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Home Income Tax Payment Vouchers. Payment Vouchers Income Tax Payment Vouchers . Payments made with an income tax return must be submitted with the appropriate payment voucher in order to properly process your tax payment.

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URL: https://www.dfa.arkansas.gov/income-tax/payment-vouchers/

Sales Tax Holiday Instructions 2021

Example, it a retailer advertises a pair of blue jeans as “buy one, get one 50% off” with the first pair of jeans priced at $120 and the second pair at the half- price of $60. Sales tax is due on the first pair priced at $120 with the second pair priced at $60 being eligible for the holiday exemption.

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Department of Finance and Administration

Skip the Trip to the DMV! Think you have to visit the DMV? Think again. You can stay out of the DMV (or shorten your wait) by accessing more than 20 driver and vehicle services online at mydmv.arkansas.gov.. Skip the trip and do it online — anywhere, anytime.

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Title 3, Subtitle D Advertising Department of Finance

Section 3.15 Advertising by Billboard or Sign Off Premises Prohibited. Repealed 12-17-80 . Section 3.16 Price Advertising of Controlled Beverages Prohibited. Repealed 12-17-80 . Section 3.17 Advertising Discount Sales Prohibited.

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Richard A. Weiss, Director Mike Beebe, Governor

View billing coupons. View previous payments. Print payment history report. The OCSE MyWorkers Website will be down for maintenance each Wednesday between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Central time and daily between 5:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. For more information about the Arkansas OCSE, please go to the following link: OCSE FAQs.

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State of Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration

State of Arkansas Withholding Tax Revised: 04/03/2019 Page 3 of 65 Department of Workforce Services’ website at www.dws.arkansas.gov . AR4EC Request. Ask each new employee to

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Title 1, Subtitle C Permit Procedure Department of

(32) Off Premises Caterer’s Permit authorizes an off premises caterer, as licensed under Act 1170 of 1999, to serve and sell alcoholic beverages at private parties and at other private functions to which the off premises caterer transports foods and beverages from the permitted premises to the premises where the private function is being held

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Solv e shipping challenges. Connect with customers. R each

Your customers can drop off their return packages at FedEx locations or use a FedEx pickup to give their packages to us Create return shipping labels on your computer or shipping system. Then simply print and provide the label to your customer or send it via email You also can allow customers to create and print

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