Direct Gardening

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Direct Gardening

Get the Latest Deals and Tips from Direct Gardening Co. Email subscribers receive special deals as well as tips and updates about our newest offerings. When you sign up today, you'll …

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Rose Bushes for Sale Direct Gardening

Direct Gardening offers a wide selection of rose bushes for sale including climbing roses, hybrid tea roses, floribundas, shrub or landscape roses, and Knock Out Roses. All roses like plenty of …

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Ground Cover Daylily Direct Gardening

A splendid, ''hands-off'' cover for steep slopes, banks and other hard-to-mow areas. The Ground Cover Daylily flourishes even in wooded areas and near streams. Plant along roadways, …

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Bella Blue Prunella Direct Gardening

Bella Blue Prunella. Write a Review. Blooms begin in June and continue all the way through September. They make an excellent groundcover or border plant. A real value for the money! …

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Red Painted Daisy Direct Gardening

One of nature's most valuable plants. The Painted Red Daisy can't be beaten for cutting, with elegant, frond-type foliage that shows off the brilliant blooms in June and July. Cuttings last …

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Polar Night Rhododendron Direct Gardening

Polar Night Rhododendron. We are pleased to offer you a very unusual find in rhododendrons. When just beginning to show color the flowerbuds on Polar Night Rhododendron are so dark …

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Purple Clematis Direct Gardening

The most popular color of them all! This Purple Clematis will reward you lavishly with big deep purple, 4-6'' blooms from June to September. Petals are deeply veined and have a bright …

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Mortgage Lifter Tomato Direct Gardening

Write a Review. Heirloom variety was developed by M.C. Ryles in the 1930's. The tomatoes proved to be so popular when he sold them that he was able to pay off his mortgage. Meaty …

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7' x 20' Bird Net Direct Gardening

Keeps birds and rabbits off fruit trees, fruit plants, strawberries and vegetables! Reusable year after year and easy to apply and remove after fruits have been harvested. Bird-X is made of …

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Climbing Shell Vine Direct Gardening

When you see how fragrant flowers twist and turn on this vine, you'll know why it's also known as the Corkscrew Vine. The Climbing Shell plant has beautifully colored flowers that come in an …

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Bird House Pkt Gourd Direct Gardening

Make attractive and inexpensive bird houses from Gourds. All you need is the right kind of gourd and a sharp knife! Hang them in trees, out of a cat's reach, and they will attract many beautiful …

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Early Salad Hybrid Tomato Direct Gardening

The Early Salad Hybrid Tomato is the earliest of all tomatoes that was developed by Burgess, to meet the popular demand for a salad tomato that can be served whole. The fruits measure 1 …

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Apple Trees Edibles Direct Gardening

The fruits are a treat for snacking, baking, making into juice and using in other recipes. Apple trees grow best in full sun, or six or more hours of direct sunlight daily. When selecting the …

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Black Jewel Raspberry Direct Gardening

Start off your raspberry season with this top quality variety. An improved slection over Bristol, Jewel plants are vigorous, productive, winter hardy and more disease resistant than other …

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Black Diamond Watermelon Direct Gardening

Excellent late season home garden variety. Flesh is bright red, firm and sweet. A large, nearly round melon. Grow to 40 pounds. Black Diamond Watermelons have dark green skin with …

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Crimson Sweet Watermelon Direct Gardening

The Crimson Sweet Watermelon has firm, fine textured flesh that holds up on vine or shelf. It is brilliant red with few seeds, and is extra sweet. Oval light green with dark stripes grows to 25 …

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Blue Passion Flower Direct Gardening

A constant showy bloomer in summer heat!Exquisite flowers with blue crowns give off a minty fragrance throughout the summer. Blooms measure up to 4” across! This extremely fast …

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Dwarf Romeo™ Cherry Tree Direct Gardening

Dwarf Romeo™ Cherry Tree. Write a Review. Large, sweet and juicy making it perfect for making juice. Deep crimson coloring. Great for fresh eating, baking and canning. Self-pollinating. …

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