SNAP Benefits for Seniors: 7 Key Food Assistance Program

About 80% of older adults who get SNAP benefits live alone. More than half have little to no income and live on general assistance, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or other benefits. For these seniors, getting an average of $1,272 in SNAP benefits can mean …

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Prevent Elder Fraud by Getting Rid of Junk Mail – DailyCaring

Prevent Elder Fraud by Getting Rid of Junk Mail. Elder fraud is a 36 billion dollar problem. Thieving fraudsters are making a business of taking advantage of older adults. Almost 4 in 10 seniors are affected, losing over $36 billion each year to financial abuse. And this isn’t only happening to the very old or those with Alzheimer’s or

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Get Free Tax Preparation Help for Seniors From the IRS

The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program offers free tax help to people who generally make $56,000 or less, persons with disabilities, and limited English speaking taxpayers. For those that qualify, IRS-certified volunteers help with basic income tax …

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5 Ways to Improve Quality of Life for Seniors – DailyCaring

5 ways to improve quality of life for seniors. 1. Treat depression. Depression late in life affects 7 million people aged 65+. It can be caused by stressful life events like retirement or losing a spouse. It could also be caused by a medical disease or medication side effects.

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7 Ways for Seniors to Reduce the Cost of Prescription

7 ways for seniors to lower the cost of prescription drugs. 1. Switch to generics On average, generic drugs cost about 85% less than brand name drugs. Ask your older adult’s doctor if there are generic drugs that could safely replace their brand medications.

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5 Ways to Afford Prescriptions in the Medicare Donut Hole

2. Download manufacturer coupons If your older adult uses a brand name drug, it is likely that the pharmaceutical company producing it has a coupon or discount program of some kind. To find out, visit the drug manufacturer’s official website and look for a “discount program” or “patient assistance” program.

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4 Simple Bathroom Safety Tips for Seniors – DailyCaring

Advertisement. 4 simple bathroom safety tips for seniors. 1. C lear the path to the bathroom and make sure it’s well-lit day and night. Remove clutter or objects along the path. Add automatic nightlights or stick-on lights. Remove any rugs or floor mats. It’s easy to trip or slip on them.

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