest? I own a retail store and it seems that people want the deals and will only buy on sale. auntmeme7577 Mouseketeer. Joined Nov 24, 2010. Dec 3, 2011 #2

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Coupon advice The DIS Disney Discussion Forums

You can print off coupons at smartsource.com but some retailers won't take Internet coupons. Valupage is also worth checking out. They don't have coupons, but they list specials that will kick out coupons for money off your next purchase at the register. At Albertsons, for instance, I may have an offer to get a 50 cent coupon for buying

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Kennedy Space Center $5 off coupon The DIS Disney

Here is a coupon code for $5 off The directions say to print your tickets at home on KennedySpaceCenter.com Enter promotional code "SmartSource" to save $5.00 The fine print reads not valid with other discounts or special ticketed events. Valid up to 6 admissions purchased on one

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Updated Disney Gift Card Deals and More Page 143 The

Extra 20% Off Sale: Use Adidas Coupon Code EXTRA20. Expires 01/18/21. Staples: Buy $200 Visa Gift Cards With No Purchase Fee. Limit 5 per customer per day. Offer valid in-store only. Offer Valid January 17-23, 2021. GC Galore; Amex Business Platinum: 4x bonus Membership Rewards at Office supply stores.

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Kohls coupon code The DIS Disney Discussion Forums

Kohls coupon code. Thread starter JLitfin; Start date Aug 24, 2020; JLitfin love Disney. Joined Oct 1, 2003. Aug 24, 2020 #1 Does anyone have a 30% off code for Kohls that starts this week. Thanks . Lynne G DIS Veteran. Joined Mar 29, 2009. Aug …

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New Swan vs Pop questions/comparisons The DIS Disney

I know it is definitely the Swan because that is the only resort I have booked through Priceline in the past. That price, coupled with a coupon code could bring the price down closer to what you’d be paying for Pop Century. Here’s a coupon code for 10% off an Express Deal on Priceline in case you can use it. The coupon code expires tomorrow.

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Can't use Kohls percent off on Nike products The DIS

Jul 11, 2005. Jan 18, 2015. #1. Kohls will no longer let you use percent off codes on Nike products!!! I just went to order socks/sneakers with my 30% and they are excluded. I am so disappointed as that was a huge savings. You can still earn Kohls cash on the purchase.

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Kohl's no longer allows discounts on Levi's The DIS

Apr 30, 2001. Sep 24, 2015. #1. As of today, the 15-30% off discounts non longer apply to Levi's. They did away with Nike last year, so I guess this isn't shocking news, but a bummer. Have the 30% and $15 kohls rewards. Levi's are BOGO 1/2 off, so was hoping to get 2 pair for DS for under $60 but not today, lol.

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Budget car rental code

What I did see is when you click on that 30% off there is no spot to put the coupon code which leads you to believe it can't be combined with any coupons. BUT you can click the link for the coupon plus 20% and enter the 30% off code in place of the 20% code and that will give you the 30% rate then (then you need to remember they will subtract

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Where can I get discounts to Schlitterbahn Water Park

Schlitterbahn does not release coupons very often. There is one out there right now on 20 packs of coca-cola. It is for either $2 or $3 dollars off ticket price plus unlimited Coca-Cola products the day you are at the park. You also can take food in the park ice chests and all. We packed sandwiches and snacks and this really saves money. luvnmy2bys

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Lane Bryant $15 off any purchase of $15 or more. Use as

2 T-shirts- $2.50 each. On the $9.99 rack. I got 2 (total $20) and applied the $15 off to that purchase as well. The coolest thing was that I had 40% off coupons that I no longer planned to use. I was able to bless 2 others in the store! One lady had just rung up $275 and was about to pay when I ran up and handed her a 40% off coupon.

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How Many Coupons Can I Use At Michaels

Just went tonight and they let me use a Joann's 50%, Joann's 40% and Michael's 40% in one transaction. All three were different coupons from different flyers. Then I went to Joanns and used two 50% off (one internet, one flyer) and a 40% off! Good night for savings and my total for the two stores only came to about $40!

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Airmiles ALERT!! Current week's offers start on page 1418

So I was thinking of my granddaughter today and decided to show her that. She is finishing off grade 11 this year and also working part time. I picked this new gift set. The Naked Bee Coconut & Honey. Not bad for 6 products, 791 Airmiles -200 email coupon code= Total 591 airmiles. I …

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Target 20% off coupon exclusions

Oct 18, 2006. Dec 8, 2018. #14. I used my 20% off on a 9’ x 12’ plush area rug for my family room (so cozy!). I ordered it when Target had 30% off household items. Plus I used my Target card and got 5% off. And shipping was free. A rug that would have cost …

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Disneyland Resort Express and the $5 Coupon The DIS

If I print out four coupons, is it $20 off $90, or do they allow you to take the $20 off the $79.99 Family Pass? Thanks in advance. Also, I've tweeted them asking when the 2013 version of the coupon will be ready.

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Turning Stone Casino

When we there other night, there was a sign with info about getting coupons off of their website for meals. I haven't looked yet to see what the discount is. There are different food specialties (seafood, prime rib, etc) on different nights or themes such as Octoberfest which is Mon-Thur for October. German food was the reason for our dinner

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15% off Target store wide coupon Page 3 The DIS Disney

This is not an acceptable way to do business. I got 2 of the coupons texted to me last night with 10/31 expirations. Today they have take them away. What!? I wish I had added them to my Apple wallet last night but I never remeber to use things I add to it, so I didn’t. I am not sure I will shop

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Try this $40 off coupon for National Aug-Oct The DIS

I thought I would do a search for a $40 off coupon. what I found were threads from last year with the $40 off coupon code for Aug. I thought I would try it for my september rental and it worked. Here are the results of my ressie: The coupon code is ND1881JDK Base Rate - Fullsize (USD) (1) Time & Distance ($125.00/Week) $125.00 Discount ($2.63)

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Alamo coupon code AD3829MRB

It did take off $25, but I don't know where the code actually came from. Has anyone used this? Will I need a printed coupon to use this code? I got a great deal on an intermediate for 11/24-11/30 for $91 using this coupon code and the Walmart code of 430710.

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Payless Shoes 50%off Coupon 10/29 & 10/30 The DIS Disney

Just a heads up tomorrow (10/29) after the Oprah show airs you can get a 50% off coupons good at Payless Shoes. It will be good from tomorrow afternoon and all day Friday. Limited to 15 pair of shoes per person. All info will be posted on Oprah.com after the show airs tomorrow. Happy

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Disney Photopass Preorder Discount + DVC Discount! The

About a month ago I requested the $50 photopass discount from member services and they sent me the coupon code. Just a few days ago I came across a link to pre-order a PhotoCD for $99.95 or the PhotoCD + Memory book for $149. I decided to pre-order the $149 package and put in the $50 off coupon code just to see what happened.

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30% off UGGs at shopbop.com The DIS Disney Discussion

Hello friends! I posted this on a couple of other sites as well. UGGS 30% off at Shopbop - free ship UGGS are included in the 30% off coupon code at

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Target 10% off coupon for "moving"

It was actually deducted differently on my receipt than the Redcard 5% and the pharmacy 5% which come off at the bottom after the subtotal. This movers 10% is taken off with the other coupons further up and again, only came off my non-gift card total.

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Justice for Girls Coupon The DIS Disney Discussion

Just tell them Erin called, lol-every time there is a coupon code, we get a call from Justice and they say, if you don't have a coupon just tell them Erin called and you will get your discount :0). I have just said ooh I forgot it, can you still give me the % off, and they do, no prob. HTH

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10% off coupon for Golden Corral The DIS Disney

Usually the Golden Coral coupons are 50cents off breakfast and 10% on dinner. As far as Ponderosa being cheaper we found that by the time you paid for the drinks which are extra at Ponderosa but included at Golden Coral the price was about the same. Camilo 1992 …

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Lyft promo codes applied for Minnie Vans

Feb 3, 2016. Aug 21, 2018. #8. DW and I both have been given different Lyft discounts when we arrived at WDW. I have $3 off the next 10 rides, and she has 25% off. Both discounts worked with Minnie Van (of course we used mine).

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20% off Orbitz The DIS Disney Discussion Forums

20% off Orbitz. Thread starter gottalovepluto; Start date Oct 23, 2017; gottalovepluto DIS Veteran. Joined Jul 14, 2014

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