Extreme coupon shopping 101

In the past few years, online promotional codes have become extremely popular, providing incentives from free shipping to a percentage-off discount. According to eMarketer, digital coupons have become so popular that 88.9 million shoppers used them in 2011. Stores and manufacturers also send coupons to shoppers who personally request them.

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U.S. airlines offering golden discounts for senior

- People who are 62 or older are eligible for a 10 percent discount off any published fare. - The airline's Senior Saver Pack coupon book has four one-way coupons that are good for coach travel on any America West operated flight in the lower 48 states and to Vancouver, B.C. It sells for $548.

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St. Patrick’s Day 2021: Full list of deals for food

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Delta gives a 10 percent discount off any published fare to anyone at least 62 years old, as well as to a traveling companion of any age. Delta also sells coupons to people at least 62 years old, in books of four or eight. A book of four coupons valid a year from …

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Power shopping: Savvy use of coupons can save you lots of

Some plan sales to go with coupons because, despite what some mistakenly believe, the stores don't lose money on coupons. The manufacturer pays the value of the coupon and a small handling fee. And creating great deals helps customers become loyal shoppers who keep coming back.

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In the Orlando area, says Parsons, the Kissimmee-St. Cloud Vacation Guide provides "80 pages of information, event listings and discounts for travelers visiting Walt Disney World or the Kissimmee-St. Cloud area." And popular destinations around the country publish similar guides full of money-off coupons for dining, lodging and attractions.

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Extreme coupon cutters save cash, teach their ways

The women oohed and awed as Knight pulled out the fat binder of coupons that saves her 50 percent to 90 percent on every grocery bill. She showed off pictures of the stockpile of food at her home, where 46 boxes of cereal are stowed in her children's bedroom closet and packages of breakfast drink mix are kept under a bed.

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Shoppers cope using coupons

Lulu Ostler approaches the checkstand with fistful of coupons, a clipboard and a smart-shopper Web site's list of the best sales in town. At Dick's in Bountiful last week, the mother was shopping for a household of nine and found $1 packages of taco shells, 7-cent limes and 50-cent mangoes, and she redeemed a coupon for Ziploc bags.

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4th of July deals: Where to find free food, discounts on

Posted by The Cheesecake Factory on Monday, June 29, 2020. Through July 5, The Cheesecake Factory is offering two cheeseburgers, two orders of french fries, two fountain drinks and one slice of Oreo Dream Extreme Cheesecake for $20. The deal is available from opening until 4:30 p.m. each day, and only available for delivery or pickup orders.

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QUESTION: I expect relatives from Europe to visit in the spring. Are there air passes for foreign tourists similar to Eurailpasses? ANSWER: Most U.S.-based airlines that fly from Asia or Europe to the United States offer discounted travel for foreigners. Generally these consist of booklets of coupons, sold at the airlines' offices overseas, where buyers must present proof of residence. As a

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According to a recent study by Nielsen Clearing House Promotional Services (NCH), a clearing house that processes coupons around the world, 75 percent of those surveyed said that one of the chief ways they cope with the recessionary climate is to use more cents-off coupons.Coupon use increased 15 percent from 1987 to 1990; 77 percent of all U.S

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Visitors now rate hotels by the quality of their coupons. Of those hotels that willy-nilly hand out coupon books to all who ask, the Dunes is considered the worst and the Flamingo Hilton the best, with the Sands a close second. These coupons exist, of course, to lure you into the hotel casinos.

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5 quick and easy ways to save $1,500 per year

4. Clip coupons. Saving $25 per month on groceries isn't as hard as it sounds. Buy a few copies of the Sunday paper to load up on coupons. Shop on days when your grocer doubles them. And stock up on items you use the most when they're on sale. Depending on how much time and effort you're willing to invest, extreme couponing could save you as

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Review: 5 shopping apps to get you the best

RetailMeNot's 35 percent off coupon code saved me $20.26 on a $57.89 purchase. If you create an account, you can browse for deals on RetailMeNot's website. Any coupons you save on the website will show up on the app. They will delete when they expire. One annoyance: According to RetailMeNot, about a third of the coupons are uploaded by users.

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In the off-peak version, four coupons cost $432, eight $724; in the regular version, four coupons cost $472 and eight $790. Alaska and Hawaii require two coupons in each direction. Reservations must be made no later than 14 days before the flight but Northwest permits the coupon book to be purchased on the day of flight. (800) 225-2525.

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Talk about a ``green'' movement. For decades, the Federal Reserve has disposed of its old, worn-out currency by shredding it and burying the multibillion-dollar confetti in landfills. But as the number of available landfills declines and concern over the environment grows, Federal Reserve banks across the country are trying to find companies that can recycle the 7,000 tons of tired money

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No coupons: Secrets to beat rising food costs

The coupon expert and McCoy were each assigned a family and asked to buy a week's worth of groceries. The coupon method cost $75. McCoy's method cost $50. "Coupons look flashy, but in the long run you do better shopping sales, making food from scratch, avoiding convenience food and buying off-brands."

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With credit cards, the whole amount is paid and the rebate is sent by check later. Again, with reservations for hotels and car rentals, the rebate is sent when the commission is received. Pennsylvania Travel, 15 Maple Ave., Paoli, Pa. 19301; (800) 331 …

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Coupon site sells fake deal for Utah restaurant

Not all coupons are created equal. Some online companies are selling fake coupons that leave customers empty handed when they go to pay the bill. At least the coupons sold by San Mateo, Calif.-based Mobile Spinach, which sells discount vouchers similar to …

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Coupon-collecting can be a full-time job

The ultimate goal is shaving hundreds of dollars off the annual grocery bill, but the immediate high is "stacking," which combines store coupons with manufacturer coupons on top of buy-one-get-one-free deals. That's "BOGO" in grocery-shopping vernacular.

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-Watch for coupons on new products. Those coupons offer some of the best deals, Easter said.-Don't assume you can't buy produce or meat with coupons. She had a Keebler cracker coupon for $1 off any produce. She doubled the coupon to get $2 off a case of strawberries, buying the strawberries for $1.75 instead of $3.75.

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Local tech startup dives into digital coupon game

Clegg said Coup's automation is designed to immediately hand off to a human assistant in the event of any hiccups with user requests. Every year in the U.S., over 300 billion coupons are issued. Of those, only about 1 percent are redeemed. Clegg said the data reflects a scattershot approach that fails to accomplish the goals of both the coupon

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"It cuts 30 to 40 percent off your shopping time," Shea said. "You are organized. You don't wander around saying: `I need this. I need that.' "If you don't clip coupons but want to start, Shea's Aisle View makes it easy and the coupons will make you rich. "The consumer can cut 10 to 15 percent from his food bill with coupons," Shea said.

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Grocery stores offset rising food costs with extra coupon

Before the economy soured, coupons were "on their way to extinction," according to a Nielsen Wire report, leveling off by the end of 2008 at $2.6 billion per year. The 1999 heyday was $4.6 billion. Inmar, the top promotion transaction settlement provider, said annual coupon use is on the rise for the first time since 1992, with $3.3 billion

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Survival strategies for 'Black Friday'

Stack coupons: Combine coupons for money off with free shipping codes to get the most from a purchase. Think of the savings you could get by adding a coupon to a sale or clearance item. Compare before "checking out": Retailers have more flexibility to reduce prices and offer last-minute price cuts online than in stores.

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101 ways to stretch your food dollars

Check other sources for coupons: the "blinkies" in the red boxes on grocery store shelves, home mailers, "peelies" that are peeled off the product itself and printables off Web sites. 24. Be wise about coupons. Sometimes a brand name with a coupon is still more expensive than a generic brand.

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Price gouging: Businesses, scammers both targeted

2 days ago · Retail sales: deception, low quality merchandise, failure to deliver, and issues with rebates, coupons and gift cards. Travel: surprise costs and related misrepresentation, refund problems, etc. (Tie) Internet sales and health products/services (Tie) Pandemic complaints, fraud and problems with major appliances and furniture.

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Tired of minuscule profits

Follow up with lots of the lowest-cost advertising you can find. Use neighborhood sections of newspapers to place discount entry coupons.-- Why it works: Customers will shop in your mini-malls because of perceived bargains; and 50 percent off a $2 entry …

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Grocery stores cutting out the weekly specials

Bowing to busy consumers who are less willing to spend time searching for deals, some traditional grocery stores are cutting back on promotional discounts and moving toward the everyday low prices of Wal-Mart Stores Inc. and other discounters.

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Avenues Bakery closing shop due to increase in food prices

Eleven percent of households now get coupons off the Internet, although the Sunday newspaper remains the top coupon source, the firm reported. Milwaukee led the nation in coupon use, with 40 percent of households using them. Salt Lake City ranked 73rd in coupon use, with 17 percent of households using them.

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Entertainment Publications estimates that Utah owners of ``The Happenings Book'' use an average of 12 coupons a year - more than enough to pay for the price of the book. Besides fine restaurants, the book has value coupons for fast-food eateries. The Utah Symphony, Ballet West, the Utah Shakespearean Festival, Festival of the American West, ski resorts and various in-state …

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I don't mind telling you that I get my newspaper free. No, it's not because I work for the Deseret News - it's because my wife clips and saves coupons from the newspaper and redeems them at the grocery store when she shops.

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* LATE DECEMBER TO MID-APRIL is peak season for watching California gray whales in San Pedro Harbor, off the coast of Long Beach. Each year the whales migrate from the Bering Sea to the lagoons off the coast of Baja. A number of Long Beach operators offer whale-watching expeditions: - Catalina Cruises offers three-hour trips into the Catalina Channel aboard a 700-passenger, triple …

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Mother’s Day 2020: Restaurant deals at Olive Garden, P.F

Order the Breakfast Family Feast from for free delivery and 20% off your first order, and before you ask, yes those are certified Easter eggs. Posted by IHOP on Saturday, April 11, 2020. IHOP is offering Family Feasts that are available for …

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Fred Simpson's wife thought he was crazy, but he had the last laugh after he sent in a Jones Dairy Farm coupon for a pancake breakfast that he found in a 1935 magazine. Noticing there was no expiration date on the coupon in the 61-year-old Fortune magazine he found at an antique store, Simpson mailed the coupon and a dollar bill to the Fort Atkinson, Wis., company.

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In part, this probably reflects the fact that some money-saving measures, such as quantity buying and using supermarkets farther away, simply aren't feasible for older households. Older households used several measures, including newspaper ads and price-off coupons, most consistently. QUESTION: I know that too much vitamin A is toxic.

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Savvy moms share secrets of back to school shopping on a

Trade coupons you don't use to friends for ones you will use. INSIDER MALL INFO. Capitola Mall marketing manager Lynsey Niizawa suggests: Become a fan/follower of your favorite stores on Facebook and Twitter for exclusive savings. Shop with a friend and take advantage of "buy one get one free" or "buy one get one half off."

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Despite her federal fraud conviction, ``Coupon Connie'' says her coupon-clipping was just the zealous performance of a housewife's duty. But she'll never clip again. ``You should never use coupons,'' Connie Santos Arvidson said Tuesday after being convicted in a $2 million counterfeit coupon scheme. ``I won't ever again.''

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Shops grapple with fallout from group coupons

Bui — who bypassed Groupon's recommendation to limit the number of $28 coupons — says he'll consider offering an online deal again, even though some patrons complained of long waits, inadequate treatments and feeling rushed. It may not pay off.

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The show is open daily at 11 a.m. The ticket office closes at 8:30 p.m., but the homes are open until 10 p.m. Adult tickets are $6.50. Children and senior citizens are $4. Coupons for $1 off adult prices can be found in the Deseret News or at 7-Eleven stores. Free parking is available at the site with shuttle buses to the exhibitors' tent.

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6 signs you grew up Mormon

Some Mormons claim that this scripture along with other urgings from church leaders includes any caffeinated beverage within the list of off-limit substances. So if you were raised to say Sprite was OK but Dr Pepper wasn’t, then chances are you grew up Mormon. 6. Sunday movies. Sundays are often a day to relax and enjoy some time off.

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Super longevity Wangsgard's is thriving, thanks to loyal

Waiting patiently for the ladies to count out their change or ration coupons, he would then fill a white paper sack with candy and give it to them for their trek home. "During the war years and when my husband was laid off in the early 1940s, Pete Wangsgard allowed us to charge our groceries and carried us on credit for several months.

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Admission is $5; $1-off coupons are available at 7-Elevens for weeknights. Proceeds go to the American Heart Association. HAUNTED WOODS AT WHEELER FARM, 6351 S. 900 East. Opens Oct. 10 and runs through Oct. 31, except Sundays, from 7 to 9:30 p.m. on weeknights and until 10:30 p.m. on weekends. Admission is $5 for those 12 and older; children 3

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Halloween haunts along Wasatch Front

Admission: $9, $7 for children. $2 off coupons for weekend performances available. Information: 595-0947. Scarecrow Festival '98, Gardner Historic Village, 1100 W. 7800 South, West Jordan, Oct. 9-10, 10 a.m.-9 p.m. Activities include a hay maze, face painting and an obstacle course. Admission is free, though rides and entertainment cost 50 cents.

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Kardashian matriarch got start as flight

COUPONS: Send her a coupon in the mail, and Jenner will use it with glee. Her favorites are the 20 percent off coupons sent by Bed, Bath & Beyond and the free drink vouchers from Starbucks. When told the coffee chain occasionally gives free pastry samples as well, Jenner responded: "Free treats? Nobody told me about the free treats.

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The joys of grandfathering

This is Richard writing today to share some insights about grandparenting — and more specifically about grandfathering. I have been thinking about and working hard lately on a book called "Being a Proactive Grandfather," which will be published in a couple of weeks, and I thought I would share with our Deseret News readers a little inside information on the book and on the subject.

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Scammers solicit counterfeit coupon book

The coupons are printed on gray paper and offer free or discounted products to businesses including Godfather’s Pizza, Gringos Great Mexican, Town & Country Bowling, Olympus Bowling, Off Broadway Theater, Top Hat Video, Tracy Aviary, as well as several other establishments.

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Bridal show set for Jan. 4, 5 at Mountain America

Discount coupons of $2 off admission are available at The Mountain America Exposition Center is located at 9575 S. State. Next Up In Utah. Republicans are running out of conservative social media options. Is it a violation of their free speech rights? Utah falling short of governor’s 70% July 4 vaccination goal — new

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