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How to do extreme couponing

Usually right before that the newspaper will have $0.75 off coupons (that double to $1.50 off each). I usually get 2 pounds of boneless chicken breasts for about $3. Also next week Giant has a store coupon for a 2lb bag of Halo mandarin oranges for $2.48. There is also a coupon for $0.50 off (which doubles to $1.00 off).

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Couponing question

If you stick with just the items on sale and just the items you receive app coupons for (often the app coupons include $5 off meat or produce, or $7 off your basket in addition to the individual items that you save on). So, in many ways, it's just as cheap for me to shop all at once at Safeway vs. driving to Aldi. That said, Aldi is a very good

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Magna-tiles with a coupon code

This is the OP. Thanks everyone. Just posting back to answer my own question. I found them at Jet.com for the same original price as Amazon, but with a 20% off coupon code, free shipping and no tax. Total was $111.94 for two of the 48-piece deluxe sets (normally $74.50 each). Code is EXTRA20. Looks like they carry several of the other sets as well.

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LL Bean coupon code

Forum Index » Off-Topic : Author Message; 12/07/2020 17:32 Subject: LL Bean coupon code? Anonymous: Does anybody have an llbean coupon code? 12/07/2020 21:45 Subject: LL Bean coupon code? Anonymous: You can …

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"I didn't know you were so rich!"

My mom told me that I could pull coupons off the internet, and I told her it wasn't worth the hassle, to which she replied, "I didn't know you were so rich!" Is this generational? I have never looked for coupons before hitting the drive-thru. Especially when hurrying to get somewhere after a long day. I told her that I'm not "rich", but taking

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Does Crate & Barrel ever have sales

I just bought a couch from crate and Barrel and purchased a 15% off coupon off eBay. Given the price of the couch, buying the coupon was worth it. 07/28/2014 10:42 Subject: Or check eBay for a coupon code. 07/29/2014 11:13 Subject: Does Crate & Barrel ever have sales? Anonymous: Check eBay for coupon. Totally worth it.

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Does LL Bean ever have sales

Backpacks go on sale in the summer, home stuff goes on sale in January, then there is 20-25% off coupon here and there. 09/24/2019 16:57 …

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Shoe Train asking you to tip their employees

Stride Rite is having a clearance sale- 50 percent off plus an additional 15 percent off with a coupon code you can get online. I got 4 pairs of shoes for 71.00 including shipping. (no tipping required) The same shoes at Shoe Train are about $50 per pair.

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where to buy stamp "From the library of"

The August Real Simple magazine has a 40% off coupon code in it. I tore out the page but it's down in my care. If I retireve it later, I'll post it. 07/09/2009 17:27 Anonymous: PP here -- the coupon code is "stampable" for 40% off your order. Forum Index » Off-Topic Go to: Search Recent Topics Hottest

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Safeway "Just 4 U"

It is linked to my account because what usually happens is that 1 out of 5 coupons I loaded actually comes off at the register. I tried then going to customer service and showing them my smartphone -- they would grudgingly then give me credit for the other 4 that didn't come off. But keeping track and doing this every single time, just takes

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Target wizards, help me crack the system

Coupons: $20 off $100, and $15 of $75 Mostly need to buy in the next 2 weeks: household cleaning stuff, toilet paper, paper towels, etc for which there is a "buy $50, get $15 gift card" and some other randoms also use the $20 or $15 off coupon, and then get the $15 gift card for use at a later date? 12/07/2019 18:13 Subject: Target wizards

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Help me find a tete-a-tete sofa

With the 20% off coupon code, it’s close to your budget. Maybe wait to see if they put it on sale and then get the 10% code for signing up for their email newsletter? 07/27/2020 19:00 Subject: Re:Help me find a tete-a-tete sofa. Anonymous: OP you seem like a dick. 07/28/2020 13:49

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Is it me or does Kohls suck even more these days

I love kohls for kids clothes but there is much more selection online and you have to use a coupon code - and sometimes you can stack codes. I think they are the best source for everyday type clothes. I typically pay 5-6 a piece for shorts, pants, shirts Croft and Barrow, $14.99 with a 30%off coupon, so, shirts were $10.49. A pretty good

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Anyone have a discount code for the Gaylord National Harbor

I just posted a review of Gaylord National's ICE! with a valid coupon code for $3 off on weekdays. Here's the post link and code: www. SavingQueen.com readers can enjoy an exclusive discount of $3 off every ICE! Adult Ticket (ages 13+) for the following Monday through Thursday show dates: Dec. 6-9, Dec. 13-16 and Jan. 3-6.

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Buy Buy Baby On-Line Coupon Code

Anonymous wrote:I thought they only did the 20% off coupon through the mail after you sign up? Also, the bed bath and beyond coupon usually only works for products that are also sold at bed bath & beyond. At least that is what I was told at buy buy baby when I …

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$10 discount for Spring Art classes at CREATE

Classes start next week and the coupon code is good through Monday: $10 off Spring Art Classes. Use coupon code Spring15_LK when you register. Register for a Spring Art Class: To redeem, apply the coupon code before you enter your credit card info online. Forum Index » Classes, Workshops, Camps,

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Leapster vs. Nintendo DS

me again, ironically I just got an email from leapfrog with a coupon code for 25% off now through 11/24. promo code: FFGIFT25 or if you buy a gift pack (at an already discounted rate) you can use NOVEEC for free shipping and extra 15% off. Not sure which will give you a better deal b/c you might not be able to use the first on any gift packs.

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Boden and mini Boden

They are always running a Buy 3 get one for $1, a 15% off, or a 20% off coupon. At times they send 25% off coupons in the mail. They always come with free shipping. They recognize this and send me awesome coupons (like 15%off plus $20 off with free shipping! All in one coupon). They have great clothing, nice quality. I buy for my son and

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Cheapest place to buy K cups

Anonymous. Costco is cheap, as is keurig.com (make sure you register your machineyou get a special for buy two get two free) Shipping is free over a certain amount and if you sign up for their free program, you get 10% off all orders. As well, Bed Bath & Beyond has them and you can use on of their 20% off coupons there. 01/13/2011 17:03.

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Low Quality woman!

Do 30% off coupons in Kohl's count? 10/17/2018 08:21 Subject: Low Quality woman! Anonymous: Under some circumstances, I support hosting potlucks, and even if hosting a non potluck, I am okay with pasta salad as a side dish. 10/17/2018 08:22 Subject: Low Quality woman! Anonymous: Constantly start stupid ass arguments and be too dumb to resolve

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On Campus Market

Bed, Bath and Beyond sends mailed coupons all the time for 20 percent off or you can get coupons off the BBB web site. And the stores will take outdated coupons too, amazingly (only the mailed ones, not emailed ones, but still!). I would get better quality bedding there using coupons and skip "mystery brand" bedding that we couldn't see or feel

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I’m a black descendant of Robert E. Lee

+1 - not doubting your account, but I'm interested to hear how you found out and it you're in touch with any of the white descendants. And because I went to Robert E. Lee HS in Texas I'd really like to hear your opinion on a school district picking that name for …

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Cheapest place to buy K cups

When you refer a friend, both you and your friend get a $10 off coupon code. Feel free to email me at caddydaddy7@hotmail.com and I will send you a $10 off coupon code to get started. Please include your first name. 12/08/2011 18:06 Subject: Re:Cheapest place to buy K cups? Anonymous

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